How to Cancel Your Chegg Subscription (EASILY!)

We’ve all been there before; we sign up for a subscription service, and it gets shoved onto the back burner. There is no sense in continuing to pay for a service you no longer need. In this case, you’ll need to cancel; but how exactly do you do that with Chegg?

Canceling your Chegg subscription is simple; open the platform in which you subscribed to Chegg. Go through your settings and sign in if prompted. Select your subscription tab and look for “Chegg Study.” Look for the autorenewal option and deactivate it. Save your settings, and watch for any additional charges to ensure it’s been canceled.

Our article will provide step-by-step instructions for canceling your Chegg subscription on both Apple and Android devices.

Can I Cancel My Chegg Subscription Any Time?

You are always free to pause or end your subscription at any time. They have both a pause option and a cancel option. If you decide to pause it, you can do so anytime and resume it when you’re ready.

how to cancel chegg subscription

That way, you’re not spending money while you’re not using the service, but you do have the choice to resume when you want.

Or, you can cancel your subscription if you don’t want to use the service anymore. If you were canceling when your payment was just taken out, be sure you contact customer service so you can get your money back.

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription on iPhone or iPad

The steps listed below can be used to cancel a Chegg Study membership that you obtained through the iTunes/Apple App Store:

  1. Open iTunes: Using your iPad or iPhone, access your iTunes account. This can also be done by going through the iPhone Appstore.
  2. Select settings:  Down the page, and you will see the settings options. Select this, and then click on your name. This may be your actual name or whatever name you put in when you set up your account.
  3. Click on your Apple ID: At the top of the screen, press your Apple ID, then select View Apple ID. You might have to enter your Apple ID to sign in as well as your password.
  4. Select Subscriptions: Scroll down a bit and tap “subscriptions.” This is where you will see a list of all the subscriptions that you have on your account.
  5. Choose Chegg: After you choose the manage feature on your subscriptions tab, look for Chegg. It can be anywhere on the list, depending on how many subscriptions you have at the time. You may or may not have to scroll.
  6. Finalize your cancellation: Once you find Chegg, you’ll have the option to stop the autorenewal process with your account. Make sure that you turn the autorenewal OFF.

This will ensure that your cancellation is finalized and that you won’t be charged any subscription fees for Chegg.

How to Cancel Chegg on Android

If you subscribed via Google Play on your smartphone, you could use the app to end your subscription, just like iPhone users. Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Play: The first thing you must do is either go to the Google Play Account section of the Settings menu on your Android smartphone or go directly to the Google Play Website at
  2. Cancel the subscription: You should select the “Subscriptions” option when you are in your settings menu. This is where you should see your Chegg subscription. Click on it.
  3. Cancel: Tap the “Cancel” button after selecting the “Chegg” application. You only need to click “Cancel” once to complete the subscription canceling process.

I used this same process when trying to cancel my Fubo TV.

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription on Macbook

Canceling on Macbook is very similar to canceling on your iPhone or another Apple device:

  1. Sign into iTunes: Open iTunes and enter your Apple ID as prompted. Then you will need to tap your name.
  2. Click on Account Info: Open the drop-down menu and click on account information. Then, scroll down and select “settings.”
  3. Manage your subscriptions: Click on the manage option, which will be to the right of subscriptions. Make sure you choose Chegg.
  4. Deactivate your auto-renewal: In order to cancel your subscription, deactivate Automatic Renewal. This will make it, so you are no longer being charged for this subscription service.

How to Cancel Chegg and Still Get a Refund

If you’re unhappy with your subscription, you’re able to cancel and get a refund. However, this depends on exactly when you cancel and whether or not you’re using digital or the hands-on option.

For purely digital customers, you will not be refunded unless you cancel right after your subscription was deducted for that month. If you paid several months in advance, you would need to contact customer service. They will pro-rate your refund.

On the other hand, if you want to cancel but you have books in your possession, you will need to return those within 21 days so that you can receive your refund.

How Chegg Shows Up On Your Statement (Look Out for Future Charges)

When you cancel your Chegg subscription, you will need to look out for future charges to ensure it was ultimately canceled. Here are some of the ways that Chegg may show up on your statement:

Chegg may show up on your statement as:

  • CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA
  • CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA 95054 US
  • CHEGG, INC. 8442245952 CA
  • PAYPAL *CHEGG TXTBK 844-213-4635 CA
  • CHEGG 844-224-5946
  • CHEGG, INC. 408-855-5770 CA
  • Refund from Chegg, Inc.
  • Debit Purchase – Visa Chegg, Inc. 844-224-5952ca
  • CHEGG, INC. 8442245952 CA 95054 USA
  • CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA
  • PaymentTo Chegg Inc.
  • : CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA
  • Payment to Chegg, Inc.
  • CHEGG TXTBK 844-213-4635 CA
  • CHEGG 844-224-5946
  • CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952CA
  • CHEGG, INC. CA 04/16

How to Pause Your Chegg Subscription Instead of Cancelling

To pause your monthly Chegg subscription, you can click this link, and it will take you to the sign-in page, where you can then get into your account to pause it:

  1. Go to subscriptions: Select Chegg Study under Subscriptions, then select Pause subscription.
  2. Choose the length of your break: Select the length of your pause (up to six months). Finalize it by hitting “Pause Subscription.”

How to Resume Your Chegg Subscription

Your membership will automatically restart when the period you’ve selected when pausing your account ends.

At any time, you can resume your paused subscription. On the Orders page of a laptop or desktop computer, click Resume subscription.

If you resume manually, you will be billed a prorated price for the current payment cycle; thereafter, your regular monthly fee will apply.

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