Can You Convert Coax to Ethernet?

Can You Convert Coax to Ethernet

In recent years I’ve started to stream content daily. Fast and reliable WiFi is essential for watching my favorite shows and catching the latest movies. Traditional coax cable is reliable but not convenient if I want WiFi to reach other parts of my home. Ethernet connections to a router or modem promise a better connection, … Read more

Disney+ Not Working on Firestick? (Here’s Why & How to Fix!)

Disney+ Not Working on Firestick

Disney+ is one of the most popular apps that are available on Firestick. It has countless movies and TV shows for you to watch, and it typically works reliably. However, many users have reported Disney+ not working on Firestick. The most common reason for Disney+ not working on Firestick is network connectivity issues with your … Read more

Amazon Video Not Working on Samsung TV (Tips & Tricks)

If you typically watch your favorite Amazon movies and shows on your Samsung TV and one day it suddenly stops working, you may experience some frustration. Not to worry. Typically, there is a reasonable explanation with a quick solution for the issue. If Amazon Prime Video is not working, check your Internet connection first. It’s … Read more

Why Won’t My Firestick Turn On? (hint: could be an UPDATE!)

Maybe you just purchased your first Amazon Firestick or suddenly your Firestick won’t turn on anymore although it was working fine before. What could be wrong? Did you hook it up properly? Is the Firestick faulty? This is not an uncommon issue that some Fire TV users encounter. If your fire stick won’t turn on, … Read more