Wikibuy and Honey are the most popular shopping assistants. Both Platforms have advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we will compare and contrast Wikibuy vs.

Honey in great detail. Additionally, we will look into the top features of each platform. Finally, we will look into if they are really free and are they safe to use(source). 

Wikibuy and Honey

As the online retail industry has progressed, application developers began to develop new concepts in shopping.  Wikibuy and Honey are the outgrowth of those ideas and represent the evolving market in online shopping assistants. 

This shopping assistant takes many forms.  Wikibuy and Honey are similar and perform the same basic function, making your shopping tasks easier, and getting you the best price.

Wikibuy and Honey are two of the most popular shopping assistant options available for your smartphone and your computer browser. 

Both packages perform the same basic functions but in different ways and under different names taking a slightly different approach to the markets they serve.

What is Wikibuy

Wikibuy can best be described as an accumulator.  Their computers continuously collect data from both the users who shop with the Wikibuy app and from the online retailers with whom they have agreements. 

This information is then cataloged and used when you search for a product through the Wikibuy site. This makes it possible for Wikibuy to offer several features to its users.

Wikibuy also offers the security and the stability of being owned by Capital One.  Primarily a financial company, Capital One has recently been involved in the purchase of several tech companies to diversify its business model.  This can only help Wikibuy as Capital One integrates these tech offerings into its marketing strategy.

Product Searches on Wikibuy

From the Wikibuy website, you can search for a product using the Wikibuy search tool.  The Wikibuy search engine will show you the best deals from a wide variety of online retailers.  You can also quickly find any coupon that might apply to your purchase.

Shopping the Major Online Retailors with Wikibuy

Wikibuy also works with you when you are shopping on sites such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, or eBay to find the best deal possible.  Wikibuy will also check for availability, price, color, size, and shipping costs.  

Using Wikibuy while Locally

Wikibuy isn’t just for online shopping.  If you are in your favorite local retailer, you can scan the barcode with your smartphone and the app will find comparable prices on the item at other retailers.  Wikibuy will help you find better deals by searching for coupons that might work to get you an instant discount.

Wikibuy Special Offers

With a deep reach into many retail markets and a growing number of users, Wikibuy can use these resources to leverage special discounts on many products from various retailers.  This can be a handy way to find deep discounts on products you normally buy.

Trending Deals on Wikibuy

This same sort of reach and leverage allows Wikibuy to offer cashback deals from both online and local retailers. Purchasing products through Wikibuy can net you a cashback deal that may reach as much as 9% on qualifying purchases from a wide array of companies.

Wikibuy Coupon Management

The coupon management side of Wikibuy makes finding and using coupon codes a breeze.  Wikibuy works seamlessly with your browser while you are shopping to instantly find and display any coupon codes that might work with your purchase.  The app will even try the entire list of codes at checkout to find the best one that works.

Wikibuy Price Drop Alerts

If you want to watch prices on a product, Wikibuy can automate that as well.  Wikibuy offers a Price Drop Alert feature that you can activate.  Wikibuy will send you a message when a price drop occurs on a product in your watch list. 

Customer Rewards – Wikibuy Credits

Wikibuy rewards you for using their services by adding Wikibuy Credits to your account each time you shop online.  Accumulated Wikibuy Credits can be exchanged for a variety of items, including gift cards.

What is Honey

what is HoneyHoney is a shopping app that has been around a while longer than Wikibuy.  They are not clones.  Each of these apps has taken a slightly different look at the online shopping experience and tried to tailor a package that will appeal to online shoppers.   

Honey’s take on online shopping is to help you save money by getting you the best coupon deal possible for your online purchase.  While many of the services that Honey offers are also found in Wikibuy, they are not simply clones of one another.  

Honey has several innovative features for shoppers that set it apart.

Honey’s Browser-based app

Install the Honey app as an extension to your favorite web browser and you instantly have a tool that will find the best coupons available no matter when or where you are shopping.

Honey’s Mobile App

Want to take your Honey shopping tools mobile?  You can add the Honey app to your phone and have all the Honey features for couponing and cost comparison right on your phone.  The Android app is currently under development.

Customer rewards from Honey

The Honey Gold loyalty program rewards you for shopping and purchasing from one of the online Honey affiliates.  Accumulated Honey Gold points can be redeemed for gift cards from a variety of Honey Gold affiliate retailers.

The Honey Droplist

 Add a product to your Honey Droplist and you will receive an email if there is a drop in the price on an item you are watching.

Honey is Sweet with Amazon

One problem with Amazon shopping is the vast number of sellers who may have the same product.  Finding the best price used to mean scrolling though pages of advertisements to find the best deal on price and shipping.  Honey makes that almost automatic by comparing prices offered by retailers across the Amazon site. Amazon did encourage its users to uninstall the app, watch the video below to find out why. 

How Do These “Free” Services Stay in Business

That is a good question.  Neither Wikibuy nor Honey charge their users for any of the services they offer.  The model is built on a revenue-sharing plan between the Wikibuy and Honey and the retailers that are part of their service.

