LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi? (4 Easy Steps to Fix!)

When I bought my smart TV, I had high hopes of being able to easily stream my favorite streaming services directly from my TV. That is the main reason you’d want to buy a smart TV, right? 

I was so discouraged when my new TV wouldn’t connect to Wifi that I almost returned it. But considering I only had to update a few settings in order to fix it, it’s a good thing I didn’t. 

If your LG Smart TV will not connect to Wifi, it can generally be fixed by rebooting the TV and router, ensuring the TV is receiving a strong and clear signal, and ensuring that your TV’s software is current. If this doesn’t work, you’ll likely need to reset your TV to remove any corrupted data.

Some cases require an official repair from LG. But before we assume this is one of those cases, let’s walk through common fixes you can easily accomplish on your own. 

Common Reasons Why LG TV is Not Connecting to the Internet 

If your LG Smart TV won’t connect to your wireless internet, the issue generally falls into one of the categories below: 

  • Too Many Devices Connected: There are several reasons why having too many devices connected to your network could prevent your TV from connecting. The main reason is that it bogs down your equipment resulting in slower speeds and connectivity. Additionally, some routers have limits regarding how many devices you can have connected at one time. 
  • Signal: Your TV will need a stable connection in order to make the connection possible. If the signal reaching your TV is not strong enough, you may need to move your TV or router to place them closer together. If you can’t move either of them, consider purchasing an extender that will extend the range of your wireless signal. 
  • Software: Outdated software on your TV can cause connectivity issues, along with many others. You can find instructions for updating your software automatically and manually within the LG Help Library. 
  • Glitch or Bug: If your connection issue is due to a minor glitch, your issue can be resolved with a quick power cycle. However, if the glitch is something that’s a bit trickier to get rid of, you may have to perform a factory reset on your device. 

If your TV won’t connect to the internet you may be interested in trying to use your smart TV without an internet connection.

Let’s take a look at a few troubleshooting steps that generally resolve any connection issues with LG Smart TVs.

For your convenience, we’ll start with the simplest steps and work our way into more complex fixes. This way, you can save time and frustration if your issue is a quick and easy fix. 

Troubleshooting LG Smart TV not Connecting to Wifi

1. Power Cycle LG TV 

If your issue is related to any small glitches or bugs within your TV, this step is very likely a simple solution to your problem. Power cycle works as a soft reset that clears up minor glitches without erasing any of your data or settings on your TV. 

To power cycle your LG Smart TV:

  1. Unplug your TV from the wall.
  2. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds.
  3. Let the TV sit for 30 seconds. 
  4. Plug the power cord back in. 

Holding the power button will ensure that all power has been entirely drained from the TV, which is what makes this process effective. 

2. Try Another Network 

Trying a different network will help you narrow down whether the connection issue is related to your network or your TV. 

The easiest way to try another network is to try connecting your TV to the hotspot on your mobile device or tablet. 

How to Connect Your Smart TV to Your Mobile Hotspot


Go to settings. Select Network & Internet (Connections for Samsung devices). Select Hotspot and Tethering. Then, select Hotspot Toggle your hotspot on. Scroll down on this page to find your password. Go to your TV settings and connect to your hotspot just as you would your regular network.


Go to settings Select Personal Hotspot. Slide the toggle switch to Allow Others to Join. Take note of your password. Connect your TV just as you would connect to your regular network.

3. Reboot Your Router 

Your TV may not be connecting to Wifi because of a small glitch with your router, especially if it’s been a while since the last time it’s been rebooted. 

Your router is more complex than you may think. In fact, it features many of the same components as your computer. So, just as your computer needs a reboot when it’s running slowly or glitching, your router does too. 

To reboot your router:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall. 
  2. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds
  3. Plug the cord back in. 
  4. Give the router 2-5 minutes to fully reestablish its connection. 

Once your router has fully reconnected and your indicator lights appear as they should, try to connect your TV again to determine if the issue has been resolved. 

4. Changing the Settings 

A common glitch with LG smart TVs is that many of them have Wifi connection issues when the automatic location feature is enabled on the TV.

Additionally, there is an automatic Time and Date feature that may have the same effect. Disabling both of these automatic features has been a common fix for many LG Smart TV users. 

When you connect a device to your router, the router authenticates the device before allowing it to connect. If your location, time, or date settings are not aligned with what the router expects, your router may not allow the device to connect to it. 

If you’ve ever looked at your sign-in attempts for your Facebook, Apple, or Google account, then you’ve probably noticed how undependable automatic location can be.

If your router is sending information about your TV that tells it that the device is located in a different country, the security features on your router are likely going to block the connection. I found that out when my modem was blinking orange.

How to Update Location Settings:

Use your remote to go to Settings. Select General.Selection Location. Disable the Automatic Location option. 

Change the location to a different country, if your TV asks to reboot, select yes.

If not, manually restart it. Go back to location settings. Select the correct country. If your TV doesn’t ask to reboot, you’ll need to manually restart it. 

How to Update Time and Date Settings

Go to settings. Select General.Select Time and Date.Select Clock. Switch the Auto setting to Manual. Manually input the correct time and date. Restart your TV. 

