If You Unblock A Number, Will You Receive Old Texts?

For many reasons, you can restrict someone from reaching you by blocking their number, whether through texts or calls, for a short or extended period of time. Fortunately, all mobile devices, from basic to smartphones and tablets, provide the option that allows you to pull that off easily.

During the time you block a person, their messages or calls will not get through to your phone. When you eventually unblock the number, you may expect to see all the texts the handler had sent when they were blocked flowing in. However, that never happens.

You cannot receive old texts from a number after unblocking it. That happens because when you block off such a number, you are instructing your device to erase all efforts to communicate with you. Consequently, the messages will never make it to your device regardless of how many times the person tries. However, there is one way you can retrieve those old messages sent from a blocked number after unblocking it.

And did you know? you can actually still text someone you have blocked. But we’re more concerned with how texts are going to come through for unblocked contacts, so let’s dive into that.

What Happens When You Block A Number On Your Android Or iPhone?

Blocking a number prevents the handler from getting texts or calls through to you. Phone calls usually get disconnected automatically or sent to voicemail because your device will appear switched off or busy to the block number directing them to leave a recorded message.

They may get a message like “Message Blocking Is Active” when trying to text you. The phone might even ring once or twice from the blocked person’s end before the call gets cut off. In any case, you will not receive a notification of the missed calls or the voicemails left by the restricted caller.

The situation is no different when such a person sends a text to you. They may receive confirmation that the message has been delivered, but it will never get to you.

Blocking a number simply cancels communication between you and them. The only way the person can get a call or text through to you is by using another number.

In that case, you will have to keep blocking any other number such a person uses to prevent them from reaching you.

How To Get The Old Texts Sent By A Blocked Number After Unblocking It

Any message sent from a blocked number goes nowhere. No special folder stores all those texts, and as such, they go into the void. You cannot find them in your inbox or under any storage category on your device.

The only way you can retrieve all those texts sent to you while a number was blocked is to tell the sender to resend them. Such a person will most probably still have those messages saved under their sent text messages.

If you are really curious to see the old texts from a blocked number after unblocking, ask them to resend the messages. If you cannot, there is no other way to find out what a blocked number has been texting.

How To See Messages From A Blocked Number On An iPhone

While a number is blocked on your iPhone, you cannot get any messages from them when they try to send some. To start seeing texts from a restricted contact again, you need to unblock their number.

To unblock a number on an iPhone, follow the steps below

  • Go to settings on your iOS device
  • Look for the phone icon and tap
  • Check through the list for call blocking and identification and open
  • Click on the editing button on your current page to see more options
  • Check the list of blocked numbers and unblock the ones you want.

When you go through the steps above, the chosen number will be unblocked, and new messages will begin coming through.

How To See Messages From A Blocked Number On Android

You cannot see the texts from a blocked number on your android device unless you unblock it. Any messages sent to you the time you block a person’s number will not come through to your phone. However, you can begin receiving messages from such a person when they are unblocked.

Follow the steps below to unblock a number on your android phone

  • Tap on the phone icon on your android home screen
  • Check the tabs below for Contact and tap on it
  • Check the top right corner for three dots and tap
  • Go to settings on the menu and tap Blocked numbers
  • You will see a list of your blocked numbers and a cancel icon in front of them
  • Click on the cancel icon after the number you would like to unblock and confirm your action.

After going through the steps above, you should start receiving calls and texts from the unblocked number again.

What happens when you unblock a number on an iPhone or Android?

Unblocking a number means you are ready to start communicating with the handler again. You will begin receiving calls and texts from them like you would other numbers on your contact list.

You will also get notifications for their missed calls, voicemails, and text messages starting, from the time you unblocked them. Note, however, that you will not see all the messages sent from such a number when it was blocked.

So, if you are expecting to get all the old texts, you will be disappointed as there will be none. Only new messages will appear under the number you have just unblocked in your inbox.

What Happens When You Unblock A Number On Your iPhone

Calls and texts can begin coming in from a number previously blocked when you unblock them on your iPhone. Note that you cannot see the texts sent from a number during the period in which they were restricted. You will only get new text messages, voicemails, and calls sent post-unblocking.

What Happens When You Unblock A Number On Android?

Everything returns to normal where receiving notifications for calls, voicemails, and texts are concerned. When the owner of an unblocked number calls or texts, you will receive them the way you do others.

The only reason why you may not receive texts or calls from an unblocked number is if the handler has also blocked your number. In that case, nothing will really change since the unblocking is one-sided

How To Get Messages After Unblocking Someone On iPhone

There are no special settings to start receiving messages from someone you have just unblocked on your iPhone. Once you remove the number from the blocked list, anything they send, texts, or calls will come in.

How To See What Someone Said After You Blocked Them

Unless you ask such a person to resend the messages they sent when you blocked them, you cannot see the texts. Ask your blocked contact, if you can, to resend previous messages when you unblock them. If they don’t agree to resend the messages, there is no other way to access them.

Can Someone See Your Messages After They Unblock You?

They can see your new texts but never the ones you sent when blocked. You will have to resend the messages before such a person can receive them. So, if you want them to see your old texts, resend them after you are unblocked. If such a person refuses to send the old texts, you may never get to read them.

If You Unblock Someone On Your iPhone, Will They Know?

A person you block on your iPhone will not receive a notification that they have been blocked. However, they may find out through different signs like their calls not going through, unread texts, and more.

If you block a person on WhatsApp, will you see their texts?

You cannot get any messages or notifications from the person you have blocked. They may keep sending texts to you but they will never be delivered to you. Even when you unblock the number later on, none of the old texts will show in the chat box. You will also not see the old texts unless they are resent.

If You Unblock A Number, Will You Receive Old Texts On Android?

You cannot receive old texts from a number recently unblocked. The only way to get all the old texts is to ask the owner of the number to resend them. However, you can see the new messages sent subsequently under the inbox messages on your phone.

Can Someone Who Blocked Me On Whatsapp Receive My Messages?

Anyone who blocks you will not receive any messages you send while you are still blocked. Your texts will only show a tick, meaning they were sent, but not two ticks to show they have been delivered successfully.

However, if you really must pass the undelivered message across to them, resend them after such a person unblocks you.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, the curiosity to see what a blocked number has been texting to you pushes the decision to unblock it. However, you will be unblocking the person for nothing, as the old texts will never surface unless they are resent.

So, if you are unblocking a number only to have a peek at the messages they sent, abort the mission. The only texts you will get are the ones newly sent after you unblock a person.