Best Rand McNally GPS

The best Rand McNally GPS units are fast, accurate, lightweight and loaded with an array of helpful features to help you better maneuver the roadways. The following guide will help you determine the best option for your needs.  

Rand McNally is renowned for their detailed papered maps and atlases. In the same spirit, they’ve introduced digital navigation solutions for Over-the-Road truckers and RV drivers in the form of powerful GPS navigation units.

Best Rand McNally GPS For Truckers 

OverDryve 8 Pro SpecificationsOverDryve 8 Pro Specifications
Screen 8-inch IPS LCD touchscreen; also available in 7-inch model
PerformanceQuad-Core processor, 2GB memory, 32GB Storage 
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, WiFi standard: 802.11 a/b/g 
Weight & Dims3.54 lbs; 13.6 x 6.8 x 3.8 inches
Audio/VideoForward-facing 8 MP camera and self-facing 2 MP camera/ Micro HDMI Out and Aux Out, Mic is Dual + NC
MountMagnetic mount, A-Type USB Port, 3 watts speaker, Built-In and fitted SiriusXM receiver
Batteries1 AA batteries 
MapsLifetime maps that cover the USA and Canada.

1. Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro

The Rand McNally GPS Overdryve 8 is a higher-end truck GPS that retails for about $500 at the official Rand McNally eStore. Online reviewers give it a thumbs up, describing it as a well-rounded, powerful and capable GPS.

This particular unit is an especially good choice for commercial drivers looking for entertainment to go with their robust GPS navigation system.

The device’s Wi-Fi-enabled tablet functionality makes it a winner, as does the bonus of a free, three-month SiriusXM subscription. The Overdryve 8 is also fully integrated with the RandMcNally DriverConnect portal and advanced connected features make it an excellent choice for complete fleet management. 

The Navigation

Truck-specific features such as toll costs, fuel logs, ten million points of interest (POI), advanced lane guidance, warnings, trip planning, alerts and more are part of the benefits you get with this comprehensive GPS. 

Spoken Command

OverDryve 8 Pro features Bluetooth capabilities that team with your smartphone and the speakers in your cab. This feature allows you to take calls and safely text and navigate without removing your hands from the steering wheel.  

ELD Ready 

The device comes equipped with the Rand McNally’s DriverConnect logbook, an app that allows you to plug it into Rand McNally’s ELD devices, ELD 50 or DC 200. After this, it’s ELD ready and you can log your miles.

Voice Assistance 

You can get the OverDryve Pro to play music and check traffic, weather, sports and more just by using your voice. 

2. Rand McNally TND 740 Truck GPS

The Rand McNally Truck GPS 740 has the essential tools to make life easier for OTR truckers, ranging from navigation to several other everyday tasks.

The TND 740 also incorporates hours of testing by truck drivers and has 35 percent more truck routing information than any other GPS unit on the market. In other words, if you drive a wide variety of routes, this is the unit for you. 

Many commercial drivers that reviewed the GPS 740 appreciated its lightning-quick bootup and capability to update maps from a mobile hotspot. Another OTR driver said they like how it routes trips without having to reference software on another computer.

The device retails for around $400 at the official Rand McNally eStore and Amazon. Another factor to consider when buying is that the TND 740 is an Amazon’s Choice item, meaning it is recommended because it is highly rated and well priced. 

The Features 

Truck Navigation
The vehicle navigation system of the TND 740 includes truck-specific routing, time and distance calculator, and advanced junction view that allows for lane guidance and lane assistance when navigating through complex intersections and upcoming turns. 

Wi-Fi Connected Services

Wi-Fi Connected services enable real-time updates along the route. Updates include weather forecasts, fuel prices, speed limits, toll costs, local searches, millions of updated POI and traffic information. 

Enhanced Features
It has updated and vibrant graphics plus an easy-to-use interface. The audio-out capability enables sound through truck audio systems, and over-the-air updates for construction, maps and software.

ELD Ready 
The Rand McNally logbook app and Bluetooth capabilities combine with the DC 200 and ELD 50 to allow truckers to log their miles easily.

