TimeTrex is a workforce management tool that handles time and attendance. But is it what you should be using in your business?

Obviously, time tracking and costing are sensitive business processes, so you want to be sure that if you are going to move from doing it manually to software – or from one software to another – that you’re making the right choice. So how does TimeTrex stack up?

Basically, if you are a small to medium-sized business – use TimeTrex. It’s that simple. As for why then let’s have a look:


TimeTrex offers a number of different software levels starting with its free, open-source Community Package. But wait, if it’s open-source (meaning that the code is made available to the public) does that mean I’m putting my business at risk?

Not necessarily, actually, a software being open-source is something beneficial and is something that privacy concerned organizations actually look for in software. Why is this? Because you (or someone with more technical knowledge) might look through the code and find any threats or shady code.

This means you may learn exactly what you are plugging into your business. This is unlike other software where you can’t verify if they are actually being honest with their claims (or if they are taking your data for their personal uses)!


Even in the TimeTrex Free Package, there are still a host of features, here are just a few to look at:

Unlimited Usage

Firstly, there are NO restrictions on the number of employees or hours clocked. Meaning, you might use it within a huge company – completely for free!


Start to Finish Payroll Integration comes built-in, which might save you or your team hours of manual work. The software is made to automatically calculate federal and local income taxes, custom benefits also.

There is even an option for direct deposit! This alone might represent a huge time saving for your business.

Time and Attendance

TimeTrex offers a rule-based system to monitor attendance in real-time. The software is programmable – meaning that you might enter even very complex company or government procedures into the system and then just leave it until it needs updating.

It even offers the ability to track GPS location – then send an alert to management if an employee tries to clock in outside of a set location!


You might use TimeTrex to completely automate schedules. Whether they are simple or multi-week rotating schedules, create them once and then never have to enter them again.

“Set and Forget!”

Later, authorized employees may change the schedule when or where it suits them – and employees might simply submit a request for scheduling changes from within the software itself.

Employee Access

Employees may access their timesheets, requests, schedules, accruals, and more from within the Web-Based Application.

Cut down on all the human to human time leaks in your business; think of the man-hours wasted on having to go find, talk to and wait to hear back from other members of the business – and all the water-cooler talk that may come along with that!

That’s not all

Really, to see how TimeTrex might be a good fit for your business, I don’t see any reason to not just download the free Community Edition and try it out! In doing this you might learn first hand how useful it is, and it might be all you need!

That said, the paid features do offer a lot of extra functionality as well which might really help you out, let’s take a closer look:

What do they offer for the money?

In addition to the Free Community Edition, TimeTrex offers 3 paid plans – Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. Plans start from just $30/month and they look to come to custom quotes for each individual business. But what’s included?

Facial Recognition TimeClock

TimeTrex’s Facial Recognition Software is here to automate the punching in and out process – without all the hassle that comes with the other systems. For example, there is a long list of issues related to the alternatives:


Method Issues
FingerPrinting/Handscanning • Needs to be reset if the employee cuts their finger or if their fingerprint changes,

• Employees need to wash their hands to remove anything that might prevent scanning,

• Germs may be transferred via the surfaces used.

Key Code • As above, germ transfer may be present here also,

• It is also dependant upon on the employee remembering or preserving their code,

• Following on from the above, you may need to dedicate extra man-hours to generate and reset codes as issues come along.

ID Card • Fraudulent clocking in and out (I.e. buddy-clocking!)

• ID cards may be lost – requiring more man-hours again to reset!

Iris Scan • Iris Scanning may be difficult for users of different heights as they have to be a certain distance from the scanner for it to work!

• It may require standard glasses wearers to remove these for scanning, adding to queue times.

As for TimeTrex’s Facial Recognition, it has none of these issues! Facial Recognition is like what you might have experienced at the airport where they scan you at Customs. They scan for landmarks on your face which – hopefully – aren’t going to undergo major changes too often, like fingerprints might.

The software is made to work with any off the shelf tablet to scan your team. This means, just grab a cheap android tablet, set it on an anti-theft stand and that’s your hardware done! Then employees need to just look towards the screen (normal glasses may be okay, but remove sunglasses) for the system to scan them and automatically clock.

Mobile Apps

Whilst the free, community Edition of TimeTrex comes with its web-based scheduling and admin software, the paid versions come on mobile apps also.

This means that instead of lengthy processes of your team having to go talk to the relevant person to have their punching altered (this is still done at some of the world’s biggest companies!) – instead, they might fix issues and add notes on the mobile app to save labor costs.

Think about how common mobile-only usage is becoming, so this may save you also from having to install an employee dedicated terminal at your workplace for employees without desktop access to view their schedules and make changes.

Okay, are there any alternatives?

The thing is, TimeTrex offer so much in just their Free Software. Even integrations to common accounting/payroll clients are offered in addition to all we mentioned above. I don’t know of anything that is quite like TimeTrex – and it starts completely for free!

Any downsides?

So obviously, it can’t be perfect, what about any downsides? The only complaint I came across online was that some people found that it had too many features. I mean, that’s an advantage at the same time.

Obviously there may be quite a learning curve for new users, but TimeTrex offers personal support and training materials to help out.

Extra Questions

What Operating System does TimeTrex run on?

TimeTrex is made to run on Windows 10/8/7, Linux, and macOS Systems. The facial recognition software is made to run on off-the-shelf tablets – and its mobile applications are available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Stores.

Is it Cloud or Download Based?

All of the TimeTrex Packages are offered in Cloud-Based or On-Site Setup.

Do they offer Installation Support?

TimeTrex has its own Implementation Services team and offer to support you through the process – or even to do it for you. How popular is it? TimeTrex says they are the World’s Most Popular Open Source Payroll and Time Management Software.

A TimeTrex employee was even quoted as saying they would receive 12,000 downloads per month a number of years back.


TimeTrex really does seem THE Time and Attendance Tool for Small to Medium Businesses. With so many features included in the free version, why not just download it and give it a try? That said, don’t overlook its paid features either – which may pay off or more in just the first month of usage through the man-hours saved!