Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Review If you are looking for a printer with high-quality printing and cutting abilities, the Roland VersaStudio BN-20 will make a great option for you. Printing has never been easier with the Roland VersaStudio BN-20. 

The VersaStudio BN-20 doesn’t just serve as a printer; it can also be used as a cutting device. This device also allows you to print on a wide range of materials, from paper to T-shirts. In this article, you will discover more amazing features and qualities that make Roland VersaStudio a great option for you.

What Is the The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 

Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Review It is an office inkjet printer with an integrated cut-out that opens doors to infinity of creative possibilities. This is due to its irreproachable level of quality.

They are equipped with a piezoelectric inkjet print head capable of printing at a resolution of 1440 dpi, the BN-20 guarantees prints of exceptional quality with smoother gradations. It also offers richer colors and higher image saturation for photographic reproductions and sublime graphics.

What Does The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 Offer You?

 Better Image Quality through 

roland versastudio The VersaStudio employs the same advanced printing technology as Roland’s VersaCAMM VSi series. The new piezoelectric inkjet head prints up to 1,440 dpi using variable droplet technology with seven precise sizes to optimize image quality. 

Latest Generation Printing Technology

Roland’s Intelligent Pass Control technology precisely controls dot placement between passes. This allows the VersaStudio BN-20 printer/cutter to produce smooth gradations. It also produces exceptional solid colors, while achieving faster production and optimum image quality in all printing modes. A gold plated head reduces static, preventing clogging,

Four Different Ink Options, Including Metallic Silver Ink

roland versastudio bn-20 reviewvThe BN-20 offers you the opportunity to choose between four different ink configurations. The four-color (CMYK) option is best for the standard color inkjet printing process. Eco-Sol MAX Ink offers you a fast drying time, high density, and wide color gamut. You also get robust scratch resistance, low cost per square foot, and broad compatibility for uncoated materials. 

Eco-Sol MAX ink is virtually odorless, and the graphics are water and UV resistant for up to three years’ outdoors. The choice of five metallic colors (combining metallic ink with CMYK) is the leading choice for versatility and competitiveness in the market. This allows you to add value and sophistication to virtually any graphic on a wide variety of materials. This includes including light vinyl and film, art paper, canvas, and photo paper. 

Metallic Eco-Sol MAX ink (recognized as DPI Product of the Year) can be printed as spot color, or combined with CMYK to produce over 500 stunning metallic and pearl colors. Also, the new Metallic Textures Library adds 26 different textured fills.

The five-color option with white ink is designed for those businesses working with transparent materials. These materials are often used for packaging compositions, labels, window signs, points of sale, and other popular applications. White Eco-Sol MAX ink produces sharp text and graphics with high levels of gloss and opacity. It also offers increased resistance to scratches and chemicals. Also, it can be printed as a base coat to increase the brightness and opacity of four-color images.

A CMYK aqueous ink is also available for the Roland VersaStudio BN-20. This high-density water-based ink creates brilliant colors and excellent print quality, ideal for short-term interior applications. Ink settings must be selected at the time of installation. You cannot change the ink settings once the ink is selected and the printer has the inks installed.

Print and cut in one integrated workflow

Print and cut in one integrated workflowThe VersaStudio streamlines the production process by automatically cutting out the prints it produces. So you no longer have to reload and reposition them once printing is complete.

For laminated prints, the four-point optical tracking system, Quadralign, allows the user to unload prints. It also allows you to laminate them and then reload them for cutting. Quadralign automatically realigns the cutting threads and compensates for any squareness and distortion defects.

Automated Ink Circulation System

Automated Ink Circulation SystemRoland VersaStudio comes with a proprietary Patent Pending Automated Ink Circulation System. This helps to automatically reduce metallic silver ink waste for dramatically lower production costs. The system ensures exceptional image quality over the long term and minimizes the maintenance requirements of the VersaStudio.

Easy Loading Printing Materials Feeding System

The BN-20 is equipped with a new, streamlined media feed system that automatically aligns the media rolls in the printer. This intuitive system detects and adjusts the drive roller wheels according to the width of the installed materials. This ensures proper placement and tracking of these materials. The BN-20 supports roll materials from 6 to 20 inches in width, weighing up to 13 pounds.

Never has a Roland machine been so easy to use

All the functions of the BN-20 are managed by the supplied software. This software controls the basic functions of the machine, its status, and the calibration. The BN-20 is an intuitive machine that simplifies the production of printed matter. It helps you to easily manage its production and costs by monitoring the replacement of wearing parts such as doctor blades and cutting blades.

