vericlockVeriClock is one of the fastest-growing solutions to administrative duties and their often tedious nature. In this review, we’re going to look at the features of the software as well as pricing and limitations.

VeriClock uses a creative pricing model to stay competitive with other services. It also has a number of features to help your business save money. Like many time-tracking platforms, VeriClock fits an organization’s needs. 

Plus, we’ll take a look at what VeriClock offers businesses in terms of time tracking, productivity management, and security features to keep employee information confidential. Let’s start with an overview of what VeriClock can offer businesses.

What is VeriClock?

VeriClockVeriClock is a time tracking software. The software helps businesses manage their employees in a more efficient manner. 

It can be incredibly hard to keep track of all employees and their schedules. Time tracking is a major headache for managers and digital software can help alleviate these problems.

VeriClock founders Quentin Miller and Bryce Pasechnik came to form this software company after dealing with something we all know can be a hassle: payroll and time clock management.

At the end of the day, VeriClock is not designed to be a detailed solution to the traditional punch-in and punch-out system. 

Instead, the software aims to be straightforward and efficient. The software tracks whether employees are at work by using location technology. The service is an easy way to keep track of labor hours. Plus, administrators can use the information to improve scheduling and productivity.

VeriClock is designed to help companies save money. Managers can reduce employee costs when they see areas that could improve the software.

Because of its ability to track employees at large job sites, many bigger companies find this to be a great tool for employee management of multiple teams or work crews. Small businesses may find they don’t need the best of what VeriClock offers, but its price is friendlier to smaller companies. Let’s go over the main features of the software. 

Main Features

While the app lacks the pomp and style of some of its competitors, there’s no denying the incredible array of options at your disposal with this software. 

Three Tiers of User Profiles

vericlock time tracking VeriClock breaks down users into three levels: employees, managers, and administrators. This is a great feature for large companies with many employees.

Thanks to its three permission levels, employees, managers, and administrators all have varying access to information. For a large company, this is crucial for keeping track of workers’ hours and productivity.

The three levels offer a variety of permissions. At the employee level, users cannot view one another’s data or information either. Managers can view and access information related to the employees under their oversight.

Administrators are able to view everything, giving them total control over employee management. With varying levels of access, nobody is able to see information that should be confidential. 

Time Clock

vericlock timeVeriClock’s main function as software allows employees to clock in or out from a computer or phone. Rather than hosting a single space or a limited number of hubs in which employees punch in and out, the ability rests in the pockets of each worker. 

That’s a huge perk for everyone involved. A major concern with digital clock-in systems becomes honesty, which is addressed in a few of the other features of the service. Before moving on to that, however, it’s worth noting that a digital time clock saves a lot of time and room for human error. 

Employees can also sign their timesheets thanks to VeriClock. A digital time tracker is shown to work best for large companies that have trouble managing a significant amount of employees. With increased access for employees and more organization for administrators, the software makes clocking in and out easier for everyone involved.

Mobile Solutions and Multi-Device Support

vericlock mobile appsThe time clock function of VeriClock features mobile solutions and multi-device support.

Users can download a mobile app which is available for android and iOS devices. There is also a desktop app for those who do work near or on a computer.

The multi-device support also allows employees to clock in and clock out easily without the hassle of backtracking to a given location.  Plus, you can clock in and out via SMS messaging. The functionality of non-smartphones makes VeriClock accessible for all.

VeriClock’s mobile app is very helpful for all workers at a business. Employees simply need to clock in and out, which they can do from their phones. Managers can easily see the reports of their employees for whom they are responsible.

Administrators will likely want to use the desktop option more often. No matter what type of computer a company uses, VeriClock operates with the two most popular operating systems on the market. 

You can utilize VeriClock on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS computers. Likewise, VeriClock offers Quickbooks integration and report generation. This is an easy software to implement into services and technology a business already uses. 

Location Services

vericlock location trackerVeriClock’s location services feature the ability to monitor when employees clock in and out. Geotagging provides VeriClock administrators with the location of their employees.

This is an incredibly useful tool for businesses with a large number of employees spread out across a large or multiple work sites. 

Location services can be used at three levels of management. The lowest simply records employee location at clock-in and clock-out. A moderate level can provide an administrator with the employee’s location if requested. Lastly, the continuous location service provides the location of every employee in the system at all times. 

Geofencing helps to provide administrators with protection against an employee leaving their work area. A geofence can be set up to surround an employee’s workstation by a certain distance. Let’s say 100 feet, for example. If that employee leaves their work area outside of the 100 feet parameter, they are automatically clocked out. 

The app can notify an employee when they’re nearing the edge of the geofence. Likewise, VeriClock alerts managers before an employee exits the work area. This feature helps protect against employees cheating the system.

Large companies that have a lot of workers can use VeriClock to ensure honesty from their employees. That’s a useful tool for saving money and increasing productivity.


Smart reports can be requested by the administrator in three formats: Execl, PDF, and CSV. Real time reports automatically provide you with the employee’s worked hours, payroll, and cost summaries. Reports are easy to use so you can identify areas for improvement. For example, managers can view which areas of a workstation use up the most time.

