Firestick Keeps Losing Connection? (hint: check your Wi-Fi!)

The Amazon Firestick is the most convenient modern streaming device, as long as it works as intended. They are reliable and typically work well, but Firesticks are prone to Internet connectivity issues in some cases. So, what does it mean when a Firestick keeps losing its connection?

A Firestick keeps losing its connection if it’s too far away from your Wi-Fi router or if the Ethernet cable is damaged. You may need to unplug the wires from your Wi-Fi router to reset it if your Firestick can’t keep a consistent connection. Update your Firestick and delete old apps via the home screen to improve its performance.

Sometimes, a Firestick will keep losing the connection if there is a local service outage. Call your provider or visit their website to check for local service outages. Follow along as we explore why your Firestick keeps losing its connection and see what you can do about it.

Why Does my Firestick Keep Losing Connection?

Your Firestick keeps losing its connection either due to the distance from the router or a damaged Ethernet cable among other reasons. Service outages can also cause your Firestick to lose its connection, and you’ll need to contact your provider. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons that your Firestick keeps losing its connection.

Your Router is too far Away

Depending on where your Firestick is, it may simply be too far away from your Wi-Fi router. Your Firestick may still pick up a connection if it’s far from the router, but it likely won’t be strong. In my troubleshooting, I checked the other devices in my house that were closer to the router to compare the strength.

You will likely find that the devices closest to your router have no trouble maintaining a strong connection. Luckily, you can move your router or connect your Firestick to a TV that is closer to it. Otherwise, you can use a Wi-Fi signal strength booster so that you don’t have to move your router or Firestick.

This is a great option if the weak signal strength is a problem for your other devices that are far from the router. They only cost $20 in most cases and they will improve the performance of all of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Damaged Ethernet Cable

Check the Ethernet cable connected to your Wi-Fi router if your Firestick keeps losing its connection. The Ethernet cable can either come loose in the port due to its position or damage. Always keep your Ethernet cable straight so that it doesn’t bunch up which can cause damage and a weak connection.

Your Ethernet cable is likely due for a replacement if it is 6 years old anyway, but it can last up to 12 years under perfect conditions. Inspect your Ethernet cable for clear signs of damage and replace it if there is a problem. You can tell that it’s time to replace your Ethernet cable if your router is otherwise fine, but your devices keep losing their Internet connection.

Service Outage in Your Area

A Firestick that keeps losing its connection may be directly linked to a service outage in your area. You can experience Internet outages in your area no matter which service provider you have. This is typically due to inclement weather, but it can also happen at random.

Another common cause is maintenance at service towers, and this is a temporary problem. Modern Internet service providers have made it easier than ever to find out if there is an outage in your area. All that you need to do is call your provider and ask if there are any local outages.

However, you may wind up stuck on hold for a long time which can be frustrating. In my experience, it’s much easier to check for service outages via your provider’s website or official app. Providers such as AT & T and Xfinity let you check for local service outages on their site or app without calling them.

How to fix a Firestick That Keeps Losing Connection

It can take quite a bit of troubleshooting to fix a Firestick that keeps losing its connection. Luckily, I have been troubleshooting all of the best fixes for a Firestick with an inconsistent connection. It’s important to consider factors such as how your other Internet-connected devices are performing.

For example, if your Firestick is the only device that keeps losing its connection, it likely indicates that the Firestick is the problem. In that case, you can focus your troubleshooting on Firestick-specific fixes. Otherwise, you can address your router and Internet service provider if your other devices are losing their connections. Let’s look at the best ways to fix a Firestick that keeps losing its connection.

Restart Your Firestick

First, you need to restart your Firestick if it keeps losing its connection. There are 3 ways to restart your Firestick, and both options have the same result. The easiest way to restart your Firestick is to hold the Select button at the same time as the Play button.

This will restart your Firestick, the screen will go black, and it will take a moment for it to reboot. You can unplug the power adapter from either the wall or the Firestick and remove the stick from your TV. Leave it unplugged for a moment, then plug the Firestick back in and connect it to the power adapter.

The 3rd option is to restart your Firestick with your remote via the home screen. Press the Home button on your remote and scroll over to the Settings tab. Scroll down to Restart, press it, and wait for your Firestick to reboot.

Clear Your Cache

Excessive data can hinder your Firestick’s performance, and that includes its Wi-Fi connection. Each app that you use has a cache of data that takes up plenty of space on your Firestick. Eventually, this excess of data can slow down your Firestick and lead to inconsistent functionality.

You will need to clear the cache on several of your apps if you don’t want to delete them altogether. Open the settings menu, click on Applications, and select Manage Installed Applications to get started. A list of all of your apps will appear, and you can bring up the Clear Cache option if you select any of them.

Clear the cache of any app that has excessive data, especially if you don’t use it anymore. Try this with a few apps, restart your Firestick, and see if it helped. If not, you will need to clear the cache on several more apps to improve the performance.

Update Your Firestick

Network connectivity is often weak when your Firestick is out of date. Generally, a Firestick will update to the latest software on its own, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Luckily, you can check for updates directly from your Firestick’s home screen.

Press the Home button and scroll through the screen to My Fire TV next to Preferences. Select My Fire TV and click on About at the top of the screen. It will take you to a screen with two options: Network and Check for Updates.

Select Check for Updates to see if there is a current update that you don’t have. If so, select the update, wait for it to install, and see if it improves your Firestick’s performance. It’s a sign that something else is wrong if the screen indicates that your software is up to date, and you’ll need to keep troubleshooting.

Delete Apps

It’s easy to forget about old apps on your Firestick that you haven’t used in a long time. These old and unused apps can pile up over time and that can eventually hinder your Firestick’s performance. This is especially true if your Firestick is on the brink of running out of memory.

Press the Home button on your remote, scroll over, and click on Settings. Scroll down and select Applications. Click on Manage Installed Applications to pull up a list of what you have downloaded. Go through the list and delete any apps that you don’t use or don’t plan to use in the future.

Press Uninstall on the apps that you want to delete. You should quickly notice your Firestick’s performance improve when you do this. Open an app, stream a show or movie, and see if the Wi-Fi connection is strong. If not, it’s a sign that something else is wrong with your Firestick.

Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

Reset your Wi-Fi router if your Firestick and other devices keep losing their connection. Generally, it is recommended that you reset your Wi-Fi router once a month to keep it at peak performance. This isn’t necessary for everyone, but it’s worth doing if your Firestick has a continually weak connection.

Pull the wires out from the back of your Wi-Fi router and set a timer for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you need to plug the wires back into the router. Give it a few minutes before you try to use your Firestick or other devices.

Turn on your TV, use your Firestick, open an app, and check to see if it can hold a connection. You can reset your router a few times if the first time doesn’t take. However, you may need to contact your provider and replace your router if resetting it doesn’t fix the problem.

So, What’s the Best Solution?

The best solution is to reset your Firestick if it keeps losing its connection. You can do this by unplugging the power adapter, removing the Firestick from your TV for a minute, and plugging it back in. It also works if you press the Select and Play buttons simultaneously to reset your Firestick.

Reset your Wi-Fi router by unplugging all of the wires for 30 seconds to improve your Firestick’s connection. If this doesn’t work, it can point to a problem with your router or indicate that there are service outages in your area. Delete old apps that you no longer use if your Firestick is running slowly and keeps losing the Internet connection.

Check for updates from the home screen via the My Fire TV tab if you have consistent connectivity problems. Contact your Internet service provider or use their official app to find out if there are local service outages. Otherwise, you may simply need to upgrade to a more modern router if your Firestick keeps losing its connection.