Voice Assistance 
You can get the TND 740 to play music, check traffic, weather, sports, and more just by using your voice. 

Virtual Dashboard
The TND 740 GPS has specific tools for commercial drivers, including a Virtual Dashboard that provides easy access to key metrics that monitor productivity and progress. Another tool included here is the helpful “Bread-crumb” trails, which records and shows you the on or off-road paths you’ve driven previously.

GPS 740 SpecificationsGPS 740 Specifications
Screen 7-inch, vivid high-res LCD display
PerformanceQuad-core processor, 1GB of memory, 16GB of storage
Weight & Dims2.16 lbs; 7.3 X 4.5 X 0.4 inches
MountSmart windshield magnetic mount, bracket with suction cup
MapsLifetime maps and traffic; USA and Canada
Battery2400 mAh

3. Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 730 LM

Online reviewers say that the fourth-generation Rand McNally truck GPS 730 LM is a great choice because of its accuracy and redesigned features. Although any trucker could benefit from using this unit, it’s an absolute no-brainer for those who drive in tandem with a partner.

However, if you want one of your own, it’s important to note that the official Rand McNally eStore no longer sells the TND 730 LM. The product page there directs you to the newer TND 740. 

Fortunately, truckers looking to purchase the TND 730 LM can still find it at places such as Amazon and Rand McNally factory resale stores for about $350 to $450. Rand McNally extensively redesigned The TND 730 LM both inside and out, and its updated look includes two interface options: Carbon and ice. These dual interfaces complement vivid graphics and map details. 

Features and benefits of the TND 730 LM include:

  • Added features – Features added include updated graphics, estimated toll costs, advanced lane guidance and millions of color-coded POIs. The GPS also boasts a faster processor that provides quicker route calculations and screen-to-screen transitions. 
  • Wi-Fi Connected Services – Wi-Fi Connected Services keep you updated, and they are included on the device at no subscription cost. They include weather forecasts and conditions, fuel prices, local searches and lifetime traffic information. Traffic is sold as a separate service on the Rand McNally Dock. 
  • ELD Ready – The TND 730 LM can perform mileage reporting because it is compatible and combines with other Rand McNally electronic logging solutions
  • Enhanced Features – Includes Set Warnings that you can set for maintenance, hills and dangerous winding roads. It also includes Team-driving Support that keeps mileage and timers separate for two team members and more. 
  • Truck Tools – Mileage, multi-stop routing, “Bread-crumb” trails, and service and maintenance alerts are a few of the Truck Tools that commercial drivers will find useful when driving.   
GPS 730 LM SpecificationsGPS 730 LM Specifications
Screen 7-inch touchscreen
PerformanceDual core processor, 512MB memory, 16GB Storage
Weight & Dims11.7 oz; 7.3 x 0.8 x 4.5 inches
MountSmart windshield magnetic mount, bracket with suction cup
Maps  USA and Canada coverage
Battery2400 mAh

4. Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 Truck GPS    

One important specialty that sets the Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 apart, according to users, is how well it doubles as an Android tablet. This provides frugal truckers with a great two-in-one option for an affordable price.

Those who are highly business-minded and want enhanced organizational features will also enjoy the added benefit of scanning and submitting documents on the go. 

Additionally, the preloaded email and social media apps make connecting with home a breeze. The TND Tablet 80 is also the obvious choice for those wanting a lightweight GPS since it weighs less than two ounces.

The tablet/GPS combo is so light and compact that one reviewer said that they use it on their motorcycle. Truckers who reviewed the device said they enjoyed the tablet features and found its navigation system to be impressive. You can purchase the TND Tablet 80 for around $450 at the Rand McNally eStore.

Features and benefits of the TND Tablet 80 include:

  • Tablet Functionality – The TND Tablet 80 has an interface that is both modern and sleek. The device also features an 8-inch screen that provides the ultimate backdrop for viewing high-resolution visuals and the information needed to maneuver through traffic. 
  • Truck Navigation – The TND Tablet 80 is the first of Rand McNally’s GPS to include the Rand Navigation 2.0 feature, a brand new and upgraded software system that’s geared primarily toward truck drivers. Other navigation features include voice guidance, advanced 3-D routing,* lifetime maps, exits quick view and fuel logs and prices. 
  • Business Features – The 5-megapixel rear camera allows you to perform mobile document scanning. Truckers can use the included software suite to take care of accounting, scheduling, manifests and more.
  • Hardware – Fast functionality to render silky-smooth visuals is realized through the power of its Hexa-core processor. The durable magnetic mount for stationing the device is engineered to keep it in place, even when driving on an extremely bumpy road. 

