Sound On Sony TV Not Working? (Check Our EASY Fixes!)

Sony TVs are great products but they tend to have a similar problem when it comes to sound. They may work flawlessly for years, but suddenly the volume drops out. The picture could be on normally, but there isn’t any sound.  

After checking obvious scenarios such as the mute button and volume settings, the next thing to do is complete a soft reset. Unplug the TV from the wall for a full 60 seconds to complete a reset. If that doesn’t work, check all the wiring, and perform any system updates that are due.

Start with the simplest fixes first, and if nothing works to return the volume to your Sony TV, then you should call Sony TV support. The TV may need a repair technician to fix the volume, but most of the time the problem can be fixed easily at home.

How To Fix NO Sound On Sony TV 

1. Check the Mute and Volume Settings

While it may seem obvious, sometimes this is a simple fix, but make sure the mute button wasn’t accidentally pressed.

I know some TV remotes have mute and volume buttons on the side of the remote. It’s easy to accidentally push it while it’s in your hand, sitting on the side table, or if it falls between the cushions of the couch. 

If checking the mute button didn’t fix the volume, press the volume up button on the remote. Unless there’s a problem with the speakers, at the highest volume setting, you should be able to hear static, a hissing, or something from the speakers. 

2. Unplug External Devices

After checking the mute and volume buttons, and you still don’t have any sound, try unplugging your Sony TV from the wall and other external devices. Leave the TV unplugged for 60 seconds, then plug it back in, but leave all the other devices disconnected. 

It’s important to note here that the TV needs to be unplugged for a full 60 seconds, not 30, not 59, but a full 60. Set a timer if you have to because this gives the TV a soft reset. Doing this soft reset will fix the majority of issues on your Sony TV. 

The reason you unplugged the external devices is that they may have speakers in them, and this could be causing an interference with the sound. Make sure you unplug the gaming systems, your Roku, Firestick, cable box, antenna, and whatever may be plugged into the TV. 

3. Check Your Streaming Devices

There could be an issue with the streaming device itself, or the signal coming in. It can happen, I’ve heard radio stations do this frequently, I’ll be driving down the road with the radio on, but then it suddenly goes silent.

You can either wait this out for a few minutes or switch to something else to see if it works. Try your gaming system or DVD/Blu-Ray player, if the volume now works but not while streaming Netflix, then you know there’s an issue with the streaming service or the device itself. 

4. Check for Loose or Faulty Wiring

Next, if the volume still has not been restored on your Sony TV, check all the wiring going to and from the TV. Sometimes a slightly loose wire will still give you a picture, but you won’t get the sound. It could also be from a wire that has internal issues. 

How can you tell when a wire or cable has problems internally? Unplug all the cables and wires from your TV and one by one, plug them back in. This way you can narrow down if you have any faulty wires and replace them. 

Of course, if you see any frayed, broken, or cut wires don’t attempt to fix them, replace them with new cables.

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5. Reset the Power Cord in the Back of the Sony TV

While you’re checking all the wires and devices connected to your devices, go ahead and inspect the power cord where it plugs into the back of the TV. It could be loose, or it just needs to be reseated. 

Go ahead and unplug it from the TV and leave it off for 60 seconds. While you have the cord disconnected, press the power button on the TV for at least 30 seconds. This helps to drain any residual power from the set. 

After the proper time has elapsed, plug the cord back into the TV, but make sure it’s a tight fit, a loose wire here can cause other problems including a bad, or no picture.

If the cord isn’t tight, replace it. If there is nothing wrong with the wire or the connection, turn the TV on by pressing the power button on the set itself, not the remote. 

6. Update Your Sony TV Software

Smart TVs often update themselves automatically, but this doesn’t always happen. The automatic setting could have been changed, or the update was postponed. Whatever happens, if the updates are not caught up, they can cause problems with the proper function of your Sony TV. 

Make sure your TV is connected to the internet first. 

  • Next open up the SETTINGS menu.
  • This should open up another menu where SOFTWARE UPDATE is located. Click on that.
  • Select your NETWORK if that is available. If this does not appear, skip this step. 
  • Click on YES or OK. This should start the update download. 
  • Once the update has been downloaded, it will need to be installed on the TV. Most times this is automatic, if not it will ask for confirmation, Confirm the download and see if that brings back the volume on your TV.

7. Reset the Audio/Sound Settings on a Sony TV

You may need to manually revert the sound to the TV speakers as some devices can change where the sound is directed and not know how to put it back. Or you may have a home theater system that isn’t allowing the sound to through these external speakers. 

