Why Is My Sony TV Turning On By Itself? (Troubleshooting Guide)

You’re getting ready for bed, or you’re already in a deep sleep when you suddenly hear blaring voices, or explosions coming from your living room. It’s enough to frighten you out of your skin. Don’t panic, because it’s only the TV, but why did it turn on by itself? 

Sony TVs can turn themselves on because many of them have a factory-installed feature called Bravia Sync. This feature allows HDMI-connected devices to control parts of your Sony TV such as turning it on. Disabling the Bravia Sync from the settings menu should stop the TV from coming on by itself.  

When your Sony TV turns on by itself, you don’t have anything paranormal going on. You only need to check a few settings, cords, or the remote to stop this from happening again. Continue reading as we go over all the reasons your Sony TV could be turning itself on, and how to fix it.

Performing A Power Cycle May Stop Your Sony TV From Turning Itself On

The first thing to do—which incidentally can fix most issues (even sound not working)—is to perform a power cycle. This function is a quick reset and should be the first option when attempting to fix a problem. It’s the tried and true “turn it off then back on again” trick, which can be done with the power cord or the remote. 

First, locate the power cord, then unplug it from the wall socket. 

Now, Sony recommends waiting for a full two minutes before moving to the next step.

Finally, after a full two minutes have passed (here it’s best to set a timer) plug the TV cord back into the socket.

You can also perform a power cycle using the TV’s remote. 

Just press and hold down the POWER button on the remote. 

When the menu pops up onscreen, scroll down to RESET and tap it. 

How To Troubleshoot Why Your Sony TV Is Turning Itself On

1. Inspect The TVs Power Cord

On rare occasions, the Sony TV power cord can cause issues if it’s not plugged in tightly or is damaged. Mostly this problem will keep the TV from turning on or it will turn off by itself, but it could be an easy fix. 

Make sure the cord has a snug fit in the back of the TV and at the wall. Unplug it and plug it back in to make sure. If the cord has any defects or damage, replace it immediately. 

2. Plug The TV Cord Into The Wall Outlet

Are you using a surge protector or power strip? Do you have the TV cord plugged into an outlet extender? These devices can become faulty over time. 

Plug the TV directly into the wall and see if that fixes the issue. Some users have experienced success when they plugged their Sony TV directly into the wall. 

3. Check The Remote May Be Dirty

Remotes are often overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning. It could be the power button is stuck and occasionally turning the TV on. 

Use a dry microfiber cloth or soft, small brush to clean off debris on the remote. 

4. It Might Be Time To Replace The Batteries

Most disposable batteries only last about one to two years before they go bad. Especially if they were the batteries that came with the remote. 

Weak or dying batteries can send random signals to the TV even when you’re not touching it. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced the batteries in the remote, go ahead and replace them. 

5. Try Disabling The Auto Power Option

Some Sony TVs are equipped with an Auto Power option. When this malfunctions it can cause the TV to turn off while you’re watching it, or it could cause it to turn on in the middle of the night. To keep your TV from acting like it’s possessed, turn the Auto Power option off. 

Here’s how to turn the AUTO POWER option off:

  1. On the Sony TV remote, tap the HOME button.
  2. Open up the SETTINGS menu.
  3. Find and open the WATCHING TV option.
  6. Highlight TV AUTO POWER ON, then select the OFF option. 

6. Turn Off The Remote Start Setting

If your Sony TV continues to turn on periodically by itself after disabling the AUTO POWER option, the next thing to check is the REMOTE START. This is another setting that lets external devices turn your TV on without your input. 

  1. Click the HOME button on your remote.
  2. Open the menu under NETWORK & INTERNET.
  3. Next click on REMOTE START, then select the OFF option.

If you can’t find the REMOTE START menu under the NETWORK & INTERNET menu, you may be able to find it under your TV’s BRAVIA settings. 

7. Disable the Bravia Sync Control

If you have tried the above options, but your TV is still turning on when it feels appropriate, you may have to turn off the Bravia Sync Control. When you turn this option off you won’t be able to control external devices (such as Firestick) with the Sony remote. You can still use them, but you’ll have to manually control them or use their remotes. 

To turn off BRAVIA SYNC:

  1. Open the HOME menu on your remote.
  2. Open the SETTINGS menu next.
  3. Scroll down to WATCHING TV and click it.
  4. Find the EXTERNAL INPUTS option and open that menu.
  6. Then switch off the BRAVIA SYNC CONTROL.

8. Disable The HDMI-CEC Setting

HDMI-CEC settings stand for Consumer Electronic Control. This option lets devices connected to your TV by HDMI cord gain partial control of your TV. Devices such as gaming systems, DVD/Blu-Ray players, home theater systems, and more connected to the TV can gain control over your TV.

In some cases, these devices will automatically turn on your TV. 

In some Sony TVs, this feature is called the Bravia Sync. To turn this option off, follow these steps:

  1. From your remote tap the HOME button.
  2. Next, open up the SETTINGS menu.
  3. Find and open the WATCHING TV option. 
  5. Open the BRAVIA SYNC SETTINGS menu.
  6. Now select TV AUTO POWER ON and toggle it to OFF. 

9. Eco Mode Could Be Turning Your Sony TV On

Televisions and devices equipped with Eco Mode are designed to save power. Sometimes these settings can malfunction and cause problems such as your TV turning on at inopportune times. You can disable this Eco Mode if the above actions still have not solved the problem. 

