Vizio TV Turns On By Itself? (9 Ways to FIX It Fast!)

Occasionally, I have noticed my Vizio TV turning on by itself. I’ve had this same problem before, and I know how frustrating it can be.

If your Vizio TV has the annoying habit of turning on by itself, here are some quick, simple, and easy ways to fix it!

If your Vizio turns on by itself, start by making sure the power button on your remote isn’t stuck. You can also disable features available on your Vizio TV, including HDMI-CEC, Eco Mode, and the Sleep Timer. If those tactics aren’t successful, it’s also a good idea to try power-cycling your TV or replacing your TV remote batteries.

If these fixes don’t work, if it comes down to it, you can contact Vizio TV support. However, this is more of a worst-case scenario.

First, let’s try some easy and quick ways to troubleshoot on our own.

How To Troubleshoot Your Vizio TV If It’s Turning On By Itself

1. Check The Remote’s Power Button

If your Vizio TV is turning on itself, sometimes this problem can be fixed by a simple solution.

Check your TV’s remote controller and make sure the power button isn’t stuck. Sounds silly, but sometimes the fix is as simple as that. A stuck power button could be a simple reason your Vizio TV keeps turning on! It was as simple as that when I was trying to figure out why my Samsung TV turning on.

2. Disable The HDMI-CEC

Another common reason why your Vizio TV might be turning on by itself might be because of the HDMI-CEC feature.

HDMI-CEC is a feature that goes by a different name depending on the brand or manufacturer of the TV. For example, LG’s HDMI-CEC feature goes by the name SimpLink. But they all have the same quick fix.

The HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) is a feature that gives devices connected to your Vizio TV partial control over it. This can include devices such as your gaming console or DVD player.

Any of these connected devices or systems may be what is telling your Vizio TV to “turn on”. Usually, this happens when one of these connected devices turns off.

Sometimes, when HDMI devices connected to your TV turn off, the HDMI-CEC feature causes the Vizio TV to turn on by itself.

This Vizio TV feature is likely the reason your TV is turning on by itself.

To troubleshoot this issue, start by hitting the Settings button on your remote controller. Go to the System tab, then find the CEC option. Toggle this Off.

Usually, this will successfully troubleshoot any issues with Vizio TVs turning on themselves.

3. Disable Eco Mode

Another feature that comes with Vizio TVs is something called Eco Mode. This automatic feature is designed to help conserve power whenever possible.

Like the HDMI-CEC feature, the Eco Mode feature can occasionally hijack your Vizio TV.

The reason your Vizio TV might be turning on by itself could be due to the Eco Mode.

To fix this issue, it’s best to turn off the Eco Mode. To do this, start by going to Settings, then System.

Next, click on Power Mode. If your Power Mode is set to Eco Mode, go ahead and toggle it to Quick Start to turn off Eco Mode.

4. Power-Cycle Your Vizio TV

If your Vizio TV is turning on by itself, a simple way to fix it might be by power-cycling your Vizio TV.

Power-cycling is a great way to reset your device fully and successfully troubleshoot all sorts of issues.

To power-cycle your Vizio TV, start by unplugging your TV from the outlet. Wait for 60 seconds – don’t cut it short!

After waiting for a minimum of one minute, press and hold the power button on the TV itself for around 10-15 seconds. This will drain any additional power from the TV.

Finally, you can plug your Vizio TV back in. This solution solved the sound issue on my Vizio TV.

5. Remove Batteries From The Remote

After power-cycling your Vizio TV, another way to reset your TV is by removing the batteries from the TV remote.

Taking your remote batteries out is one of the ways to fix an issue with your Vizio TV automatically turning on when you don’t want it to.

Start by physically removing both batteries from your TV’s remote.

Next, hold down the power button on the remote for a minimum of 15 seconds. Again, don’t cut the time short.

If you don’t hold down the power button for the full 15 seconds, this step won’t work.

After you’ve waited a full 15 seconds or more, go ahead and replace the batteries inside the remote.