Once you’ve disabled the automatic Location and automatic Time and Date settings, you’ll want to restart your TV before attempting to connect to the Wifi again.

Since your TV will likely reboot automatically during the Location setting changes, starting with Time and Date settings will save you an extra step.

5. Disable/Turn Off Quick Start 

The Quick Start feature on your LG Smart TV keeps your TV from fully shutting down when it is powered off. It keeps the device in more of a standby state than being completely powered off. 

If you restart the device in hopes of clearing any connection glitches, this feature may not be allowing the restart to clear them.

For the restart to clear the glitches, the device needs to be powered completely off, and the Quick Start feature prevents it from doing so. 

To Disable Quick Start:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select General. 
  3. Select Quick Start/Simplink
  4. Change the setting from On to Off.

Once you’ve disabled this feature, unplug your TV for 30 seconds and plug it back up, then see if you are able to connect your TV to Wifi. 

6. Reposition WiFi Router 

If your TV is not receiving a strong Wifi signal from your router, it’s likely not going to connect. And even if it does, you’ll probably experience streaming issues due to the weak signal. 

It’s best to give your Wifi signal as direct of a path as possible to reach your TV. If your router is several rooms away, or there are several larger items between your router and your TV, consider moving your router closer to your TV. 

When your router puts out a wifi signal, it flows throughout your home in straight lines and bounces off of walls and other objects in its path. The more items the signal has to bounce away from before it reaches your device, the weaker the signal will be for the device. 

5. Do a Factory Reset 

Unfortunately, some underlying issues that could be responsible for your connection issue go a bit deeper than the steps above can fix. If the steps above haven’t resolved your issue, a factory reset could do the trick. 

Factory resetting your TV will erase all of your settings and data that are stored on your device. This will clear any corrupted settings or data that are preventing you from connecting to your wireless network. 

How to Factory Reset Your LG Smart TV

With a Remote

Press the home button on your remote. Select Settings. Select General. Select Reset to Initial Settings

Without a Remote

Press the Settings button on the side of the TV. (Some models label this button as Home)Use the Volume or Channel keys to navigate the menu. Select GeneralSelect Reset to Initial Settings

Once the factory reset is complete, your TV will reboot on its own. 

If you need to reset your TV without a remote and are unable to do so with the buttons on the device, you can use a universal remote.

You can also plug the adapter of a wireless mouse and keyboard into the USB slot of your TV and use the mouse to navigate the settings.  I found this handy trick while trying to fix a Samsung TV that did not connect to Wifi.

6. Connect to the Internet Using Other Options 

If you’re still unable to connect to Wifi after completing the factory reset, don’t consider all hope lost. There are alternatives to a Wifi signal for connecting your TV to the internet. 

Some of the best alternatives include

  • Ethernet: You can connect an ethernet cord directly to your smart TV. This will provide an internet connection and allow you to use your TV just as you would with Wifi. An ethernet cord also provides a more stable and speedy connection than a wireless connection. 
  • Game Console: While this won’t allow you to use all of the features your smart TV provides, many game consoles have Wifi capabilities. If you have a gaming console that will allow you to use your favorite streaming services, connect it to your TV and stream through it. 
  • Streaming Device: Connect a streaming device, such as a Roku or Fire Stick, to your smart TV and connect the streaming device to the Wifi. While you’ll have to use the interface of the streaming device rather than your TV, this will allow you to stream with your favorite streaming services. 

While some of these options may not offer all of the features of having your TV connected to Wifi, they can prevent you from losing the ability to stream online content altogether. 

There are a couple of widely experienced Wifi issues with LG smart TVs that may require a more specific fix. 

Your Network Doesn’t Appear in the List

If your network doesn’t show up on the list when you search for available networks:

  1. Unplug your TV and Wifi router at the same time. 
  2. After 30 seconds, plug only your router back in and leave your TV unplugged.
  3. Wait for the router to fully reconnect and show the proper indicator lights.
  4. Plug your TV back in and power it on.
  5. Try searching for your network again. 

If your network doesn’t show up, try another network to rule out your network as the issue. 

If your TV fails to display the additional network, try connecting an ethernet cord to your TV and use the wired connection to ensure that your software is up to date. Outdated software can cause many connectivity glitches on your TV. 

You can find steps to connect with the WPS connection method, along with additional methods for connecting to your network in LG’s Online User Manual

“WiFi is Turned Off” Message 

One of the most common causes of this particular issue is a physical defect with the cord connected to the Wifi Module inside the TV. For many LG Smart TVs, the cord can have a kink that prevents the Wifi feature from operating as it should. 

While this is a simple fix for the right person, if you fix it yourself, you’ll likely void any active warranties on your TV. Scheduling an official repair through LG is highly recommended. 

However, before you schedule a repair, try the following:

  • Input DNS Settings: There could be a glitch happening when your TV attempts to automatically collect the router’s IP and DNS settings. Try manually inputting these settings. 
  • Check for Interferences: Certain things in your home that run on the same type of frequencies and your wireless signal could be causing interference. Ensure there are no microwaves, baby monitors, or cordless home phones nearby. 
  • Remove USB Devices: Unplug any USB devices that are plugged into the USB port of the TV. Some of these devices can also cause interference with your connectivity.