To bring the sound back to your TV’s speakers, pick up your remote:

  • On your Sony TV remote, tap the OPTION button
  • Next tap on SPEAKERS
  • In this menu, highlight and tap TV SPEAKERS

This should direct the sound back to the television speakers instead of where it was sending the sound before. 

If you happen to have a soundbar or other external speakers such as a home theater system, you may need to set the Digital Audio Out to PCM. The TV may have the sound mode set to AUTO, but if you have an external speaker system, the sound needs to be set to PCM. 

  • From the Sony TV remote, push the HOME button
  • Select the SETTINGS option
  • Next go to PREFERENCES and tap it
  • Find the SETUP option, tap it 
  • Next, click on AV SETUP
  • You should now see DIGITAL AUDIO OUT select it and tap it
  • Finally click on PCM

8. Change Your Volume Offset to “Main” or “Stereo”

The TV Volume Offset can adjust the sound on your Sony TV to a fixed level. If for some reason it sets the volume all the way down, you’ll have to go into the menu and change it so you can be the one in charge of the volume. To do this get your remote:

  • Press the HOME button and open up the SETTINGS menu
  • Tap on the SOUND menu
  • Find and select the VOLUME OFFSET option
  • In this menu, select DUAL
  • Now tap either STEREO or MAIN

You should now be able to adjust the volume yourself. 

9. Do a Factory Reset

Assuming nothing else has worked to restore the volume on your Sony TV, it may be time for a factory reset. A factory reset restores the television to the settings it had straight out of the factory. 

You can do this with, or without the remote, to perform a factory reset with the remote:

  • First open up the HOME menu
  • Then select SETTINGS and open that menu 
  • Next click on STORAGE AND RESET
  • ERASE EVERYTHING will show up on the menu, confirm your choice and let the TV reset itself. 

This can take a few minutes so be patient here. 

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How to Restart or Factory Reset your Sony Android TV™

Factory Reset Sony TV Without Remote

If you do not have the Sony TV remote, you can still do a factory reset. All you have to do is locate the television’s buttons—these may be on the sides, the back, or the underside of the tv. 

Now you need to unplug the Sony TV.

Find the buttons and press the POWER and the VOLUME DOWN button at the same time, keep these buttons depressed as you plug the TV back in.

Keep these buttons held down until you see the Sony logo or a green light on the front of your TV. It may take over two minutes for the logo or green light to appear depending on the television. 

Change Your Sound Settings On The TV

The factory reset should do the trick if nothing else has, but there may be a few more things to check if your Sony TV still doesn’t have any sound. 

Change The Dolby Digital Settings On Your TV

First off, from your remote, hit the HOME button.

  • Then go into SETTINGS
  • Scroll down until you find DISPLAY & SOUND
  • From there click on AUDIO OUTPUT
  • You should see a setting DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS OUTPUT, change this to DOLBY DIGITAL

How To Turn Off “Dolby Digital Plus Out”

If you have a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or other external speaker system attached to your Sony TV you may have to turn off the Dolby Digital Plus as it could be interfering with the volume, or the speakers may not be compatible with Dolby Digital Plus. 

To do this you’ll need to set your speakers to AUDIO SYSTEM first. You can get there from your remote, press the SETTINGS/OPTIONS button then scroll down until you get to SPEAKERS, then change that to AUDIO SYSTEM.

Now you need to go back to the SETTINGS/OPTIONS menu again, scroll down to SOUND ADJUSTMENTS, then hit ADVANCED SETTINGS. From there, make sure DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS OUT is clicked OFF.

You May Need To Turn HD-DOLBY Off

Some external streaming devices aren’t compatible with HD-DOLBY and it needs to be turned off to get the volume back. If you are using Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, a cable box, or another streaming device, you should turn off HD-DOLBY.

Go to the SETTINGS menu on the streaming device, find the DISPLAY & SOUNDS menu, click on AUDIO, then switch off the HD-DOLBY option. 

When All Else Fails, Contact Sony TV Support

After going through all the above steps, if you still are having issues with the volume contact Sony Tech Support. Here you can check their FAQ section, or contact someone either through live chat text or talk to a technician through the phone. 

Check Your TV’s Warranty

Most Sony TVs come with a One-year warranty, if you’re having problems before the year is finished, it may be covered under the warranty. Also, if you purchased the extra coverage at the retail outlet, you might be able to have it fixed or replaced for free. 


When the volume stops working on your Sony TV there can be one of several things going on that you can troubleshoot at home. Check all the wires and connections to make sure they are snug and in good working order, or check on external devices. 

You can also perform a soft or factory reset to get everything back to the day the TV left the factory. But when all else fails, you may need to contact Sony technical support or get the TV repaired, or replaced if it’s no longer covered under warranty.

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