RCA Universal Remote Codes For An LG TV

If you have lost the remote to your TV or other entertainment devices, it can be difficult or impossible to change channels, switch between streaming devices, or to even push “start.” Remotes get lost, broken, misplaced, or quit working, luckily there are universal remotes that can save the day. 

An RCA universal remote will work with your LG TV, DVD player, and more, but how do you program it?

If your remote has a Code Search button on it, the remote does the work for you after a few button presses. If you have the codes, you can enter them in to quickly pair the remote and devices. 

While it is easier to program your universal remote by using the exact code, some remotes made recently have a way they will cycle through the numerous codes themselves. While this may take a little bit of time, it’s much easier than manually entering codes until you find the one that works. 

Programming An RCA Universal Remote With Code Search Button

When programming an RCA universal remote that has the code search button, it will search the possible codes for you. This helps when you don’t know the code for the device you are trying to pair with the remote. 

Step 1. To activate this feature on your RCA remote, first, turn on the device you’re wanting to pair. 

Step 2. Find the CODE SEARCH button on your remote, then press and hold it down until the light comes on, and keep holding it down. 

Step 3.  With the CODE SEARCH button still depressed, press the button of the device you are trying to pair. Press the TV button for your television, DVD for your DVD or Blu-Ray player, etc. The remote light should blink once to signify it’s ready.

Step 4. Now press the power button on the universal remote to start cycling through the codes. If the device does not turn off, press the power button on the remote again, and keep doing this until the unit turns off, which means the remote has found the correct code. 

If the light on the remote blinks four times after pressing the power button, it means you’ve run through all the codes. While this most likely won’t happen, if it does, it means your device won’t pair with the remote. 

Step 5. Assuming the remote has turned the device off, press the ENTER button. This saves the code into the remote. Now turn the device back on and try other buttons to make sure everything works. Congratulations, you have successfully programmed your universal remote.

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How To Program Your RCA Universal Remote Manually

If you have the remote programming code for your LG TV or another device, here is how to program your RCA universal remote. You can find the code either on the remote’s manual or look it up. 

Step 1. Once you have the code ready, press the power button on your LG TV or device you are going to pair with the remote. 

Step 2. Press and hold down the CODE SEARCH button on your universal remote. 

Step 3. Keep holding down the CODE SEARCH button while you press the matching pairing button on your remote–TV, DVD, CABLE. The remote light will blink once. Now it’s ready for the code. 

Step 4. Enter the code for the device. The light should now go off and your remote should be programmed.

How To Program Your RCA Universal Remote For Your Blu-Ray Or DVD Player

If your remote has a CODE SEARCH button on it, or you have the programming code for your DVD device, simply follow the steps above to program your remote.

For remotes that don’t have the CODE SEARCH button and you don’t know the code you can still program the remote to work your Blu-Ray/DVD player. 

Step 1. Turn on your DVD/Blu-Ray player.

Step 2. Point the remote at the device and press the DVD button. The power light on the remote should turn on. 

Step 3. Press and hold the power buttons on your remote and the DVD player at the same time. Hold these down until the light on the remote turns off and then back on again. 

Step 4. Press the PLAY button on your remote. The remote then will cycle through several codes. After approximately 5 seconds, if the device did not turn off, press the PLAY button again. Keep doing this until the DVD player turns off. 

Step 5. When the device turns off, press the REVERSE button. The DVD player should turn back on. If it does not after a few seconds, hit the button again until the device turns on. 

Step 6. When the DVD player comes back on, the remote has found the correct code. Now press the STOP or OKAY button. This locks the code in. 

How To Program An RCA Universal Remote To Control A Streaming Player

If you have the code to your streaming device, or your remote does not have a CODE SEARCH option, follow the instructions above to program your remote to work your cable box or other streaming devices. Otherwise, you can use the CODE SEARCH function on your remote. 

Step 1. Turn on your streaming device. 

Step 2. On the remote, press and hold CODE SEARCH, then press the corresponding button on the remote such as CABLE, then release them both. 

Step 3. Press the POWER button on the remote until the device turns off. Wait a second between presses. 

Step 4. When the streaming device turns off, press the ENTER button on the remote. The streaming box should be paired with the remote. 

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Whether the TV remote was lost or broken, or you’d rather only use one remote instead of several, a universal remote can be a great option. An RCA Universal Remote can activate and work with all your entertainment devices, but it needs to be programmed first. We have many Universal remote code guides like ONN remote codes and Samsung Remote Codes.