Sometimes, it can also be a good idea to replace the batteries as well with new ones. If the batteries you are using in your remote are low, it can also lead to issues.

6. Factory Reset Your Vizio TV

One of the most effective ways to troubleshoot most issues on many devices is by performing a full factory reset.

Performing a factory reset on your Vizio TV is a great way to fix issues you may be having, including if the TV is turning on by itself.

You can either factory reset your Vizio TV with the remote, or without the remote.

To factory reset your TV with the remote, start by pressing the Settings button on the remote controller. Go to System, then click on Reset & Admin. There will then be an option to Reset TV To Factory Defaults. Hit OK.

You will then be prompted to enter a parental code. If you have not already set up a PIN code for your Vizio TV, the default PIN code is 0000.

If you don’t have your remote controller, you can still factory reset your Vizio TV without a remote.

To do this, after turning on your TV with the Power button, you will first locate the physical Input button and the Volume Down button on your TV.

Press and hold these two buttons at the same time until your TV brings up a prompt. This will happen after around 10 to 15 seconds. This prompt will tell you to then press and hold the Input button on the TV.

Press and hold the Input button on your TV for no less than 10 seconds. Your Vizio TV will then reboot itself and perform a factory reset.

PRO TIP: I was forced to use the factory reset when trying to stop my Sony TV from turning on by itself, but this should be a last resort.

7. Check The Power Supply Cable

Oftentimes, there may be an issue with something called the power supply cable that is causing problems with your Vizio TV.

Quickly tightening the power supply cable to your Vizio TV can help fix an issue with your Vizio TV turning on by itself.

To do this, start by locating your power supply cable plug-in on the back of the TV.

If there is a panel covering, remove this to expose the cable plug-in. Fully disconnect the cable, and then fully reconnect it. Ensure that the power supply cable is not loose and is fully connected.

8. Update Your Vizio TV’s Software

Occasionally, your Vizio TV may be running old software, which can lead to many different problems.

Normally your Vizio TV will automatically download any updates, but of course, sometimes that can not happen correctly.

To fix this, it’s a good idea to manually update the firmware for your Vizio TV.

The easiest way to fix this is with the Vizo SmartCast app.

Start by downloading the app and then opening it.

After the app is open, scroll down to Settings, then click on Update Software. You will then be prompted to hit OK to complete the update.

9. Disable Sleep Timer

The Sleep Timer feature on your Vizio TV helps you save and conserve energy by automatically turning your TV off after a certain amount of time.

Though this helps turn your TV off (not on), it can still occasionally mess with the TV’s automatic settings and could be the reason why your Vizio TV is turning on by itself.

Disabling the Sleep Timer is another way to troubleshoot issues with your Vizio TV.

To do this, hit Settings on your remote control, then click on Timers. Navigate to Sleep Timer and select Off.

There will also be an option for Auto Power Off that you should toggle Off as well.

Contact Vizio Support

If you’ve already tried these various troubleshooting methods and your Vizio TV is still turning on by itself, you can also contact Vizio TV support.

To contact the Vizio TV support team directly, you can call their support line at 1-844-254-8087.

They operate during these dates and times:

  • Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM CST
  • Saturday – Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST

Another way to get in contact with them is by submitting a Customer Support Callback Request here.

Vizio TV Support also has text message support and Live Agent Chat available.

Vizio TV Warranty

You can also see if your Vizio TV is still covered under the warranty.

Though Vizio TV warranties may vary, usually they only last one year.

It’s a great idea to check to see if your TV is still covered under a warranty, even if it’s over a year.

Vizio TVs have a common issue with turning themselves on by themselves, so if it’s happening to you, you’re not alone.

Before resorting to contacting Vizio TV support or buying a new TV altogether, it’s a good idea to try simple fixes. Quick solutions are usually the most effective at troubleshooting your electronics!

Tending to the power button or batteries on your remote, or disabling certain features on your Vizio TV, are great ways to fix this issue.

Trying these solutions are great ways to successfully troubleshoot your Vizio TV right at home.