*Advanced routing requires a Wi-Fi connection. 

TND Tablet 80 Specifications TND Tablet 80 Specifications 
Screen 8-inch IPS LCD touchscreen
PerformanceCortex A7 Quad-Core processor (1.5 GHz), 16 GB storage, 1 GB DDR3 RAM
Weight & Dims1.3 oz; 8.6 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches
AndroidKit Kat Android 4.4.2
Onboard Dash Cam5 MP rear camera with optional audio recording. Also has an automatic G-sensor for collision detection 
MountThe magnetic mount has commercial-grade GPS boost; micro USB w/ video in
MapsLifetime maps and traffic w/ USA and Canada coverage
Battery4Battery 4000 mAh000 mAh

Rand McNally RV GPS

We’re changing gears at the end of our list since Rand McNally offers RV-specific GPS, too. They are the OverDryve 7 RV, RVND 7 and the RV TABLET 70. 

5. OverDryve 7 RV

The OverDryve 7 RV is the ultimate RV GPS tablet. Reviewers say that it is stellar and works precisely as it is supposed to. The device features the award-winning RV navigation that Rand McNally is known for, and it additionally combines RV-specific navigation with a full-blown Android tablet.

The GPS also has a high-resolution 7-inch display, music streaming, web browsing and connected features such as hands-free texting and calling. You can purchase the OverDryve7 RV tablet for around $450 at the Rand McNally eStore.

This model is designed for you if you value long battery life and strong navigation capabilities in the same device. On the other hand, entertainment-minded travelers that like fun activities such as creating podcasts and streaming music will find the OverDryve7 RV is a superior choice.  

OverDryve 7 RV SpecificationsOverDryve 7 RV Specifications
Battery LifeSix hours
CameraForward-facing 8 MP camera and self-facing 2 MP camera
Built-In SpeakerIn mount 2W + 3W system
Weight & Dims16 oz, 5.4 x 7.2 x 0.6 inches
MountPowered, magnetic mount
Hand’s Free Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g


With its dedicated design and features that allow you to navigate safely and effectively, teamed with a low price of around $250, it’s no surprise that the RVND 7 sells out quickly. An RV must adhere to specific rules and laws, so the RVND 7GPS is recommended for budget-conscious adventurers that don’t want to sacrifice quality and features to achieve this.

The RV GPS features customized routing based on the specs of your towable trailer or RV. Recreation enthusiasts can select from several preloaded camper, car, RV type settings, and some custom types. These settings aim to point you in the right direction for intriguing points of interest that you want to visit.  With scores of amenities, RV-friendly locales and exclusive trip details, the RVND 7 is custom-built for exploration. 

RVND 7GPS SpecificationsRVND 7GPS Specifications
Display7-inch resistive screen
MountWindshield mounted, suction cup
External memory32 GB  supported by Micro SD slot 
USB TypeMini USB for charging and data 
Device Dimensions1.7 lbs; 7.4 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches
Map CoverageLifetime maps and traffic w/ USA and Canada coverage


The RV Tablet 70 helps provide the ultimate road trip with its powerful GPS features and Android operating system. The device gets you to your RV destination with trip planning and navigation features while also keeping you entertained and connected with email and preloaded apps.

The RV Tablet 70 with GPS is no longer available at the Rand McNally eStore, and stock is dwindling at online stores. You can buy it used at Amazon for around $240, and users that reviewed the device said they liked its competitive price and how it operated exactly the way they wanted.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list helps you find the Rand McNally GPS that fits your needs. Also importantly, be sure to keep your eyes open for any sales the official Rand McNally eStore has. What’s more, the GPS devices you find on their website often come with sizable, money-saving rebates.