How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case (in Less than 5 Minutes!)

Everyone knows that it’s easy to lose AirPods, but longtime AirPod users will tell you that it’s even easy to misplace the case. An AirPod case is easy to lose, especially if you bring it with you to and from work or to someone else’s house. Understandably, many Apple users struggle with how to find an AirPod case.

You can find an AirPod case if the AirPods are in them using the Find My app. Open the Find My app, select your AirPods, and look for their location on the map using the GPS feature. You can also enable Lost Mode if you click on Mark as Lost and provide your contact information for whoever finds the case.

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to find an AirPod case without AirPods in it. In that case, you will need to retrace your steps and search the most likely locations for where your AirPod case could be. Follow along as we explore how to find an AirPod case.

How to Find AirPods Case (When the AirPods Are Inside)

It’s easier to find your AirPods case when your AirPods are inside. This is still inconvenient of course, but your AirPods are easier to track down than the case itself. That is because of the GPS technology that comes with AirPods. There are a few ways that you can find an AirPod case when the AirPods are inside.

Using Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a feature that makes it easy to locate Apple devices such as AirPods. Granted, this feature applies to the AirPods and not the case itself. However, you are in luck if your AirPods are in your lost case because you can activate Lost Mode as long as you have IOS 15.

Lost Mode works by putting out a message across Apple’s network so that someone can help return your AirPod case. You can activate Lost Mode using the Find My app on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Open the Find My app, scroll through your list of devices, and select your AirPods.

Click on your AirPods and select Mark as Lost to enable Lost Mode. Now, a message will go out once someone finds and opens your AirPod case. Only then will your AirPods send out a signal across the system. You will rely on the honesty of strangers with this method, but it has helped many people find their AirPod case and AirPods.

Using Directions Feature

The Find My app also lets you track your AirPod case via a GPS map if your AirPods are inside. Your AirPods will appear as green dots on the Directions map as long as they are charged. There will be 2 dots on the map and each represents a specific AirPod.

Pay close attention to the map if you have several Apple devices connected to the Find My app. Each Apple device that you have will appear on the map as well as your AirPods. However, your AirPods won’t appear on the map if they are charging in the case.

You are much better off if your AirPod case’s lid is open because it will show the current location of your AirPods. Otherwise, you will only have access to the last know location of your AirPods within the last 24 hours. AirPods don’t update their location via the directions feature when they are charging which begins when the lid closes.

How to Find AirPods If They Are Offline

The only way to find AirPods if they are offline is to search the last known location. Check the Find My app to find out where your AirPods were up to 24 hours ago before they went offline. There is a good chance that your AirPods will be in the same location if they simply died before you could get back to them.

Your AirPods will appear offline once they die and will no longer transmit their location to the Find My app. In some cases, it can indicate that somebody reset your AirPods if they no longer appear in your Find My app. Sadly, people that steal or find lost AirPods often reset them so that it is paired to their Apple account.

How to Find the Actual AirPods Case (When It’s Offline)

You have to search for your AirPod case manually if it’s lost and your AirPods are offline. Luckily, you will have access to their last location as long as your AirPods were online when you put them in the case. Open the Find My app and click on the Directions tab to open the map.

You won’t find your AirPods and case as green dots on the map if they’re online. Instead, you will see their last location within 24 hours. This is useful if you have access to the last location. It’s common to leave your AirPod case at work or someone else’s house, and that’s your best bet to find the case if your AirPods are offline.

How to Find Just the AirPods Case

The best way to find just the AirPods case is to search your home or workplace. Those are the two most common places for Apple users to keep their AirPod cases. You can also locate your AirPod case by triggering a sound if you have AirPods Pros.

This only works if your AirPod case is registered along with your other Apple devices on the Find My app. Locate your AirPod case under the Devices tab on the Find My app, scroll down, and select Play Sound. Your AirPod case will play a sound that grows louder over time as long as it has power.

Once you’ve found your case, you should put your AirPod case somewhere obvious so that it will be hard to lose. Continually put your AirPods and case in the same location each day so that you never misplace them. I put my AirPods case on my nightstand right by where I charge my phone so I always know where it is.

Finding the AirPods Case With the Serial Number

You cannot find an AirPod case with the serial number. Apple doesn’t offer any option to track your AirPods or case based on just their serial number alone. Knowing your serial number will only come in handy if your AirPods and case are stolen and later recovered by the police.

You can provide your serial number to the police to verify that the stolen property is yours. However, this is a long shot and will only help if you file a police report and they eventually find the case. The Find My app doesn’t let you track Apple products by their serial number and only works via GPS technology.

Can You Find an AirPods Case Without Your iPhone?

You can find your AirPods case without your iPhone in several ways. For example, you can use the Find My app on your computer via the iCloud website or application on your Mac. Find My is also available on Apple Watches and iPads so you aren’t required to use your iPhone.

Android users can’t download the Find My app, but they can visit the iCloud website on their phone’s browser or computer. Otherwise, you can find your AirPod case as long as the AirPods are in it with the lid online. Simply visit the iCloud website, enter your login information, and check to see if your AirPods are online in the case

Finding Your AirPods With the Find My App

The Find My app is the best way to find your AirPod case and AirPods. It allows you to track Apple devices that are connected to your iCloud account, such as iPhone and AirPods. Enable the Find My Network within your settings under the Find My iPhone tab if you have an iPhone.

The app is free and comes with every iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Open the Find my App on your device or pull it up on the iCloud website to get started.

1. Select Your Device

Click on the tab that reads Devices once you’ve opened the Find My app. Look for your AirPods on the list of Apple devices that are connected to your account. Click on your AirPods to pull up more information about them and get a list of options.