Design Software Included

The VersaStudio comes complete with R-Works, a basic design package created by Roland. It allows you to import photos from your image bank or photos were taken with a digital camera, create original designs with text, and edit custom graphics for printing and cutting. R-Works also includes a vector art library of designs.

VersaWorks RIP Professional Software

VersaWorks RIP Professional SoftwareDeveloped exclusively for Roland printers and inkjet printers/cutters, Roland’s VersaWorks RIP software ensures exceptional print production with unsurpassed ease of use.

Based on the latest Adobe CPSI 3019 engine, VersaWorks includes advanced error diffusion, 16-bit image generation, and the Roland Color System. This accurately reproduces more than 1,000 standard colors and 512 metallic colors. 

It also includes a spot color replacement feature that allows you to automatically replace a spot color with any option. This can be done from within Roland Color, without reopening the file in the graphics editing software.

With Roland Versaworks RIP Software and @Net, updates are free and easy. They are automatically loaded via your Internet connection. VersaWorks is fully compatible with Windows® 7, XP, and Vista.

Problem-Free One Year Warranty

Roland inkjet printers combine invincible performance with legendary Roland reliability. As a test, the VersaStudio BN-20 is guaranteed for one year, including parts and labor. For an additional price, the Roland Care Extended Warranty is offered for the BN-20 in 6-month increments, giving you added peace of mind. 

Features of the Roland VersaSTUDIO BN-20

  • Integrated printing and cutting in a 20-inch inkjet office
  • T-shirt printing machine and printing press
  • Sign Making Machine
  • CMYK, CMYK + MT (metallic silver) or CMYK + W (white) with Eco-Sol MAX ink 
  • Automated Roland ink circulation system for economical operation
  • USB interface
  • Compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP operating systems
  • Supports well-known Windows design software including  Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW 
  • Software provided
  • Roland VersaWorks® RIP software
  • R-Works design software
  • Windows driver
  • Roland OnSupport online production monitor

How to Use the Roland VersaSTUDIO BN-20

This device is not super suitable for small jobs. It forcefully loses a strip of 10 cm material at each printing. It is therefore not recommended to use this machine when you only have a few things in a simple copy to print/cut. This of course does not mean you have to use this machine to print miles of stickers.

Preparation of the print/cut file

If you want to print and cut a rectangular shape, you can work with any type of image format ( JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS). You just have to make sure you don’t have any transparency defined in your image. In VersaWorks software, you can tell the machine to cut around your images.

Preparing the device

  • Switch on the machine with the button on the right front of the machine. When the indicator light flashes the machine is in operation.
  • Wait until the blue light is solid.
  • Load the material (vinyl, flex,…):
  • Remove the roll holder from the machine
  • Insert the role of material to be used on the roll holder, taking care to position the two black blocking supports to correctly hold the roll.
  • Reposition the roll support in the machine, in the two notches (indication “press bar in”) making sure that the material will run on the right side
  • Lower the handle (left)
  • Insert the media from the back, making sure it is straight.
  • Position the rollers and guide correctly on the edges of the sheet
  • Raise the handle to block the media.

If you print on a printable flex, the printing is done on the matt part, the shiny side of the sheet must, therefore, be placed on the bottom. There is no need to reverse the cut/print pattern. You will find additional details on the page of the Thermal Press

Start your cut/print using Roland VersaWorks

You must launch the computer connected to the printer in Windows and not Ubuntu.

  • Open Roland VersaWorks software
  • Open the file to print using the menu: File⇒Add a task
  • Double-click on the job to display the settings for the cutting/printing task: the cutting lines should appear in serpentine red dotted lines, otherwise your stickers will not be cut!
  • In the section Layout:
  • Retrieve the roll size by clicking on the button 
  • Adjust the scale of your job, as well as the number of copies if necessary (the preview on the right updates)
  • In the section Cut command:
  • Check Initial return after cutting
  • Tick Activate the advanced parameters and indicate:
    • Cutting passes: 1
    • Speed: 15 cm / sec
    • Pressure 150GF
    • Offset: 0.250mm
  • Exit the task parameter window by clicking on the button OK
  • Add other files in the same way if necessary
  • Start printing by clicking in the menu Tasks⇒ Print icon at the bottom left.

Final Verdict

roland versastudio bn-20 reviewWith VersaStudio, Roland seems to have taken everything that makes it great and puts it into a powerful and powerful T-shirt printing machine. The device features award-winning mild solvent inks. 

With this device, you get a range of printing materials for your choice. The printing materials include White and metallic ink options.

You can use this device as a T-shirt printing machine, a sign making machine or both. Everything can be done right from your desktop or laptop.