T-Mobile Data Not Working (How To Fix Your Data!)

T-Mobile Data Not Working

When choosing a phone plan, I didn’t give the service I should utilize any thought. My first smartphone was from T-Mobile, and I stayed with them for many years. But lately, when I am on the road, my data services abruptly cease functioning. But why is this!? Your connection may be experiencing LTE problems if … Read more

Verizon LTE Not Working? (Here’s How to Fix It FAST!)

Verizon LTE Not Working

Verizon wireless cellular signal works on the LTE network. Most Verizon mobile phones can quickly connect and use the LTE network. Unfortunately, sometimes glitches interrupt this connection, causing the Verizon LTE signal not to work. While missing cellular service is frustrating, finding a quick fix to connection issues is easy if you know where to start. … Read more

iPhone Not Vibrating On Silent? (Here’s a REAL Fix!)

iPhone Not Vibrating On Silent

Sometimes having your phone on the silent setting is perfect for social environments. Not everyone around you wants to hear every notification from a phone call or text. Enabling the vibrate functionality will let you know there’s a notification without disturbing those around you. Unfortunately, sometimes when your phone is in silent mode, your iPhone … Read more

Can You Text Someone You Blocked on Your iPhone?

Can You Text Someone You Blocked on Your iPhone

Blocked someone, but still want to text them from time to time? It’s OK, we get it. Similar to disabling location sharing, sometimes we can only take people in small doses. Often, a single text can take the place of a minutes-long telephone conversation. But sometimes, people decide to block specific contacts, preventing communication between … Read more

If You Unblock A Number, Will You Receive Old Texts?

For many reasons, you can restrict someone from reaching you by blocking their number, whether through texts or calls, for a short or extended period of time. Fortunately, all mobile devices, from basic to smartphones and tablets, provide the option that allows you to pull that off easily. During the time you block a person, … Read more