2. Track Your AirPods

Now, a location should appear for each AirPod on the map. The location of each AirPod should be the same as long as they are in the same space. In some cases, it will say “no location found” which indicates that they are offline or have been reset by somebody.

3. Play Sound

One of the options that appear says “Play Sound”. Tap this option so that your AirPod case with your AirPods inside will play a sound. This will help you or someone else locate your AirPods and case. This is often the easiest way to find a lost AirPod case or AirPods.

4. Mark as Lost

Select the option under the Devices and AirPods tab that says Mark as Lost. Tap this option to enable Lost Mode to help retrieve your AirPods and case. Apple lets you leave a message for whoever finds your AirPods or case while in Lost Mode. Enter your contact information so that they can reach you and help you get your AirPods and case back.

5. Notify When Left Behind

My favorite feature of the Find My app is that you can enable notifications to stop you from losing your AirPods. The Notify When Left Behind function will alert you anytime that you leave your AirPods somewhere so that you don’t lose them. This comes in handy whether your AirPods are in the case or if you set them down.

You can enable this feature for any Apple device that is connected to your iCloud account. I recommend enabling this function for your other devices, such as an Apple Watch or iPhone. The Notify When Left Behind feature will only work for your AirPods that are in the case if the lid isn’t closed, however.

What if My AirPods Are Missing in a Different Location?

If your AirPods are missing in a different location from the case then you will need to use the Find My app. You will have to manually search for your AirPod case if your AirPods aren’t in them. Check your bag or backpack as well as the last place that you remember having your case.

Mark your AirPods as lost within the Find My app and look for them on the map. Each AirPod will appear separately on the map, so you will be able to find them both if they’re in different locations. It certainly isn’t ideal if your AirPods are separated, but they’ll each appear as a green dot on the map if they are charged.

What If I Only Lost One AirPod?

Use the Find My app even if you only lost one AirPod. Each individual AirPod will appear on the map and will have an icon that marks them. You will find a green icon where your lost AirPod is unless the battery is completely drained.

The best option is to place the AirPod that you still have in the case so that the map only displays your lost one. That way, the map won’t be cluttered and you should be able to narrow your search down. If your lost AirPod is dead, you still be able to access the last known location within 24 hours.

This is only useful if your lost AirPod was never moved by anyone since dying. You can find a replacement left or right single AirPod online if you cannot retrieve it.

What to Do If Your AirPods & Case Were Stolen

Activate Lost Mode through the Find My app as soon as you discover your AirPods and case were stolen. Mark them as lost so that other users on the network can keep an eye out for them. You can inform Apple that your AirPods were stolen, but they won’t be able to issue a refund.

You can also report it to the police if your AirPods and case were stolen. Stolen property isn’t always investigated by the police unless it reaches a certain value. However, you will have more luck if your AirPods and case were stolen along with other valuable items such as a car or a nice bag.

Consider Buying Replacement AirPods (if Your AirPods are Truly Lost)

You may want to consider buying another pair of AirPods if you simply cannot find them. Losing your case with your AirPods in it doesn’t always mean that they’re gone for good. However, it may be time to cut your losses if using the Find My app doesn’t help you retrieve your case and AirPods.

New AirPods start at $130, but a new pair of Pros cost up to $250. You can also buy a replacement case for your AirPods for $80 if that’s all that you need. Make sure to pair your replacement case with your AirPods so that they will both appear on the Find My app.

How to Avoid Losing Your AirPods Case (In The Future)

Being proactive is the best practice so that you never have the headache of finding a lost AirPod case. Luckily, there are several cheap and easy ways to avoid losing your AirPods case in the future.

AirPods Case Cover With Anti-Lost Straps

AirPods case covers that feature anti-lost straps make them difficult to lose. This simple solution lets you tether your case to yourself or your bag so that they will always be with you. You still have the responsibility of keeping track of the case, but you are less likely to lose it with anti-lost straps.

Get an AirTag Cover

The Apple AirTag makes it easier than ever to keep track of your devices. An AirTag is a tiny GPS that can track your devices using impressive technology. There isn’t a perfect slot for an AirTag on a standard AirPods case, so you’ll need to get another one.

Luckily, you can find special cases online with a slot for an AirTag for $10-$15. These cases are generally made out of silicone and provide extra protection for your existing AirPods case. Simply slide your AirTag into the slot and now you’ll be able to quickly locate your case if you misplace it.

Tile Trackers

Much like AirTags, Tile makes use of GPS technology to help track lost and or stolen devices. You can put a Tile on anything from your car keys to your AirPods case. They cost between $25 and $80 for a standard Tile tracker, and they are worth every penny.

They are larger than an Apple AirTag, but they won’t disrupt your case’s appearance. Tile trackers are compatible with IOS and Android services. All that you need to do is attach a Tile tracker to your AirPods case and you’ll be able to quickly locate it if you ever leave it behind before it gets lost.

It’s worth it to sign up for a premium account with Tile. This can provide coverage for stolen items which is worthwhile if you have expensive items such as AirPods.

So, What’s the Best Way to Find AirPod Case?

The best way to find your AirPod case is with the Find My app if your AirPods are in the case. Open the Find My app on your phone or computer to find your AirPod case on a map if the AirPods are in them. You can mark your AirPods as lost in the Find My App so that you’ll get a notification if someone finds your case.

Replace your AirPod case or AirPods if you cannot recover them because sadly, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover them if they’re lost or stolen. Put a Tile tracker or AirTag on your AirPod case so that you can track it in the future even if the AirPods aren’t inside.