YouTube TV App Not Working On Samsung TV (Why & How To Fix It)

Two weeks ago I had an issue with Disney plus not working. When my Youtube TV App stopped working on my Samsung TV, I was sort of prepared.

The best way to start troubleshooting your YouTube TV app is by unplugging and replugging in your Samsung TV. Next, you should try clearing the app cache of YouTube TV and also updating the app. But make sure you check if the YouTube servers are down before you start troubleshooting too heavily!

Even in a worst-case scenario, you can still contact Samsung Support and get assistance from an agent. But let’s not think that far ahead yet!

How To Fix The YouTube TV App Not Working On My Samsung TV

1. Check The Model Of Your Samsung TV

There are many reasons why the YouTube TV app on your Samsung Smart TV might not work just right.

It is common for apps such as YouTube only to be compatible with specific, newer models of Samsung TVs. Because of this, if you have an older Samsung TV, this might be why your YouTube TV app isn’t working.

Youtube only works on Samsung TV models made after 2016.

You can check the model and the serial number on the back of the TV for older models.

For newer models of the Samsung Smart TV, you can find the model and serial number by going to the TV Menu, then clicking Support, and finally, Contact Samsung where the necessary information will be listed.

2. Clear YouTube TV’s App Cache

Clearing the cache of various apps on your devices is an excellent way to make sure they’re all running smoothly.

The app cache of your YouTube TV on your Samsung TV might need to be cleared if it’s not working properly.

For Samsung TV models made after 2020, begin to clear your YouTube TV app cache by first hitting the Home button on your remote controller. Next, go to Settings, then click Support. Then you will need to select the option of Device Care, and finally, Manage Storage.

All the apps you have downloaded on your Samsung Smart TV will pop up.

Navigate to the YouTube TV app. Next, you will hit View Details and finally Clear Cache.

For models of Samsung TVs manufactured before 2020, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app to clear the cache.

Keep reading to learn how!

3. Unplug Your Samsung TV

One of the oldest tricks in the book for successfully troubleshooting your devices at home is by turning them off and back on again.

But if you are having trouble with apps on your TV, just merely turning it off and back on with the remote won’t do much.

A great and simple fix if your YouTube TV app isn’t working just right is by completely unplugging your Samsung TV from the wall.

To do this, after powering your TV down with the remote completely, go ahead and unplug the TV outlet from the wall socket.

Make sure after you unplug your TV that you let it sit for at least 30-45 seconds.

Now, go ahead and plug back in your TV and turn it back on!

4. Check The Status Of YouTube Servers

If the YouTube TV app isn’t working on your Samsung Smart TV, it may be the application’s fault, not the TV.

One of the first things you can do if your YouTube app isn’t working is check the status of the YouTube servers. If the YouTube servers are down, the app inevitably won’t be able to work correctly.

Though it is not common for YouTube servers to experience outages, it can still happen on occasion.

So, before you start getting too in-depth in the at-home troubleshooting of your TV, head over to the Downdetector website to check on the server status for YouTube.

Start by typing in “YouTube” in the search bar. Here, you can see if other users have reported issues with connecting to the YouTube TV app. If YouTube does happen to be experiencing outages, you will just need to wait for the app to be back up and running again.

5. Reinstall the YouTube App

Sometimes, the best way to fix the issues with applications not working properly is by uninstalling and reinstalling them.

This goes for both YouTube TV and any other apps that you may have issues with.

Depending on the model of your Samsung TV, you will need to follow a different path to delete the YouTube app. This solution worked when troubleshooting the Paramount Plus App.

For models manufactured from 2015 to 2016, start by pressing the Home button on your remote. Go to Apps, then to My Apps. Click Options and lastly Delete. Highlight the app you want to delete, in this case, the YouTube app, and confirm the deletion.

Forthe 2017 to 2019 models, go to Settings, then Downloaded Apps. Lastly, go to Delete to finish the application uninstallation.

And finally, for 2020 models, go to Settings, then Support and click on Device Care. Next, click on Manage Storage. Select the YouTube TV app, hit Delete, and confirm.

6. Reset Samsung SmartHub

Resetting your Samsung SmartHub, the menu feature for Samsung TVs, is a fantastic way to troubleshoot apps that aren’t working properly.

Before resetting your Samsung SmartHub, make a note of any usernames and passwords you may want to remember, as resetting your Samsung SmartHub will also reset all your applications.

To reset Samsung Smart TV models manufactured before 2019, start by first pressing the Home button on your remote controller. Next, select Settings and scroll down to the Support icon. Select Self Diagnosis and under this menu, there is an option to Reset SmartHub.

After selecting Reset SmartHub, you will need to enter your TV’s PIN code. The default PIN code is 0000 if you haven’t set one yet.

