TrackSmart ReviewTracksmart has created an all-inclusive system with in-depth reporting and detailed functionality.  Comprised of three software programs, Tracksmart is customized for small to midsize business needs – time clock, attendance, and scheduling(source).

Created by HRdirect and trusted by companies like Panera Bread, The Learning Institute, and Koch Foods, the company offers a comprehensive system to effectively manage employees, locations, and departments. As you’re thinking about which program is best for your business consider simplicity, services, and strategy use. 

But while the company is proud of their large enterprise customers, these products are built for SMB and midsize companies as well. Whether you are a services company, restaurant, multi-chain organization, or single salon, their product suite manages critical parts of your human resources department. 

Quick Highlights 

TrackSmartSome of Tracksmart’s top customers come from warehouse workforce, medical teams, restaurants, office workplaces, and retail organizations. The combined user experience and outstanding customer experience has helped companies of all sizes for over 25 years.

Administrators and employees better collaborate with their own login and dashboard. This user-friendly system keeps employees accountable with self-service options or set schedules with direct communication using email or an app for Android or iPhone.

Each system has detailed functionality around the employee and their role inside the company. The reporting capabilities are also extremely robust and customized for a wide range of organizations.

When considering which program to use, TrackSmart allows for a 14-day or 30-day free trial to use the program in a live setting and provide enough time to train your employees on the newly adopted system.

Quick Start with Attendance

tracksmart attendanceThe attendance system has a simple, first-user experience that allows you to immediately jump into the software. The Getting Started page provides a top view of the features that quickly summarizes how to best use the system before moving on to the dashboard.

As you start scheduling there is a “Jane Deaux” example that shows how to schedule your first employee and how it appears on your dashboard. 

Employee information is detailed and can be created manually or imported with a Microsoft Excel file. Create groups of employees including supervisor levels or workgroups to easily manage from the administrator or supervisor level. As you view the tracking calendar, employees are color-coded by events. See any overlapping schedules and determine how many employees are out of the office or request time off. 

There are several filter options to easily view information such as individual time-off requests, a single employee’s calendar, or view by calendar event. Finally, there is an event schedule feature when a company is closed for business, event, holiday or other. This reduces the need for back and forth emails and allows employees to work around their own requests and schedules.

Reporting to Make Smart Decisions

time of track timeOne of the most important features of any system is its reporting functionality. TrackSmart has extensive, customizable reporting for companies to make informed decisions.

Reports are tied into other human resources topics like anniversaries and birthdays, recognizing perfect attendance, or details around absences. 

Reports can be run by individuals, the entire company, active, or inactive so there are comparable and historical numbers to make better human resources decisions for future years. Once you run specific reports, you can also save them to My Favorites to reduce administrative hours spent on re-creating reports that are used regularly. 

Never Miss A Communication

Part of having a stress-free collaboration tool like TrackSmart is having a set of communications and notifications to create a seamless workflow. The employee-side login sends a confirmation email for requests and approvals. When an employer receives the request, there are bright orange notifications in the dashboard and receives an email notification to respond quickly. It really avoids unnecessary back and forth.

On-the-Go App Experience

The TrackSmart app is designed for the employee side experience and developed for both Android and iPhone. The app allows employees to take their scheduling and requests on-the-go. While the app is limited for Attendance to sending requests and time sheets, it creates a way for the employee to be accountable for their time off when away from work. There are 23 different requests to provide an easier way to identify specific requests to their employers and deliver better accuracy. 

Reliable Schedule Program

tracksmart calender sheduleThe Schedule and TimeClock programs are integrated systems to track employee time, shifts, and schedules, and easy payroll management system. Companies can manage all employee types such as multiple contractors, full-time, part-time or seasonal employees.

There is a separate employee and administrator login function to view only the most pertinent information. The program also allows for a detailed approach to creating schedules, departments, and specific payroll needs to run better HR and accounting reports. 

Top Features

Like the Attendance program, Scheduling has a clean dashboard to show high-level daily, weekly and monthly schedules. TrackSmart has developed several automated features like copy schedule to copy over schedules from previous weeks, shifts or both to save a tremendous amount of time from manually creating schedules. 


The auto-schedule features ways to avoid overlapping shifts while staying compliant with important employment laws and reducing the amount of time spent on scheduling. For example, the auto-schedule feature gives the option to exclude back-to-back shifts or creating schedules with multiple shifts. Employers can evaluate where the gaps are in their workforce and look at hiring trends to better forecast hiring budgets.

Color-Coded Calendar 

calender track smartThe Schedule Calendar has color coding for employees and a clear legend denoting unscheduled shifts, open shifts, and favorite shifts.

As employers think about how to promote or reward employees, these denotations can help employers easily decide who their best assets are for top shift spots.

This is also helpful if you’re onboarding new employees to give them easy shifts where they can learn from more experienced employees. 

All-in-One Payroll Function

Adding and managing employee payroll has never been easier with in-depth information and simple user experience.

Whether the employee is seasonal, part-time, full-time hourly, or salaried, the program accounts for multiple locations, departments, number of hours, and individual rates which can not be seen by employees in the system. Defining your employees early on will make this process even easier.

For companies with multiple locations, shift types, and negotiated salaries or hourly work, this tool is highly useful when comparing schedules and final reports. For example, if you own a chain of hotels in different geographies, you can create not only the locations but different departments to easily manage an entire organizational chart.

Further, you can start to analyze your workforce by location or department based on the effectiveness of the schedules and how you are leveraging employee productivity. 

More Solid Reporting

Similar to Attendance, the reporting capabilities are comprehensive to include approved hours, shift schedules, hours and labor costs. This system is a one-stop program to evaluate the utilization of employees, location productivity vs labor costs, and overall time management that affects your bottom line.

A key feature of reporting is coverage level. This feature can help the executive team create better hiring forecasts and derive manager effectiveness. As an employer, you can address how to better adjust schedules or hire temporary employees to ensure full coverage across your schedules. 

Three Ways to Contact Customer Service

Price planIn the age of online services and Zendesk, customer support is extremely hard to come by. Track smart has three ways to get in touch with support – self-serve, email, or direct call line. Tracksmart’s Zendesk channel has a deep encyclopedia of articles, topics, and videos to help their customers self-serve to find answers. 

While most companies have steered away from live customer support, Tracksmart has a team of customer service experts to help with live issues.

The company also has helpful blog topics on employee law – what to do with pay during shutdowns or conflict, and how to manage unpredictability with hourly employees. 

Compare Pricing Plans

TrackSmart Price planAs you consider which software program best fits your organization, Tracksmart has a matching tool that walks through your scheduling needs as a business. In a few short questions, Tracksmart can help you determine which plan is best for your business. 

The tool makes that determination based on labor force size, type of shifts and locations,scheduling methods, and employees’ vacation hours or paid time off privileges. The beauty of the questionnaire is that it identifies only the programs you need and immediately runs you through the Free Trial process to get started. 

Because Tracksmart targets small to midsize businesses, they offer monthly and yearly plans customized to your needs. Basic plans start at $24/month and scale to enterprise level at $99 per month for 100 employees. 

If you have more than 100 employees, the company offers a custom plan by calling them directly. Like many practical software services, monthly plans can change at any time without a contract commitment. 

Making the Right Decision

There are many options out there for scheduling tools, but finding simple, comprehensive ones are hard to come by. Track smart is for human resources professionals by human resources experts. The system goes beyond basic functionality to help your employees be accountable and management to be strategic.

As you are deciding on the best program for your business, ask yourself what will make your day easier and what will help you make the right decision for your company.