Both Honey and Wikibuy work as affiliate marketers for each of the businesses to which they refer customers.  If a customer buys something, Wikibuy and Honey get a small percentage of the sale.  This doesn’t mean you pay more.  The price you pay is typically the prices you would have gotten had you done all the work to find that product yourself.  The retailer rewards Wikibuy or Honey for sending a customer to the retailer site.

If it’s Free, is it safe?

Affiliate marketing is a widely used method in the internet retailing world and is a legitimate business model.  By and large, you are safe when using either Wikibuy or Honey to find the best price, the best discount, or the best coupon on whatever product you want.

There are some caveats that go with using either of these sites

  • Both services do collect data about your shopping habits and what you buy.  Neither one is specific about what information they collect or how they use that information.
  • Both extensions are registered Chrome web browser plug-ins and are safe to add to your computer.  However, smartphone apps and other browser plug-ins may not be as secure.
  • Any website the collects and keeps any kind of personal data is always a security risk.  When hackers can breach the security of some of the biggest corporations in the world, it just goes to prove that nothing is impossible.

Do They Work?

Yes, both Honey and Wikibuy work. There are some complaints floating around that both Wikibuy and Honey don’t show the lowest price available.  Some of these complaints are, to a certain extent, legitimate.   This is based on how the affiliate marketing program works.

Neither of these apps will show every price available on the internet.  By and large, the only prices that they will show you are the best and lowest prices available from the internet retailer with which they have an affiliate agreement.  This is how Wikibuy and Honey both make their money.

You may very well find a small niche market retailer with a better price on a product by diligently searching the internet.  If that retailer does not have an affiliate program and an agreement with either Wikibuy or Honey, the retailer’s price won’t show up on a search through either service.

The trade-off is the time you spend looking for the absolute bottom price for a product, versus the convenience of a service that cuts the time required to do the research, plus gives you back a portion of the affiliate fee in the form of loyalty rewards.  You also get the other benefits, including couponing, order management, and purchase histories.  

Why use Shopping Assistant?

If you are like many people, the promise of easy online shopping has turned into frustration as you try to navigate through dozens, if not hundreds of ads and websites trying to find the best price, discounts, or offers. Adding a few tools to your browser or smartphone could make that frustration disappear.  

There are a few things any online shopper should look for in an online shopping assistant like Wikibuy or Honey.  You want to maximize the value you get and minimize the time it takes for you to find the best deal.  You also want as many perks with the shopping assistant as possible.  Let’s look at Wikibuy and Honey.

Which is Better, Wikibuy, or Honey?

That decision boils down in many ways to your shopping preferences.  A breakdown of some Pros and Cons may help you decide.


  • Wikibuy tends to work with major online sellers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  Honey tends more toward brand-specific shopping.  If you are strictly shopping for price, Wikibuy might be the better choice.  If you shop brands or retailers, Honey may serve you better.
  • Both Wikibuy and Honey work with reputable brands and retailers.  This can make online shopping a bit less intimidating.
  • Wikibuy offers a few more options than Honey.  With Wikibuy, you can confirm prices and availability across multiple stores.
  • Wikibuy allows you to test all the coupon codes it finds automatically to see if they work.  
  • Wikibuy also tracks your order after it is placed, allowing you a central and organized means of tracking orders made from many retailers.
  • Honey doesn’t require you to create an online account to use their services unlike Wikibuy which forces you to create an account before you can access their information
  • Honey may be a bit easier to use than Wikibuy


  • Honey collects a lot of data about you and your purchasing history.  Even without an account, they can accumulate a tremendous amount of information.  Whether they routinely sell or share that information is unknown
  • Wikibuy also collects data about you and your purchases.  They use this data to make recommendations for future purchases and they share this data.  You may see an uptick in the number of online ads and email ads after you create an account and begin shopping with Wikibuy.
  • The rewards points on Honey are only redeemable for certain gift cards from certain retailers with whom Honey as an agreement.  This can limit how you can use your reward points through their program.

Our Recommendations

Both companies offer great opportunities for money-saving, both online and offline.  In our opinion, there isn’t a clear-cut winner.   We can make some recommendations that you can then use to make your own decision about which of these shopping assistants is best for you.  

Meet Wikibuy, your new favorite (free) browser extension. It automatically applies coupon codes to your online purchases so you don’t have to.

  • If you shop specific brands or stores that are part of the Honey world, you may find that Honey offers you more options and better shopping experiences at those specific stores or for those brands.
  • If you like to shop for the best price for a product or a style of product, Wikibuy is probably a better choice.  The integration of Wikibuy with volume retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target will get you a wider array of options and selections.
  • If couponing is your thing, Wikibuy has the edge.  The ability to automatically try any coupon that Wikibuy finds at checkout makes couponing online painless.  
  • If you don’t want to have your personal information on another website, Honey is a better choice.  You don’t have to create an account or a user profile on the Honey website to use their services.

Overall, our review puts Wikibuy slightly ahead of Honey.  This is purely subjective.  We generally shop for the best possible price on specific products on the mass retail sites like Amazon and Walmart. Wikibuy seems to have the edge in this department and that tilts the balance in the Wikibuy favor.

You may have different preferences and needs for your online shopping, which shifts the balance to Honey. Whichever one you choose, these shopping assistants can save you money and time.