What Does No Location Found Mean in Find My on iPhone?

Location sharing isn’t new technology, but Apple has improved it with each generation of the iPhone. The Find My app lets you locate lost devices and share your location with your friends and family. Many iPhone users struggle with the No Location Found meaning and are at a loss for words.

The No Location Found iPhone meaning is that someone has either disabled their location sharing feature or is without service. You will also see the message No Location Found if someone stops sharing their location with you or removes you from their list. This message will also appear if someone has a poor Internet connection or disabled their cellular data.  

Sometimes, the Find My app goes down due to internal problems or scheduled maintenance. You will see the No Location Found message in this case as well. Follow along as we explore the No Location Found iPhone meaning.

What Does it Mean When it Says No Location Found?

It means that the location services on your iPhone are disabled if it says No Location Found. This can also happen if your iPhone is dead or if your phone is in Airplane Mode. Sometimes, it will say No Location Found if you are in an area with no service.

It is common to see No Location Found if you are in a rural area or when you drive through a tunnel. Older iPhones can sometimes underperform and drop service as well which will make your location services unreliable. Apple users who haven’t set up their iCloud account or Find My app won’t be able to access their location in many cases.

You must enable your location services, or it will continue to say No Location Found. This applies to all Apple devices, such as AirPods, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Possible Causes

It can say No Location Found on an iPhone if there is a problem with your Internet connection or even with Apple’s services. Luckily, you can fix this problem unless it is on Apple’s end. Let’s take a look at the most common cause of the No Location Found message.

Cellular Data is Off

Location sharing doesn’t work if your cellular data is turned off unless you are connected to Wi-Fi. You can turn on your cellular data from the Control Center on your iPhone. Swipe up or down from the corner and look for the cellular data icon to the right of the airplane icon. Tap it to activate cellular data if it is turned off.

Sadly, this won’t work if you are out of cellular data for the month. You can always upgrade your cellular data plan if you run out of it quickly. Cellular data often doesn’t work in remote areas, so you may need to wait until you go somewhere else before your location sharing works again.

Faulty Time and Date Settings

Generally, you can trust your iPhone to display the correct time and date. The time and date on your iPhone can directly affect your location settings. People that you are connected to on Find My Friends may not be able to find you on the map if your time and date are wrong.

Luckily, Apple makes it easy to manually change the time and date on your phone through settings. Open the Settings menu on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap General. Scroll down halfway through the page and select Date & Time. Slide the bar next to Set Automatically to the left to disable that function.

Now, you can manually alter the time and time zone where you are located in. This should make it so that the people you are connected to through Find My Friends can access your location.

Poor Internet Connection

Location services are typically inaccurate if you have a poor internet connection. Your location status will either update slowly or fail to update at all without proper Internet strength. This is especially true if you are in a location where your cellular data is weak.

If you are at home, you can always try to reset your router to get a stronger connection. All that you need to do is power cycle your Wi-Fi router in most cases. Unplug all of the cables connected to your Wi-Fi router and leave it alone for 30 seconds.

Plug your Wi-Fi router back in, give it a minute or two to reset, and see if your connection is better. This won’t help you if you’re at someone else’s home or a business with limited Wi-Fi strength, unfortunately. Replace your Wi-Fi router if your Internet connection is consistently poor and it interferes with your location services.

Find My Isn’t Working

Find My is a reliable app, but it doesn’t always work, unfortunately. You can visit the Apple website and check to see if the Find My app’s service is currently working. Go to the Apple website and click on the Support tab in the top right corner of the screen by the search bar.

Scroll through the Support tab and click on System Status. Here, you can look at a list of all of Apple’s systems including everything from iCloud and Apple Pay to Find My and Maps. Look for Find My in the second column and check to see if the dot is green. A green dot indicates that the Find My app is working.

Does No Location Found Mean They Stopped Sharing?

It can sometimes mean that someone stopped sharing if it says No Location Found. Apple users can share their location through the Find My Friends app. This allows you to share your locations and access your friend’s location, but only if their location services are enabled.

You can choose to stop sharing your location even if your location services are enabled through the app. Apple users can stop sharing their location through the iCloud website or in their phone’s settings. It is common for Apple users to stop sharing their location for the sake of privacy.

Your iPhone lets you enable and disable this feature as often as you want to. With that said, it doesn’t always mean that someone stopped sharing if it says No Location Found. Their iPhone could simply be in Airplane Mode, the battery could be dead, or they could have lost service if this message appears.

Does No Location Found Mean Blocked?

No Location Found can mean that someone blocked you or removed you from the list of people who can access their location.

Anyone that you are connected to through the Find My Friends app can remove you from their location-sharing list at any time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they removed you from their list, but it can indicate that they disabled sharing their location with you.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, and it could just be a sign that they don’t currently have service. It can also indicate that they may have just gotten a new iPhone and haven’t set up their location services yet. You can try to contact the person to see if they’ve blocked you or simply quit sharing their location with you.

How to Make Find My Friends say No Location Found

You make the Find My Friends app say No Location Found if you click on the Friends tab. Tap the icon for someone whom you want to stop sharing your location with. Pull up their contact page in the Friends list and select Stop Sharing My Location.

The Find My app also lets you select Remove which will block them from seeing your location unless you add them again. They will no longer receive notifications about where you are or be able to access your location. Otherwise, you can simply disable the location sharing feature in the Find My app and nobody will be able to track you. Similarly, if you have a Fitbit not tracking, it’s because of location services.

You can also do this if you enable Airplane Mode on your iPhone. Swipe up or down from the right corner to pull up the Control Center.

Tap the airplane icon in the top left corner to enable Airplane Mode. Granted, this is a temporary solution, and it will share your location again once you turn this feature off.

No Location Found but Messages Delivered

If it says No Location Found but your messages are delivered, then it could mean that they have no Internet access.

You can tell that this is the case if you are unable to reach them via iMessage and have to send it as a text message. Otherwise, it could mean that they stopped sharing their location if iMessages still go through.

So, What’s the Best Solution?

The best solution is to make sure that you or the person you are tracking has their cellular data or Wi-Fi enabled.

You will see No Location Found if someone is in a remote area with limited cellular service as well. Otherwise, No Location Found may indicate that someone has chosen to stop sharing their location with you.

Reset your router if your location-sharing services are frequently inaccurate. You may need to manually reset the date and time on your iPhone as well to restore location services.