Is Buying An Insignia TV In 2022 Worth It?

When it comes to buying a new TV, you should take into consideration all your available options. TVs aren’t necessarily cheap, and it would be unfortunate to shell out a considerable amount of money without doing your research on what you’re buying.

Insignia is a pretty well-known brand when it comes to electronics. Insignia has some impressive and exclusive deals with Amazon, and their televisions also have the built-in Fire TV feature. When it comes to TVs, many people rely on Insignia to provide them with good-quality devices for their entertainment needs.

Insignia is considered the most affordable choice when it comes to televisions in today’s market. Though Insignia may use some outdated components when they manufacture their devices, they still make some good quality televisions. They offer a nice range of products, and their smart TVs even have Amazon Fire TV features.

Insignia is a popular TV brand and you’ve likely browsed a few of their products if you’re in the market for a new TV. Before you make any decisions, however, below we’ve laid out a few things you should keep in mind before buying that new TV.

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The Basics About Insignia TVs

The Insignia brand is owned by Best Buy, a popular American electronics company. You’ve most likely heard of them – they’ve been around for a while and they’re a well-respected company. But as far as the manufacturing for Insignia TVs, this is outsourced to China.

Insignia creates many different types of televisions, including 4k TVs, LED TVs, and, most notably, Smart TVs. Insignia’s Amazon Fire TV Edition is arguable their best feature out on the market, and it comes with an Alexa-enable smart remote controller.  

In addition to a variety of features offered, Insignia also makes their TVs in different sizes. You can choose almost any dimension from 24-inch TVs to 65-inch TVs.

Many people know Insignia as the more budget-friendly option for electronics. However, many people confuse that with thinking that Insignia televisions are of low quality or inevitably not worth it. However, this isn’t necessarily true.

There’s a thin line present when it comes to buying electronics and gadgets – sometimes paying $1,000 for something will give you an amazing product, and other times it just means you paid top dollar for nothing more than a brand name.

We’ll dive more into that later.


What Else Does Insignia Make?

Like most electronics brands, Insignia makes more than just televisions. Insignia sells other electronic devices such as:

  • Laptops and computers
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Gaming controllers
  • Cables, chargers, and batteries
  • Projectors
  • Tablets

They even offer items such as home theater equipment and surround sound devices. So, if you end up wanting to buy more than just a TV from Insignia, you’re in luck.

Insignia devices offer roughly the same specs as other big competing brands. When it comes to the details like screen resolution, size, and additional features (including Smart capabilities), Insignia essentially matches other brands with relative ease.

It doesn’t fall short of other brands, but it also doesn’t surpass them.

Though Insignia might not necessarily be the “number one” electronics brand when it comes to their televisions, it’s still a pretty solid choice if you are looking for a new TV.

Pros Of Buying An Insignia-Brand TV

Just about every TV has one great pro in common – the awesome benefit of achieving amazing entertainment. It’s no surprise that some televisions can take your Friday night Netflix binge sessions to the next level.

There’s a lot to choose from if you’re deciding on a new TV – the dimensions, capabilities, specs, fancy features, and even the brand. By the time you chose what TV you want to buy, you usually have decided on what you want for all these things.

Insignia brand TVs offer many benefits if you choose to get one for your next television. Let’s look at some of the pros that come with Insignia TVs.

Amazing Customer Support Available

When it comes to electronics, they’re bound to malfunction occasionally. Sometimes, it can be hard to successfully troubleshoot your devices if they start behaving haphazardly.

Unless you are already pretty familiar with electronics, it’s a good idea to not rely on only yourself to fix electronics that aren’t working quite right.

Especially when it comes to TVs, if they’re misbehaving, it’s nice to have a good resource to help you fix it.

Insignia has excellent customer service available, which could be in part because the well-known name, Best Buy, owns it.

This is good for when you need additional help or support for your Insignia TV if it might start having issues.

Affordable And Budget-Friendly Options

Electronics are expensive – pretty much everyone can agree on that fact. So when you’re given a chance to save money when buying a new device, most people jump on that opportunity.

