Why Won’t My Firestick Turn On? (hint: could be an UPDATE!)

Maybe you just purchased your first Amazon Firestick or suddenly your Firestick won’t turn on anymore although it was working fine before. What could be wrong? Did you hook it up properly? Is the Firestick faulty? This is not an uncommon issue that some Fire TV users encounter. If your fire stick won’t turn on, … Read more

How To Get The Spectrum App on Firestick (in just TWO minutes!)

How to Get the Spectrum App on Firestick

The Firestick is an infinitely useful device that consolidates thousands of apps to one location. Similarly, the Spectrum app puts everything that a customer would need in one place. Many users of both wonder how to get the Spectrum app on Firestick. You can get the Spectrum app on Firestick directly through the Amazon App … Read more

Sling TV Not Working? (Here’s an EASY Fix!)

Ever since I’ve tried out Sling TV, I’ve run into various errors, but its minimalist approach to watching TV keeps me coming back for more. Unfortunately, Sling TV is notorious for bugs and issues, and it can be frustrating when you are trying to watch your favorite show. However, I appreciate that it doesn’t require … Read more