How Long Does A Roku Last? (Stick & Roku TVs)

Roku sticks and TVs are great but not free from various issues. They can begin to slow down, stop functioning altogether, and eventually become unusable. The other day I tried to use my Roku stick, but it had stopped working. This lead me to research how long they’re supposed to last and the signs they’ll … Read more

Roku Blinking White Light (It’s Not Power Outage)

Yesterday I noticed a light on my Roku player was blinking white, which was unusual behavior for the system. I messed around with the device for a few minutes and quickly became frustrated my Roku was not working properly. However, I did not realize at the time that there are a variety of reasons that … Read more

Why Is My Roku TV So Slow? (Causes & Simple Fixes)

I’ve owned my Roku TV for almost 3 years, and I’ve had my fair share of frustrations created by it operating slower than I would like it to. Many times, the fault falls on my internet being unstable due to my location. Luckily, switching to a wired connection has significantly improved my experience with my … Read more

How To Use Roku TV Without Remote or Wi-Fi

The other day, I went to go watch a movie on my Roku and realized my kids had lost the remote. After searching endlessly, the remote never turned up. A few weeks prior, I went to stream my favorite show and realized the Wi-Fi was down. In both of these instances, I thought I would … Read more