Then, you can choose to send a productive employee there to help and cut down on labor costs. Creativity and customization make VeriClock a great tool for finding ways to save your company money. 

Important Features For Administrators

Two things that don’t necessarily play to the software’s performance are important nonetheless: security features and user interface. These elements are crucial for companies who want a trustworthy software. 


VeriClockAccessing an account on VeriClock is done through a login and password. The requirements for only a password open up the room for dishonesty. For example, employees can leave their phone with a coworker while they sneak away.

Those sorts of issues can’t be solved by an app and come down to management. Large companies often find themselves unable to monitor everyone in-person. When you can’t be everywhere, VeriClock offers the location services to cover more ground.

In terms of software security from cybercrime, VeriClock runs with OpenSSL and full certification. The software is also cloud-based and hosts services in a fortified digital space to protect against natural and unnatural issues. Other than a missing log-in feature such as a face scan, VeriClock is on par with many similar services.

User Interface

A final thing to note is the user interface. Nothing about VeriClock is particularly flashy or well-designed. It is very bare-bones in terms of design. However, the real reason you get this sort of software is for the features. The blankness of the app can sometimes make it seem clunky. Luckily, the pricing is competitive with other similar time tracking software.

Plans and Pricing Tiers

VeriClock charges each organization $10 a month for an account fee, plus $5 for each user at the company. So, let’s say you run a company of 100 employees. You’ll pay $10 a month for the account plus $500 a month for all employees.

As you can see, that makes the software very affordable. Compared to others, VeriClock is a great value in price. Especially given the features that come with it. VeriClock is seen as one of the most affordable time clock software services. 

Initial Data is Limited

Vericlock interfaceEach user is able to upload 1GB of data to the service. That might run out quickly if you intend on having all employees upload photos. If that’s the case, the company does offer additional storage in 10GB increments. The extra space will run you $20 a month. 

If you don’t intend on having users upload much to the app, then it’s not a huge deal. This cost really only comes into play for large companies with many workers. Even then, the pricing still makes VeriClock more affordable than other options.

Ask For Flat Rate Pricing

VericlockCompetitors in the digital timekeeping industry run their pricing at flat-rates. This approach could make the pricing model of VeriClock a blessing or a curse for your business.

The most common industries in which VeriClock is used is often labor jobs in which irregular hours are common. 

Many large companies are spending time and effort managing who’s going where and when That attention to detail can become a major headache. VeriClock is a little pricier for large businesses. That said,  the abilities related to geolocation on the app make it worth it. The extra cost means less hassle for managers and administrators.. Plus, VeriClock offers a handy array of training and customer service resources for you to utilize. 


VeriClock Training and Customer Service Resources

Getting your business acclimated and running using VeriClock is simple. The software features detailed training solutions and customer service resources. When you first set up your VeriClock account, the process is very easy. 

Easy Importing 

You can easily import a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Batch uploading an employee file is the quickest way to get started with VeriClock. Make sure the spreadsheet includes pay rates and hours to immediately integrate the info into the user interface. Things like teams or crews can then be applied to fit your organization’s needs. 

As you learn the ropes of VeriClock, a particularly helpful set of training videos are available. Individual videos spotlight specific features of the software. These videos help you learn everything that’s possible with the program. The videos are hosted on YouTube so they’re easy to refer back to when you need a refresher.


Vericlock interfaceVeriClock is preferred by businesses that want a no-frills way to manage employee hours, payroll, and productivity. The software has many features that help to offer administrators insights into how to best schedule employees. 

Also, the service saves companies money while helping keep teams organized and strategically scheduled. With a 30 day trial, you can take VeriClock for a test drive. This way, you can see whether or not the features meet your needs as a company.

VeriClock is one of many time tracking software programs on the market. It’s often the little things that set your options apart. VeriClock offers straightforward solutions to common problems that many large businesses face. 

The pricing model does include a charge for necessary storage to use the software to its full potential. Users can decide if saving money, in the long run, is worth the monthly charge of the service. 

Ideal For Big Business

big business time tracking appsVeriClock is a time tracking software built to help big companies keep track of employees across large and multiple job sites. The software helps increase efficiency with location services and easy clock-in, clock-out connectivity. 

A large business in need of help managing numerous employees will find VeriClock to be very helpful. It also auto-generates reports for administrators and works with popular software programs like Quickbooks. Likewise, VeriClock’s pricing structure only charges you for the number of employees you have unlike its flat-fee competitors. 

For companies looking to streamline their employee management, productivity, and time tracking, VeriClock is a great tool. Some competition might look flashier, but the features and efficiency of VeriClock makes it an essential time tracking tool for businesses. 

Book A Demo

vericlockYou can also book a live demo with a member of VeriClock’s team. This session helps demonstrate the software in real-time.

You can also reach VeriClock’s support staff via phone, live chat, or email. A helpful support staff comes in handy when problems arise. You’ll certainly want the attentiveness VeriClock’s team offers.

VeriClock only offers customer service assistance during their business hours. Those hours run from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Lastly, e-guides for how to use VeriClock are provided upon sign-up for the service.