About Us

Technology Rater is a multi-authored tech blog, focusing on guides about gadgets like AirPods, Routers, iPhones, and more. The site was launched in 2020 when I realized there was a need for a helpful troubleshooting resource.

Our goal was and still is simple, which is to help individuals troubleshoot issues with physical devices like their TVs, as well as their Internet service, and more. We spend several hours curating each guide, making sure the information is accurate.

Our site was launched when I personally had an issue with my 70″ Vizio TV. I couldn’t find helpful advice online, so I decided to write my very own guide. To my surprise, it was shared on Reddit and other platforms and garnered thousands of views.

When launching Technology Rater, I wasn’t a techie. I began watching lots of YouTube videos to figure out how to troubleshoot devices like my Oculus Quest 2 and my two TVs (I also have a Samsung). After some time, I began understanding that most TVs, for example, require simple troubleshooting such as replacing the batteries or performing a simple factory reset.

Our Process

We don’t publish a guide unless our editorial team goes through the information and fact-checks everything. This means we go through all the data points out there and compare our information to what’s out there.

But that’s not all we do. We watch several videos on YouTube, go to the manufacturer’s website, read online forums, and sometimes even replicate the issue ourselves. For example, there are many issues with the Roku device that I experienced personally. Since I own two Roku devices, I was able to replicate the issue and upload step-by-step instructions to our guides with helpful images.

Any Questions?

We do our best to curate the most accurate information, but sometimes with technology, things change and evolve. This means some instructions could be out of date or not as accurate.

If you find anything that’s not up to date on our site, we welcome you to contact us.