Airplay Not Working On Roku TV? (Try This Easy Fix)

Using AirPlay to stream videos and music from my iPhone to my TV is how I prefer to stream content. So, I was very disappointed when my AirPlay stopped working around the same time my remote did. 

I was utterly unaware that AirPlay might not work if I was using my phone as the remote for my Roku. In my case, all I needed was a replacement for my remote, and I could use AirPlay again just as I always had. 

If AirPlay is not working on your Roku TV, ensure that your TV and iOS device are both compatible with AirPlay and running the most recent software. Next, check your network connection and ensure that AirPlay is enabled and has been properly set up on your TV. In some cases, you may need to restart or reset your devices.

Complex device issues may require support from Apple or Roku. Luckily, the information I’ll walk you through below will likely fix the problem with no long hold times.

How To Setup Airplay on Roku TV

To set up Airplay on your Roku TV, select Settings on the Home Screen. From the Settings screen, you should see the option for Apple Airplay and HomeKit.

Make sure that Airplay button is turned on. On any of your Apple products that are connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Roku, you should see your Roku TV name appear when you tap the Airplay button on your device.

For an overview on how to use Apple Airplay with your Roku TV, check out this video.

Why Is Airplay Not Working on Roku?

The most common reasons your Airplay is not working on your Roku TV are issues with the internet connection and can be solved with a simple reset of the system.

Apple Airplay is designed to be a seamless and user-friendly interface, so troubleshooting issues relating to Airplay and your Roku TV should be relatively easy.

There are a variety of devices you can reboot in order to repair the connection between your Roku TV and your Apple device to ensure Airplay is working.

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How to Fix Airplay Issues on Roku

Getting your Airplay to work on your Roku TV requires a few simple solutions and can be done easily within a few minutes. If you are unable use Airplay on your Roku TV, attempt these various solutions to address the issue. It is important to note that not all Roku TVs support Airplay, and not all IOS devices are enabled with the Airplay feature.

Double-Check that Airplay is Enabled

If Airplay is not working on your Roku TV, you first want to double-check that Airplay is enabled on the Roku device.

To ensure that it is, go to Settings, and select Apple Airplay and HomeKit. If you see that Airplay is turned off, simply turn it on. Then, retry to connect how you normally would.

If Apple Airplay is disabled on the Roku TV, this would explain why it is not working. Once it is enabled, try to connect Airplay to the Roku TV again.

Update Your Roku

Generally, Roku systems automatically install updates. However, there may be instances in which a manual update is required.

System updates can cause issues between Roku and Apple device connection. If your Roku system requires an update, it can cause Airplay to not work on your Roku TV.

If your Roku is not running the latest software, it may not be allowing Airplay to work on your Roku TV.

To check if your Roku system has available updates, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home page, select Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select System Updates
  4. Select Check Now
  5. If there are available updates, you will see them here
  6. If you need to update your Roku system, select Update
  7. Once the update is downloaded and installed, try to launch Airplay again

Restart your Roku

If there are no available updates for the Roku system, you may want to consider restarting the Roku device. In general, it is advised to wait 60 seconds before turning the Roku back on once you restart it.

Restarting a Roku device often addresses simple issues, so if Airplay is not working on your Roku TV, you may want to follow these steps.

To restart your Roku system from Settings:

  1. From the Home menu, click Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select Power
  4. Select System Restart

Your device will turn off automatically. You can also manually restart your Roku TV by unplugging the cord from the power source. Wait about a minute before you plug the Roku back in and reboot it.

Restart your router and modem

Since Airplay is Wi-Fi based technology, if the Wi-Fi connection is disrupted, Airplay will not work on your Roku TV. In order for Airplay to work with your Roku TV, both devices have to have successful connection to the same Wi-Fi source.

It is crucial that the internet connection is established and secure. Otherwise, Airplay will not work on your Roku TV.

If you are having connectivity issues, consider restarting your router and modem—the main source of wireless connection. If you restart your router and modem, it will reset the Roku’s Wi-Fi connection as well as your phone’s.

When you go to unplug your modem and router, you should give the modem 30 seconds to reset. Once the 30 seconds are up, re-plug the modem in.

When you unplug the router, wait 60 seconds before you plug it back in. Once both the modem and router have had time to reset and are both plugged back in, wait two minutes before you test other devices to see if Wi-Fi connection was restored.        

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Reset Paired Devices

If airplay is not working on your Roku TV, consider resetting paired devices.  

If the connection between your Roku and Apple device are not established, you will not be able to utilize the Airplay function.

To reset any paired devices:

  1. Select Roku Settings
  2. Select Apple Airplay and HomeKit
  3. Select Require Code option
  4. Select Reset Paired Devices

Once you have completed these steps, the network connections across the Roku TV will be reset. All devices previously known to your Roku device will be forgotten, so you will have to reconnect them in order to use Airplay.

Once you reconnect your mobile device to your Roku, Airplay should work.

Don’t Use Your Phone as the Remote

If you normally use your mobile device as a remote control for your Roku TV, this could be causing Airplay to not work. If your phone is acting as a remote through the Roku TV application, it would prevent the phone from broadcasting via Apple Airplay.

For some reason, using your mobile device as a remote will cause issues with Airplay. Instead, use the remote that came with your Roku.

Consider completely closing out of the Roku app on your mobile device before re-launching Airplay.