When it comes to Insignia-brand TVs, one of the most recognized benefits is that they are incredibly affordable.

Many people opt for Insignia products because of how budget-friendly they are. Especially if you are just needing a bedroom TV or you have little kids running around your house, this is a great option.

One of Insignia’s most affordable TVs is their Class F20 Fire TV – it’s a great option to consider if you’re looking for a new TV!

Enabled With Fire TV

Nowadays, everything is “Smart”. Many brands make devices with Smart capabilities and this includes the Insignia brand. Insignia was one of the first brands to dive into the realm of Smart devices over a decade ago.

Insignia TVs are Fire-TV enabled, which is a great feature to have. Especially if your home already is sporting Amazon Echo devices, getting an Insignia Fire TV is a great way to standardize your electronics across the board.

Their remotes offer voice search, meaning you can just quite literally tell your remote what you want it to do instead of going through the hassle of pushing buttons. Cool, right?

Plus, if you are then wanting a Fire TV device, you won’t need to buy a separate one if you go with an Insignia TV. Insignia’s Amazon Fire TV Edition sets can set up your TV to be the central hub of your home!

Insignia Creates Good Quality Devices

It’s normal for people to want to have good quality electronics. When you spend your money on something like that, you don’t want it to go to waste!

Many people assume that since Insignia TVs are on the cheaper end of the spectrum for TVs that they are also lower in quality. However, this isn’t always true.

Even though Insignia TVs are affordable, they also are good quality devices. Insignia might not be on the same level as top-tier brands like Samsung, but they still pack a considerable punch.

Best Buy outsources the manufacturing of Insignia TV to Chinese companies such as Hisense. These same companies manufacture devices for well-known brands like Samsung and LG. 

Overall, Insignia products are pretty good quality and reliable product. They might not be technological and innovative marvels, but they’re one of the best options if you just need a TV.

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Cons Of Getting An Insignia In TV 2022

Everything has pros, but also cons. Even though Insignia offers plenty of pros as a TV brand, they also come with some downfalls. Fortunately, none of these cons are amazingly overpowering.

Keep in mind that even the best and brightest television brands have their own sets of flaws. Not everything is perfect!

It Likely Contains A Lot Of Outdated Components

The manufacturing of Insiguna products is outsourced to China. They are made by the same companies that make products for enormously popular brands like LG and Samsung.

Insignia TVs are made in the same factories as these other massive brands. Because of this, they are essentially made with just leftover parts from the devices made for other major companies.

This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the quality of Insignia TVs (because they are essentially made with the same parts as big brands). It just means that their components are outdated.

Their parts are still of good quality. But you’re pretty much just buying a TV that has components that already are considered “old”. So, if you’re wanting to keep up with the latest and hottest tech, Insignia isn’t the brand for that. 

The Speakers Aren’t Anything To Write Home About

It’s pretty common for brands to have something particular defect that they are known for. For Insignia TVs, this applies to their speakers.

In general, Insignia’s products have low-quality speakers. Usually, you aren’t buying a TV specifically for its sound quality (that’s why many people opt to buy soundbars). But if you’re shelling out hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars for a TV, you probably don’t want the speakers to be useless.

Malfunctioning speakers are a common issue that users have with Insignia TVs. Though sometimes it’s pretty quick and easy to fix your Insigna TV speakers on your own, sometimes it can require a bit more in-depth solution.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new TV, there can be a lot of things to take into consideration. Televisions are amazing electronics that nowadays offer many catchy benefits and features that are always drawing our attention. 

Overall, Insignia brand TVs are a great choice if you’re looking to buy a TV. Not only are they known for their affordability, but their budget-friendly devices are still built in a good condition. Even though they are one of the cheaper options on the market, they don’t sacrifice the quality of their product for that.

Maybe they use outdated and leftover components, but at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter as much as you might think. They still are great products and you can use them for exactly what they’re meant for – watching TV.