How To Cancel FuboTV [on Roku & AppleTV]

With all these TV subscriptions out, it’s hard to know which one is best for you. There are many things to consider, including the budget and channels each offer. But, eventually, your preferences change, and you may want to cancel your subscription. But what if it’s FuboTV? How do you cancel that?

Open the platform where you initially subscribed to FuboTV to cancel your subscription. Check your settings, and if need be, sign in. Look under the “Subscription” tab for “FuboTV.” Press the “Cancel” button. You will be prompted to choose if you want to truly cancel. Always check for a confirmation text after canceling to ensure it went through.

Stay tuned, and we will walk you through the process of canceling your FuboTV. We also help you to check for extra charges on your account after quitting. Let’s get to it!

Is it Hard to Cancel FuboTV?

FuboTV is reasonably simple to cancel, regardless of whether you have enrolled in a free trial or a regular membership. The process is quite simple and will only require a few steps.

This article will look at how to cancel your FuboTV membership on iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and the FuboTV app. That way, you’re not left with any unanswered questions, and you cancel your membership, no matter the platform you use.

How to Cancel FuboTV Subscription on Your iPhone or iPad

If you want to cancel your subscription but have an iPhone or iPad, we’ve got you covered! Below are some of the steps you need to take in order to do so:

  1. Open settings. On the iOS device (iPhone or iPad), navigate to “Settings” and select the gear icon. Then, choose the Apple ID option.
  2. Find the FuboTV tab. Next, select “Subscriptions.” Then click the “FuboTV” tab.
  3. Cancel your subscription. Select the “Cancel Subscription” button at this point. Press the “Confirm” button on the last step.
  4. Check for your confirmation! The cancellation of FuboTV will be successfully confirmed via text message. If you do not receive a confirmation, you may need to try again or call customer service.

How to Cancel FuboTV on Roku

FuboTV is on a lot of different devices, including Roku. Below, we’ve included the instructions for canceling through your Roku:

  1. Sign in to Roku. Visit the Roku website, then click “Sign In .”This is in the upper right-hand section of the website.
  2. Manage your subscriptions. Once you have logged in, click the “My Account” tab. Choose “Manage your subscriptions.
  3. Find FuboTV. After being sent to the “My Subscriptions” page, where you may see the channels you have subscribed to, look for “FuboTV.”
  4. Click the Unsubscribe button. When you access FuboTV, click the “Unsubscribe” option immediately to the right of FuboTV. Select “Yes” to confirm your cancelation.

How to Cancel FuboTV on Apple TV

Canceling Fubo on Apple TV is slightly different than on your iOS devices. Here is how to cancel on Apple TV:

  1. Turn on your TV. Activate Apple TV by pressing the “Home” button. You must first turn your Apple TV “On” before pressing the “Home” button on the Apple TV remote.
  2. Open account settings. Swiping the remote will take you next to the “Settings” area. The ‘Users and Accounts’ tab can be selected. Select your “Account.”
  3. Open your subscriptions. “Subscriptions” can be tapped or clicked. Choose FuboTV.
  4. Cancel your subscriptions. Once you have done that, click the “Cancel subscription” option at the bottom of the screen when you click the “About Subscriptions and Privacy” tab.
  5. Confirm your choice. Select “Confirm” from the menu.

Removing Your Credit Card from FuboTV

Your debit and credit cards, bank account information, and other payment information you have already saved on the website can be deleted.

You can add a new card and delete or edit your current one on their webpage and in their smartphone app. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign in and open your account. Visit the FuboTV website and enter your username and password to access your account. Go back to the menu and select “Account” after logging in.
  2. Select “Payment” from the menu. A list of the credit and debit cards you have added is visible.
  3. Delete your card. Click the downward pointing arrow to erase the card you wish to get rid of. A confirmation request will be sent your way.
  4. Confirm your card deletion. To remove the card from your FuboTV account, choose “Confirm the removal.”

Can You Cancel FuboTV Before the Free Trial Ends?

You can cancel FuboTV before the free trial ends if it doesn’t suit your preferences. The point of the free trial is for new subscribers to learn more about the services provided. From there, they can select whether they want to pay for live sports services or not.

How FuboTV Shows Up On Your Statement (Look Out for Future Charges)

You’ll need to watch for any upcoming charges after canceling your FuboTV. This is to ensure that your subscription was, indeed, canceled. 

You may see a few of the following on your statement:

  • FUBO INC. 844-441-3826 NY
  • FUBO TV INC. 844-441-3826 NY
  • FUBOTV 844-441-3826
  • Debit Purchase – Visa FuboTV, Inc. 844-441-3826ny

Call FuboTV Customer Service

If you have issues canceling your subscription or deleting or changing your credit card information, feel free to call FuboTV customer service.

This also goes for any concerns or technical issues you may have regarding any apps, services, or even a questionable billing statement. They can be reached at 1-844-441-3826.

Alternatives to FuboTV Customer Service

Some people get frustrated with customer service. Calling customer service may not be on your agenda, whether it’s because the people aren’t listening to you or simply aren’t solving your issues.

In that case, you’re free to browse forums and read reviews on actions that other people have taken regarding your specific issue. You can also reach them on Facebook or submit a support ticket on their website.

Alternative to FuboTV

As we mentioned earlier, you might grow tired of your FuboTV subscription, and that’s okay! Below are a few other services you might consider:


On some channel-to-price comparisons, DirecTV Streaming may be among the most costly alternatives on this list. Yet it’s also the only one that offers a bundle deal that includes HBO.

The monthly price for this subscription with 65+ channels starts at $69.99. Even while DirecTV Stream doesn’t extensively promote its more expensive packages, if you love sports, this would be ideal.

The service offers up to 125 channels, including practically all large and also many smaller television networks.

Sling TV

For anyone seeking a multi-channel live-streaming television bundle with sports streaming possibilities, Sling TV is the most affordable FuboTV substitute.

Sling TV offers Sling Orange ($35 per month) and Sling Blue ($35 per month), its two main channel packages.

Hulu Plus

There isn’t much difference between Hulu Plus and Fubo aside from the fact that Hulu Plus has ESPN. However, it’s a better choice for anyone who wants more streaming options that don’t include sports channels.

Hulu + Live TV offers a single-channel streaming bundle for $69.99 per month. If you don’t want the streaming, you can purchase a Hulu Plus subscription for strictly on demand between $7.99 and $11.99 per month. The price you pay depends on whether or not you want commercials.


This streaming live TV service is indeed a bargain hunter’s paradise. You may access over 60 live channels for only $25 per month.

Philo includes many popular networks such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Discovery, and Food Network.

There is, however, always a catch. Many people appreciate live coverage, and sports stations are absent from Philo. This means if sports is your thing, then Philo is most likely NOT.


Vidgo is an attractive choice to take into consideration if you want something with a similar design to FuboTV but at a reduced cost.

It is still very new on the market, but it has several exciting features and is less expensive. It’s great for soccer as well as lovers of international sports.

In 2021, Vigeo added a new selection of channels to its channel package. Depending on your wants and needs, the cost ranges from $30 to $55 per month. There’s also a seven-day free trial period included in this deal.

Bonus Tip

If your Roku is old, it may be time for an upgrade. Find out how long your Roku can last and consider replacing it.

I’ve had my Roku TV for at least 5 years now, and I’m finally experiencing slowness when watching Netflix and Hulu.

I’ll be replacing it soon with a bigger, 75″ LG TV. The holidays are coming up, so why not treat myself?!