To turn off Eco Mode follow these steps:

  1. Open the HOME menu on your remote. 
  2. Find SETTINGS, open it, and find PREFERENCES. 
  3. Scroll down and tap on ECO
  4. In this menu, make sure POWER SAVING, IDLE TV STANDBY, and AUTO SHUTOFF are all switched OFF.

Is The Sony TV Timer On?

Occasionally the TV timer can malfunction. Some updates can fix this issue, but waiting for an OS update to remedy the situation can feel like a lifetime. In this case, the best course of action is to turn off the timer completely. 

Follow these quick instructions to turn off the Sony TV timer

  1. On your remote, tap HOME.
  2. Next, find SETTINGS and open the menu.
  3. Open the TIMERS selection. 
  4. Tap on TIMER  or ON TIMER, then turn it OFF.

Some models of Sony TV may have the TIMER option located in the APPS menu. Simply open up that menu and turn the TIMER off. 

10. Turn On The TV Presence Sensor

This option senses a “presence” in front of the TV and stays on while someone is watching it. By turning this option on, if the TV turns itself on, if there is no one there to watch it, the TV should then turn itself off. 

Not all Sony TVs have this option, but if yours does, it may help. To find this option and turn on the PRESENCE SENSOR, first, you need to:

  1. Click the HOME button on your remote, and go into SETTINGS.
  2. Find and open SYSTEM SETTINGS.
  3. Next, go to ECO and open that menu. 
  4. When you find PRESENCE SENSOR you’ll see a list of settings there. 
  5. Highlight and select STRONG.  

11. Disable Your Sony TV’s RS232C Control

That’s a mouthful, but the RS232C Control isn’t a new Star Wars droid. It’s a setting that lets technicians take control of your Sony TV remotely. This control can let them diagnose and repair your TV from an external device. 

Many Sony owners have reported their TV doesn’t turn on automatically anymore when they disable the RS232C Control. Here’s how you turn it off:

  1. First, tap HOME on your remote.
  2. Open the SETTINGS menu. 
  3. Find NETWORK & ACCESSORIES and open the menu. 
  4. You should see RS232C CONTROL. 
  5. Highlight it and then turn it OFF.

Don’t worry if your TV suddenly resets, this is normal after you turn that option off. 

Try Disconnecting External Devices From Your Sony TV

Most of us have a gaming system, streaming device such as Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, or other devices connected to our TVs. There are times these devices automatically turn your Sony TV on. The PS5 consoles are notorious for this, especially when they go through an update. 

Apple TV devices have been known to turn TVs on through the Home Theater Control Settings.

To find out if external devices are turning your TV on automatically, disconnect all these devices and wait a few days. If your TV no longer acts on its own accord then one of these devices was the culprit. 

To find out which one is guilty, slowly—over a few days for each device—plug them back into your TV until the problem occurs again.

Make Sure All Updates Are Up To Date

Smart TVs need updates on occasion to prevent and clear up glitches. When these updates aren’t applied promptly, it can cause your TV to glitch. These can manifest as a TV that turns on at random intervals. 

Firmware updates typically happen automatically, but sometimes they are interrupted or don’t apply themselves. To make sure your Sony TV is caught up on Firmware Updates you can do so manually:

  1. Click the HOME button on your remote. 
  2. Find the APPS option and open it. 
  3. Find the HELP option. 
  4. Next, select STATUS & DIAGNOSTICS.
  5. From there click on SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE. 
  6. If you have a waiting update it will be here. Now just click on SOFTWARE UPDATE. 
  7. The TV should start updating. When a prompt shows up asking if you want to install the update, click YES. 

Perform A Factory Reset

When nothing else has worked, you may have to perform a factory reset on your Sony TV. This reset will erase all your apps and your account settings. It resets the TV back to the day you brought it home. 

You will have to re-enter your apps and sign back into anything you had on your TV but it should fix any problems with the TV turning on by itself. You can perform a factory reset with or without a remote. 

To perform a factory reset with the remote:

  1. Press the HOME button.
  2. Scroll down and select STORAGE & RESET.
  4. Next select ERASE EVERYTHING and then confirm by pressing YES.
  5. Follow the instructions as the TV resets. 

To perform a factory reset without the remote, you need to locate the VOLUME and POWER buttons on the TV. These can be found on the bottom, side, or in back of the TV. 

Now unplug the TV. With the cord removed from the wall socket, press and hold the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time. Keep holding these buttons down while you plug the TV back in. 

Once you see the Sony logo or a green light on your TV you can release the buttons. Be patient, as this could last anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds. Now the TV will reset itself. 

Contact Sony Tech Support

You’ve gone through all the possible home fixes, but your TV is still turning itself on, what can you do? Now it’s time to contact a Sony Tech Support Professional. 

You can contact them by texting, or calling them at: 1-239-245-6354. You can also do a live chat through an internet connection by clicking here: Sony Tech Support. Here someone can go through options with you to help fix your TV or offer other options if needed. 


Sometimes Sony TVs have a habit of turning on by themselves. Often this happens in the dead of night, causing owners to get a rude awakening. While this problem can often be solved by doing a reset, checking the remote, turning off the HDMI-CEC, or disabling the Bravia Sync, sometimes none of these options help. 

As a last resort, contact Sony Tech Support as they will have the answers for you when you exhausted other options. Be sure to check your warranty, because most Sony TVs have a one-year warranty. This issue is not unique to Sony TVs, we dealt with Vizio TV turning on by itself and even Samsung TV.