How To Use Discord On PS4: Can You Do It Without A PC?

Discord has revolutionized how gamers can connect with their friends. However, PlayStation users have been left high and dry as there is no official app available for the PS4 to this day. Understandably, many users struggle with how to use Discord on PS4.

The best way to use Discord on PS4 is to sign into your account via the Internet Browser app and connect it to a MixAmp. Connect your MixAmp to your PC also and adjust your audio settings so that the PC speakers are the output. Plug your headphones into the MixAmp and switch your PS4’s audio input to USB Headset.

You can use Discord on PS4 without a MixAmp if you leave the Internet Browser on in the background signed into Discord. Unfortunately, you cannot use Discord on PS4 without a PC at this time. Follow along as we explore how to use Discord on PS4.  

Can You Have Discord On PS4?

You can use Discord on PS4, but you cannot do it without a PC. Currently, PS4 doesn’t officially support Discord so you can’t download it onto your console. This can be frustrating for gamers who want to have it all in one place, but that’s not an option at this time.

Luckily, you can pair your Discord account with your PSN account to use them in conjunction. Discord is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. There is no word yet as to when Discord voice will be available for download on PS4.

Until then, you can use the Party Chat feature that is available on PS4. It serves the same purpose but isn’t quite as popular as Discord has become in the last few years. Otherwise, you can follow a few simple steps to use Discord on PS4 using your PC.

How to Use Discord on PS4

You can use Discord on PS4 with the ASTRO MixAmp. The ASTRO MixAmp was originally intended for esports, but even casual gamers can enjoy it. It’s a simple process that only requires a few steps, but you’ll need a few things to get started:

  • MixAmp
  • PS4
  • PC or Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Auxiliary Splitter
  • Auxiliary Cord

You can get started once you have all of these items on hand. This can be a tricky process because it involves your PC, PS4, and MixAmp.

1. Sign In To Discord on PC

The first step is to sign in to Discord on your PC. Open the Discord website in your browser and enter your login information. This is an important step that you will get back to later in the process. Leave your PC on and open to the Discord website for now.

2. Open Discord In PS4 Web Browser

Search for the Internet Browser application in your PS4’s library. Open the browser and search for Discord to bring up the official website. The website will appear the same way on your PS4 as it does on your PC. Enter your Discord login information to sign in to your account.

3. Connect Your MixAmp and PS4

Leave Discord open on your PS4 once you’ve signed in, and find the optical cable that came with your MixAmp. The cable should run from the MixAmp into one of the free ports on your PS4. Plug your gaming headset or headphones into the MixAmp’s audio jack.

Next, you need to run an aux cable from your PC to your MixAmp. This is necessary because MixAmp uses audio from your PC. Plug one end of a male-to-male cable into your PC and the other into an available port on your MixAmp.

4. Adjust PS4 Audio Settings

Adjust your PS4’s audio settings via the Devices and Audio Devices tabs. Scroll down and find the tab that reads Input Devices. Switch your Input Devices over to USB Headset. This represents your headphones that are connected to the MixAmp.

Next, select the Output Device tab and change the setting to TV or Amplifier. Find the Sound and Screen section in your PS4’s settings menu and click on it. Scroll down to the Audio Output Setting Tab and set it to say Digital Out.

5. Change Discord Audio Settings

Go back to your PC and open the setting menu in the top left corner on Discord. Find the option Input Device in the Sound and Video section. You will see an option for MixAmp under the input settings as long as your PC recognizes it.

Select Mixamp for the input and switch your output to the PC speakers that your Mixamp is connected to. Connect with a friend on Discord and launch a game on your PS4 to test it out. This will let you play games on your PS4 while using Discord’s voice chat features.

How to Use Discord on PS4 Without MixAmp

You can use Discord on PS4 without MixAmp once you pair it with your PlayStation Network account. Create a Discord account to get started if you don’t already have one. There is no official Discord app for the PS4, but you can still use the service on your program with a few simple steps.

1. Create An Account Or Log In To Discord

Create a Discord account on your PC or smartphone to get started. You will need to provide a valid email address to create a Discord account. Create a username and password and look out for a confirmation email in your inbox. Open the email and click the link to create and confirm your account.

2. Pair Your Discord And PSN Accounts

Pull up your Discord account on your PC or smartphone. Find the tab that says User Settings and click on it. Click on the Connections tab and select Add to move forward.

A list of options will appear for services that you can pair your Discord account with. Find the Sony PlayStation logo and click on it. A prompt will appear for you to enter your PlayStation Network account login information and password.

Enter your username and password in the bar to pair your PSN and Discord accounts.

3. Open The Internet Browser On Your PS4

The comprehensive Internet Browser that comes with each PS4 is infinitely useful. You can use this browser to access Discord on your PS4 since there is no official app. It’s easy to overlook the Internet Browser because it’s hidden in your PS4’s library.

Scroll to the right on your PS4’s home screen and open the library. Either search for the Internet Browser using the search bar or scroll through the applications to find it. Open the Internet Browser and type in Discord to pull up the website.

Enter your Discord login information once you’ve pulled up the website. Discord will recognize your PSN login information, and you can use it while on your PS4.

Will PlayStation Get Discord Voice Chat?

Discord Voice Chat will be available for PlayStation users when the 7.00 update launches. However, this update only applies to the PS5 and PS4 users won’t be able to download it. PS5 users will get access to the full range of voice chat and messaging features that Discord offers on the PC.

If everything goes as planned, the 7.00 update should be available in March 2023. You can still use the existing voice chat features on the PS5, but many users will likely switch to Discord once it becomes available. I find Discord to be easier to use and it’s convenient because of how many people use it.

So, What Is The Best Way To Use Discord On PS4?

The best way to use Discord on PS4 is to purchase an ASTRO MixAmp. Sign in to Discord on your PS4 via the Internet Browser app and connect the MixAmp to the console with the optical cable. Connect your PC to your MixAmp and switch your output settings to your PC speakers on Discord.

You can use Discord on PS4 without MixAmp with the Internet Browser app. Sign in to Discord on your PC and Internet Browser on your PS4. This isn’t the same as having the Discord app on your PS4, but it will let you chat with friends as long as the Internet Browser is open in the background.