Roku Remote Blinking Green Light [Causes & Fixes]

I was trying to use the Roku remote the other day and couldn’t. The remote was constantly blinking green. After spending two hours troubleshooting, I found out that the source of the issue is incorrect paring and/or unpairing.

When your Roku remote is pairing green light blinks. The easiest solutions are to replace the batteries and do a hard factory reset. If those solutions fail, you will have to download the app or replace the remote. 

Before your remote pairs successfully with your Roku device, you may need to repeat the above steps several times.

Why Does My Roku Remote have a Blinking Green Light?

The Roku remote has a blinking green light to warn a consumer that there is an issue with the pairing process. Determining what the actual problem is can be a hassle.

Here is a list of some of the main reasons why you may have a blinking green light on your Roku remote:

  • Low Battery. When the Roku remote senses that its battery is low, it will begin to blink green to alert the user. This is a sign that it is time to grab out a set of AA batteries, take off the back cover, and replace them.
  • Dead Battery. If the battery is dead, you may also see a blinking green light. This light will only blink until the very end of the battery life and then turn off.
  • Faulty Remote. Some consumers will receive a faulty remote when they receive a new Roku. This can cause the green light to blink, a red light to blink, or the remote to not stop functioning entirely.
  • Lost Connection. When the Roku remote loses its paired connection to its Roku device, it will start blinking with a green light to alert you to the lost pair. 

If your Roku remote is blinking a different color, then you should go to the Roku customer support website to view different troubleshooting tips.

Now that you understand the general reasons why the Roku remote has stopped working properly, keep reading for an in-depth walkthrough of each way you can troubleshoot the problem.

Replace The Batteries

In order to use your Roku remote, you must have new batteries. You may be able to solve your problem by simply replacing them with new ones.

Make sure the existing batteries are removed completely from the remote, waited 10 seconds, and then replaced, ensuring they are oriented correctly.

This seems like an obvious step, but you’d be surprised how many problems are caused by incorrect battery placement or new batteries.

Remove The Roku’s Power

In this step, we are slightly altering the original step. You should perform all the steps below while the TV is on.

Take your remote’s batteries out first.

The next step is to turn off your Roku device. The Roku device may need to be unplugged from its power source or removed from your TV depending on which version you have.

Make sure the positive side of your remote battery goes to the positive side, and the negative side goes to the negative side, while your Roku device is powerless.

The remote should blink green at this point. Then, connect your Roku device to your TV by plugging it in or plugging it into the wall.

You should now be able to pair your remote with your device.

Perform A Factory Reset

I’ve had to perform this step before when my Roku TV was slow and kept freezing, but it applies here too.

Factory resetting your Roku device is another option you can consider. Roku devices are reset to factory settings after this action. Factory resetting can easily fix bugs like inconsistent wireless connections to the remote.

Press the Reset button on the bottom or back of your Roku device to factory reset it. You can push the button forward with a small pin if it has a pinhole design. Press and hold it for ten seconds until you see the LED indicator light of your Roku device react.

Use The Roku App

Your smartphone can also be used as a temporary Roku remote. You can download the Roku app on your smartphone’s dedicated App store, depending on your device. Pair it with your Roku device once it’s installed on your smartphone; you can now use it as a remote control.

With this app, you can use your phone as a remote control for your Roku device. The Roku remote can be manually paired as a workaround.

Conduct a Manual Pairing

In the event that your Roku device fails to recognize the Roku remote, you can pair it manually via the Settings menu. The following steps will show you how to use your smartphone as a temporary remote:

  1. Click Settings > Remotes & Devices > Pair new device and select Remote. The Roku remote should now begin searching for a nearby one.
  2. Plug in the batteries of your Roku remote while it is off. To pair the remote, press and hold the Pairing button for five seconds.
  3. You will be prompted to wait for your Roku remote to be detected automatically.

If the remote still does not work after a manual pairing, it may be time to look for another guide. If you are frustrated with the process, you can also opt to go online and speak to a customer service representative to assist you with the troubleshooting process.