Make screen mirroring is set up correctly

If Airplay is not working on your Roku TV, it may be that screen mirroring is not set up correctly. The proper way to set up screen mirroring between your Apple device and your Roku TV is:

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings
  2. Open Control Center
  3. Select Screen Mirror
  4. You will see the available devices
  5. Select your Roku TV

Turn off Computer’s Firewall

Apple computers are equipped with a built-in Firewall to protect against viruses. Although the Firewall is meant to be a cautionary feature, it can sometimes limit access between devices and websites.

For different computer software versions, the steps to turning off the Firewall vary slightly.

If Airplay is not working on your Roku TV, it could be because your computer’s Firewall is on. To turn off your computer’s firewall on an Apple computer that runs Mac OS X 10.6:

  1. Click on the Apple Menu on the tool bar
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Select View
  4. Select Security
  5. Select Firewall
  6. Disable the computer’s firewall

On an Apple computer that runs Mac OS X 10.5:

  1. Click on Apple Menu on the tool bar
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Select View
  4. Select Security
  5. Select Firewall
  6. Select Allow All Incoming Connections
  7. Select OK to save changes

On an Apple computer that runs Mac OS X 10.4:

  1. Follow steps 1-5
  2. Select Stop
  3. Select OK to save changes

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Turn off VPN

If you are using a VPN on your iOS device, you’ll need to turn it off before using AirPlay. 

A VPN is a virtual private network that secures your internet connection while you are streaming or using other public networks. A VPN is meant to secure your identity online while you are using public internet networks or platforms, making it harder to steal your data.

However, a VPN can get in the way of important wireless functions like connection speed. If you are unable to get Airplay to work on your Roku TV and you have a VPN, consider turning it off.

To turn off your VPN:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select VPN & Device Management
  4. Select VPN
  5. Select VPN Configurations
  6. Tap Statues Switch Off

Enable Fast TV start

Fast TV Start is a feature that allows you to use voice commands and cast media when your Roku TV has gone in standby mode. It allows you to use voice commands and open streaming media quicker.

Fast TV start also enables the Airplay feature. Be aware that enabling Fast TV Start may cause your TV to use more power.

To turn on Fast TV Start, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to System
  3. Go to Power
  4. Go to Fast TV Start
  5. Enable Fast TV Start

Factory Reset your Roku

If Airplay is not working with your Roku TV, consider performing a factory reset on your Roku—although, this should be the last resort.

A factory reset completely restarts the Roku and clears it completely of its existing content and data. You will have to set up your Roku again as if it is your first time and everything will need to be reinstalled.

Before resetting, you can try clearing your Roku’s cache using the button combination in the order that it is listed below:

  • Home Buttons: Press 5 times. 
  • Up Arrow: Press 1 time. 
  • Rewind Button: Press 2 times. 
  • Fast Forward button: Press 2 times

This is why it should be a last resort, especially if you are someone with a lot of downloaded media.  

To perform a factory reset of your Roku system:

  1. From the Home screen select Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select Advanced System Settings
  4. Select Factory Reset

The Roku will display a four-digit code and ask you to enter it on screen. Once you have done this, select OK. Your TV will restart and then display the original set up screen.

It should be noted that some Roku system models have a Reset button, but not all. If you do not have a remote but you have a Reset button on your Roku model, hold the Reset button for 15 seconds to force a factory reset.

Refer to this video for instructions on how to perform a factory reset on your Roku TV.

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Contact Roku / Apple support

If you cycle through all these attempts to get Airplay to work with your Roku TV and you are still unsuccessful, considering contact either Roku or Apple Support.

Apple Support is available online at or through the Apple Support app.

Roku support is available online at

Your Roku is Not Compatible with Airplay

As mentioned earlier in the article, not all Roku TVs are compatible with Airplay.  There are specific Roku players that support this feature; Roku Ultra, Roku Streambar, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roky Premiere.

Essentially, it is all of the Roku TV systems that run Roku OS 9.4. This software is what enables the Airplay connection. You can check if your Roku runs OS 9.4 and supports Airplay by going to Settings. From Settings, go to System and select About Roku.

The following models are compatible with AirPlay as long as they are equipped with Roku OS 9.4 or newer:

  • Axxxx
  • Cxxxx
  • CxxGB
  • 7xxxx

The Dxxxx and 8xxxx models are also compatible as long as they are running Roku OS 10.0 or newer. 

If you don’t know the exact model of your Roku TV, you can tell if your TV is compatible by looking for the feature under the settings on your TV. If your device is running the latest software and is compatible with AirPlay, you will see an option on your settings menu that says Apple AirPlay and Homekit. 

If your software is up to date and you do not see this option, your TV is incompatible with Apple AirPlay. 

Roku AirPlay Music Not Working

If you are not able to AirPlay music with your Roku:

  • Ensure that the device you wish to stream from is close to your TV and connected to the same WiFi network. 
  • Ensure the software on your TV and iOS device is up to date. 
  • Make sure Airplay is turned on for both devices. 
  • Restart your TV and iOS device.


Airplay is designed to be a convenient, user-friendly software that can be easily paired to your Roku device. Only Roku devices that run Roku OS 9.4 or higher support the Apple Airplay function, and not all Apple devices support the Airplay feature.

If you are unable to get Airplay to work on your Roku TV, double-check that Airplay is enabled on your Roku TV; otherwise, consider restarting your Roku system or your internet router.

You must also ensure you have a stable internet connection and that your VPN is turned off if you have one.  It may also be that Airplay is not working on the Roku TV because the Roku system may need to be updated. 

If you are still unsuccessful after these attempts, consider contacting Apple or Roku support for further assistance from a professional.