The Uniden CB PRO401HH offers the convenience of a portable CB radio. It also gives you the security of knowing you have the longest range possible so you can always stay in touch. It includes a low power setting to extend battery life and a high power setting that allows you to extend your runtime when needed.

The radio device is a portable CB with a simple, easy-to-use design that provides reliable communications. At just over 14″ tall (with the antenna attached) and 2″ wide, it won’t take up much space.

Despite its size, this small unit produces the same 4 watts as the large CB mobile radios. It works with 9 AA or DC batteries (with the supplied DC adapter). It also has a hi/low switch to save battery power and a microphone jack for an external speaker microphone.

This portable CB radio is ideal for those looking to have a portable CB at hand, but do not want to permanently install one on their vehicle. It’s great for car trips, hiking, camping, hunting, biking, you name it! With this radio by your side, you will be able to keep in touch with all the other CBs out there.

What Is a Handheld CB Radio

Uniden CB PRO401HH ReviewCB radios are the most famous devices used by truckers. Many truck drivers still appreciate their power and use it all the time. CB portable radios, in particular, are very popular for people traveling on foot or by bicycle. They are light, easy to transport, and able to do the same things as those mounted on a truck or car.

Truck drivers use the handheld CB radios to communicate openly with other drivers on the road. They are great tools to have in an emergency, to get information on road conditions, or just as a way to talk to someone. 

What Do We Like About the Uniden PRO401HH

There are a few things in particular that we like about the Uniden PRO401HH. These features make the Uniden PRO401HH a must-have for anyone looking for a good radio communication device.

Ergonomic design 

Uniden PRO401HHWeighing around 1 pound, the PRO401HH is as light as any unit that claims to be the best. It has a belt clip that allows you to attach it to your belt while keeping both hands free.

Measuring 4.3 x 2.8 x 8.7 inches, this portable Uniden CB will fit easily in your palm. Even when attached to your belt, you won’t feel bulky due to its compact design. 

Variable power settings for different situations

Sometimes you will need your operating CB for long periods. In other cases, the extension of your range will be more important. This CB radio comes with variable power settings which allow you to set low for additional talk time or set high to extend your range. Switching between the two power parameters allows my security officers to easily adjust the unit according to existing ground situations.

Power and Battery 

Offering 4 watts of output power, it complies with the maximum FCC for radios of this type. This allows it to cover as much range as possible legally. Equipped with a high power / low power button, you can choose to use the full 4 watts, or just use half of it when engaging in short distance conversations. 

The Uniden PRO401hh is powered by 9 AA batteries and only uses alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries are therefore not recommended with this radio. There is a power connector to which you can connect a car charger or wall charger, but these items are not included. 

Wide Range of Channels

Uniden PRO401HHThe Uniden PRO401hh offers you 40 channels, all accessible with the button of the scanner. The scanner stops each time you reach a channel currently used for communication.

With excellent sound quality for incoming and outgoing signals, you can hear and speak with precision and clarity. Although it does not come with an antenna, it is possible to buy and fix it easily. 

A small LED screen allows you to easily see which channel you are on, and well-placed buttons make it easy to use.

All controls and sockets strategically placed 

The controls and sockets of this unit are strategically placed on the upper, left, and right sides. At the top are the volume control button, the mute button, and the antenna connector. Turning the mute button allows you to filter or amplify weak signals for better sound output.

On the left are the speaker jack, microphone jack, transmission power switch, and an external power jack. The power jack plugs into a 13.8V DC power source. On the right are the push to talk control and an external antenna connector. 

Expandable with external accessories 

Uniden PRO401HHAlthough designed as a CB PDA, the Uniden PRO401HH can be extended for use at home or even in your vehicle. The external power connector allows you to power the device with your car battery.

On the other hand, the microphone and speaker connector allow you to connect it to an external microphone and speaker, respectively. To extend the range and quality of the signal, you can connect it to a longer antenna via the antenna socket.

Why Should You Choose the Uniden PRO401HH

Uniden PRO401HHIf you only need a cheap CB radio for occasional use like hunting or off-roading, the Uniden PRO401HH should be your choice. Despite its many features, this device remains simple with just the basics. Its basic features include a basic speaker, a solid microphone, and a rubber antenna. 

It has all the basic controls necessary for surfing the waves: up / down channel buttons, a talk button, an on / off / volume button, and a mute button. The PRO401HH also has a high/low control, a speaker output, a microphone input, and an integrated belt clip.  However, if you want to access NOAA weather channels, dual clock, or channel scanning, you will need to upgrade to Uniden PRO501HH. 

The PRO401HH requires 9 AA batteries to turn on, which makes it fairly solid in the hand. That said, it is still portable and has a solid battery to boot. This radio includes a DC adapter for use in a car accessory port, although it should be noted that CB radios normally require an antenna mounted outside for proper use in a car. If you only need a simple CB radio that offers basic functionality, it’s hard to beat the price

What Is the Standard Range of a Handheld CB Radio 

Uniden PRO401HHDetermining the maximum range of a CB radio is somewhat complicated. Generally speaking, portable CB radios can reach up to 5 miles in perfect condition. However, this takes into account several factors, including the terrain; the antennas used, and even the condensation of air. 

However, physical interference is the most important reason why you see so many negative reviews for online CB radios. This is because many users do not realize that their antenna must be external.

Some do not realize that their signal does not leave the building or vehicle from which they transmit. This is the exact reason why CB radios have interchangeable antennas, as well as the reason why portable CB radios are generally considered to be less powerful than mounted antennas.

Features of the Uniden PRO401HH 

  • 40 CB radio channels 
  • 4 watts HI / LO Choice of output power 
  • LED display 
  • Automatic noise limiter 
  • AGC (automatic gain control)
  •  Automatic modulation control 
  • Mute Adjustable volume control 
  • Transmission indicator 
  • Low battery/indicator External power supply 
  • Powered by alkaline batteries AA Ni-MH or AA 
  • Rechargeable Internal battery selection switch (alkaline or rechargeable) 
  • Microphone jack 
  • External speaker jack 
  • DC power / charge connector 
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

What CB Channel Should I use on the Uniden PRO401HH

Uniden PRO401HHCitizens Band radio is one of the most convenient frequencies for businesses and ordinary people to communicate over long distances.

This is because CB equipment is designed to be easy to pick up and use. Amateur radio can cover a much wider frequency band, but it requires a license to be able to transmit legally, which requires passing a test. 

Citizens Band radios are preset to 40 channels in the shortwave band, most of which have no transmission restrictions. This means that users can chat about anything they want until they run a business. Channels 9 and 19 are generally reserved for emergency services and are regularly scanned by the police. 

CB radios are limited to 4 watts of output power, so they cannot be legally amplified. However, they can be fitted with a larger antenna, which improves the signal strength. 

Final Verdict 

Uniden CB PRO401HH ReviewThe Uniden PRO401HH radio offers the convenience of a portable CB radio while having the widest possible reception range. This gives you the ability to always stay in touch with people you talk to.

Also, It includes a low power setting to save battery power and a high power setting so you can extend your range when needed. Get the Uniden PRO401hh today and enjoy a whole new level of radio communication.