Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

Element TVs are a good, budget-friendly television choice for lots of people. When the remote is missing or it quits working you need to get another one. Sometimes the best option is to get a universal remote, but it needs a code to pair it with your TV or other devices.  To program a universal … Read more

RCA Universal Remote Codes For An LG TV

If you have lost the remote to your TV or other entertainment devices, it can be difficult or impossible to change channels, switch between streaming devices, or to even push “start.” Remotes get lost, broken, misplaced, or quit working, luckily there are universal remotes that can save the day.  An RCA universal remote will work … Read more

Xfinity Remote Not Working? (Fix it EASILY!)

Xfinity Remote

Xfinity is a popular cable provider that millions of individuals use, but it has its issues. After the most recent release, the X1 platform, there were some issues we came across. We were excited to start using it but quickly ran into an issue with our remote. It had stopped working and we took it … Read more