For Samsung TV models made between 2020 and 2021, once again start by pressing the Home button on your remote. Hit Settings, then select the Support option. Next, press Device Care, and then Self Diagnosis. Lastly, hit the Reset SmartHub option (the default PIN code is 0000).

7. Reset Your WiFi

Streaming apps like YouTube TV rely heavily on your internet to work. Without an adequate network connection, the app won’t be able to run smoothly.

To reset your WiFi connection and get your YouTube TV app to start working again on your Samsung Smart TV, try refreshing your WiFi router.

To successfully reset your WiFi router, start by identifying the type of router you have and how it can be reset.

Some routers can be reset by flipping a power switch. Others have a small reset button that you can press with an item like a pen tip or a paper clip.

Another easy way to reset your router is by unplugging it from the outlet. After unplugging your router, let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes before plugging it back in.

8. Check Your Internet Speed

Streaming apps like YouTube TV require a lot of internet to run properly. Having an inadequate WiFi connection might be one of the reasons why the YouTube TV app isn’t working just right on your Samsung TV.

You will need a high-speed internet connection to run YouTube TV.

To check your network connection on your Samsung Smart TV, start by going to Home. Scroll to the Settings option and click on Quick Settings. Then, select Network Status.

Make sure it says it is “Connected”.

Next, press the Up arrow on your remote controller to go to Network Status. The status should say “Your TV is connected to the internet”.

To give your network speed a little boost, you can also try disconnecting from your WiFi and to a quicker 5GHz connection.

Another solution is to swap from a wireless connection to a wired connection to provide a more solid WiFi network connection.

Lastly, it might also be a good idea to look into upgrading your router. If your router is unable to keep up with the internet speed you are pushing, you won’t be able to support many streaming services on your Samsung TV.

9.Update Samsung TV and YouTube TV

If your YouTube TV app isn’t working, it’s a good idea to update both the app and your Samsung TV itself.

Let’s start by updating the app.

Newer models of the Samsung Smart TV have an option to update your apps automatically. To check this, start by pressing the Home button on your remote controller.

Next, go to Apps and then Settings. Find Auto-Update and make sure it’s on!

For older models of the Samsung TV, after pressing the SmartHub option on your remote controller, go to Featured.

Find the YouTube TV app, and after selecting it hit Update Apps. Choose Select All, then Update, and the update will begin.

To update your Samsung TV, press Home on your remote controller. Go to Settings, then Support, and select Software Update.

Hit Update Now, and wait for the TV to start the latest update that is required. After it finishes updating, hit OK then relaunch the YouTube TV app to see if it’s worked!

10. Perform A Factory Reset On Your Samsung TV

Performing a factory reset on your Samsung TV is a common way to troubleshoot issues with your device at home.

If you have any apps that aren’t working, such as the YouTube TV app, go ahead and factory reset your Samsung TV to hopefully fix this problem.

Factory resetting your Samsung TV is not the same as just restarting your TV. Factory resetting your TV will revert all of its settings to what they were when you first got your TV. Any saved information will be deleted, so make a note or save anything you want to remember!

So, to perform a hard factory reset on your Samsung TV, start by pressing the Home button on your remote controller. Next, go to Settings, then General. Go down to the Reset option and select it.

You will then be prompted to enter your PIN code. If you haven’t already set a PIN code, the default PIN code is 0000.

For older models of the Samsung TV, you can factory reset it by going to Home, and then Settings. Next, select Support and then click on Self Diagnosis. Hit Reset, and then enter your PIN code (the default is 0000).

Contact Samsung Support

If, after you try all these fixes, your YouTube TV app is still not working, you may need to contact Samsung Support.

On the Samsung Support site, you can choose your Samsung TV model and then select the issue you are having with your device.

Samsung Support also has a live chat option where you can directly talk with an agent to help troubleshoot your issues.

They can help guide you through different sets of operating procedures to try to fix any issues you may be having with your YouTube TV app.

Just make sure to follow the steps here on your own before contacting Samsung Support – the first thing they will tell you to do is what we’ve outlined here for you. Save time and effort by going through these steps first on your own!

Final Thoughts

Apps like your YouTube TV app may not be working on your Samsung TV due to many issues. Usually trying a quick fix is the best way to troubleshoot at home.

It’s not uncommon for apps such as YouTube TV or the Netflix app to periodically stop working. I even had issues with the Disney app when trying to stream a show for my kids. It’s normal, so don’t panic if it is happening to you!

Always try simple fixes such as unplugging your Samsung TV or updating your YouTube TV app before resorting to the last option of contacting Samsung Support.

And before you know it, you’ll be binge-watching YouTube on your Samsung TV again in no time!