Where Do Audio Messages Save on iPhone?

Where Do Audio Messages Save on iPhone

Finding a saved audio message on your iPhone or iOS device can be challenging. This is especially true since there are several different ways you can receive an audio message on your iPhone, and each handles messages differently. In addition, Apple changed how iOS handles and stores audio messages beginning with Apple iOS 12. Versions … Read more

iMessage Not Saying Delivered? (Here’s EXACTLY Why!)

iMessage Not Saying Delivered

Sending an iMessage between two Apple products is a fast, reliable way to communicate via text. This system relies on a WiFi connection and gives the sender handy delivery and read notifications. Sometimes though, an iMessage fails to say delivered, prompting concern. If an iMessage doesn’t say delivered, there is likely an issue with the … Read more

Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone?

Why Does It Say “Message Blocking Is Active” on iPhone

Nothing is more frustrating than when you send a text and receive a notification that reads “message blocking is active” notification. It’s just as frustrating as when your partner stops sharing their location with you. It can be confusing and frustrating, especially if it’s someone that you frequently talk to. So, why does it say … Read more