Check The HDMI Cable

In case you are using an EPA controller, you need to check the HDMI cable and make sure it is working properly.

If you own a Roku streaming stick, it is possible that the HDMI connection is malfunctioning.

It would be helpful if you did this since HDMI might not work well with the HDMI port on the TV if you do not do this. You may need to try another port if it doesn’t work.

You will be able to get Roku’s HDMI extender for free if it does not work correctly as expected, if you provide your serial number and any other vital information Roku may require.

The green blinking light should not be flashing anymore on your EPA controller, so you should check it again.

Unblock The Signal

It will not be able to pick up the infrared signal from the remote and change the channel or pair it with the remote if the signal from the remote is blocked. When this happens, you may need to take a step back and take a look at what you are surrounded by.

Make sure that none of the following items are blocking your path:

  • Couches
  • Bookshelves
  • Curtains
  • End tables
  • Children’s Toys
  • Other electronics

In many family rooms and living rooms, these items tend to pile up in front of the sensors, creating a dangerous situation.

The problem with this is that it will obstruct the signal and cause a problem with the remote control when you try to use it. When you lose the pairing signal, the remote may start blinking green and will think you have lost the pairing signal.

Clean The Sensor

Occasionally, life happens, and as a result, things can get a little dirty. It is possible for the sensor to become dirty as a result of sticky hands, remotes stuck between couch cushions, or human error. It is possible that the green light will blink if the sensor is dirty. This can result in a loss of connection and a loss of connection.

Put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and dab it on the affected area. It is recommended that you lightly dampen the cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Rub the swab gently against the sensor on the Roku remote with the help of the swab. If you do this, you will be able to clean it without damaging the remote in any way.

Once the sensor is cleaned, try to manually repair the remote to see if the circumstances have changed.

Buy A New Remote

If the remote is faulty or has broken due to wear and tear, it may be time to replace it. Many retailers carry extra Roku remotes. Each Roku remote can pair with any Roku device. Some of the remotes even have voice assistant capabilities, while the original ones are just regular push-button options.

A new remote will run you about $20.00. Once you receive it, you will need to manually pair it in order to get it working appropriately again. 

Buy A New Roku Device

Sometimes the Roku remote itself is not the cause of the problem. Occasionally, the problem is the Roku device itself. When this happens, the device will refuse to pair with the remote, no matter the troubleshooting steps performed.

Most Roku devices last between 2-8 years, but the USB sticks and boxes last much less. How long your Roku device will last really depends on the use and how much you take care of it.

When this is the case, the best course of action is to replace the Roku device. Whether it is a TV or a USB, replacing it will fix the pairing issues and possibly other issues you have been experiencing.

But, if you’re planning on upgrading or replacing your current TV altogether, there’s a chance you won’t need a Roku device if you buy a smart TV (do they even make non-smart TVs anymore?!).

Turn Off Your WiFi

Turning off your WiFi off while you pair the remote may help if your remote won’t pair. Some users swear by this, even though it seems counterintuitive. There is often interference with the Roku remote since it uses WiFi frequencies.

To turn off WiFi on the Roku, use an alternative remote, like the one in the Roku app, and go to settings. Then find the network settings menu. Click this and go to WiFi. Switch it off and try the manually pairing process again.

Use The Mobile App To Pair

Are you still having trouble resolving the issue? You might find this helpful. The Roku mobile app must be downloaded and set up on your phone. 

Then, use your phone to navigate to the left-hand column of the app.

Follow the instructions on the remote pairing page under SETTINGS >> REMOTE >> PAIR REMOTE.

Once the entire process has been completed, you can turn your Roku TV off for 10 seconds and then put it back on again. This will help save the new settings and ensure the remote is working properly once more.

Blinking Lights Banished

Hopefully, using this guide has helped you troubleshoot the green blinking light that is appearing on your Roku remote.

In the event that you are still stuck, give the Roku customer service line a call. They can help you further troubleshoot the issue and see if the problem falls under warranty.