hp designjet 5500The HP Designjet 5500 offers these features and more, making it one of the best wide-format printers. In this article, we will review the features that make the Designjet 5500 a must-have for large scale printing.

The HP Designjet 5500 Printer Series combines uncompromising image quality, high productivity, and “intelligent” printing solutions. This wide format printer helps to simplify workflow and allow unattended printer operation. It easily adapts to a varied work environment.

The HP Designjet 5500 range of printers supports multiple ink sets and a wide range of media and new production print modes. This enables users to generate ready-to-sell, large-format documents efficiently.

Also, the HP Designjet 5500 Printer Series comes with key productivity enhancements that are designed to meet high volume, professional quality, and commercial large-format printing needs.

What Are the Special Features of the Deskjet 5500 

Easy and economical management of network resources

hp designjet 5500 reviewUsing HP Web JetAdmin 7.0 software, the network administrator will be able to preconfigure efficiently and remotely. You can control the number of network users, who even printing directly on the HP Designjet 5500, will have restricted access to the color. 

In this way, companies can now limit the number of users to color printing to a select group. You do not need additional monochrome printers for those users who do not require color printing. This controls the good use of color printing in businesses.

HP imaging and printing systems help you easily create powerful, professional communications. Printers, supplies, accessories, and services are designed together to work together and were invented to meet your needs.

HighSpeed Accessible Printing

The HP Designjet 5500 series printers add high-speed, wide-format color printing to your workgroup. Use any model in the series to produce high-quality color documents as quickly as black and white documents. It offers powerful processing speeds, easy operation, and heavy-duty HP Jetdirect network capability.

This allows busy offices to share their HP Designjet 5500 printer on the net with no worries. This will keep your entire office productive while getting professional results for all your business printing needs.

Flexible Solutions

hp designjet 5500The needs of each company change with time, and that’s a fact in life. What is right for your business can change dramatically even shortly.

It’s good to know that with the HP Designjet 5500 printer you will have a single printer that will continue to be the perfect solution now and then, as your needs expand. 

Purchase any of the HP Designjet 5500 printers knowing that you can customize the printer to just meet your needs. Add a capacity for networking, or install additional memory or a hard drive for additional functionality and performance. Choose the model that best suits your office’s color printing needs now, knowing that your HP Designjet 5500 will grow as your needs grow.

Real-world performance

hp designjet 5500Busy offices and working groups do not have time to wait for an impression. You need it well and at that time. You also need the flexibility to print documents in a format that is greater than the capacity of most color laser printers.

With the HP Designjet 5500 series of printers, you will get everything. Also, media solutions allow you to print all your business documents, from envelopes to professional spreadsheets and presentations on Standard Media

Printers are not only powerful but also intelligent

The HP Designjet 5500 series of printers offer improved color printing quality. HP ImageRet 2400 technology supports brighter and clearer images. It also features automated adjustments that enhance print results, reducing differences in adaptive halftones and trapping. Together with advanced toner formulas and intelligent printing supplies features, deliver the best value in color printing to departmental workgroups.

All the high-tech features of the HP Designjet 5500 series work automatically, without user intervention. This makes the processing of high-quality professional documents effortless.

The advantage of hp supplies

HP offers a wide range of media options for all your professional prints. Smartly, they jointly design their intelligent printing media and supplies to work together with HP printers. With this, you will be assured of the award-winning results you can only get from Hewlett-Packard.

Hp support and Warranty 

hp designjet 5500 review.jpgHP provides a variety of support options to assist you in installing and maintaining the HP Designjet 5500 printer. Use the knowledge of HP experts to get the maximum benefit and performance from your printer by ensuring your computer runs efficiently.

Start with a one-year HP warranty, backed by phone support from HP Customer Service Center. You can optionally consider extending your printer’s service and support option. This ensures trouble-free operation, maximizing the potential of your HP Designjet 5500 printer.

Maximize your profits with hp services and financing

HP offers a full range of services and procurement options that can bring significant savings to your business. Ask your HP representative for local funding programs, and/or for print usage, scheduled supply. You can also use maintenance consulting programs included for a single payment. 

HP Designjet 5500 drivers

hp designjet 5500HP Designjet 5500 is chosen because of its exceptional performance. You can use this printer to print your documents and photos to their best result. Before printing and finding out the amazing result, you may need to know how to install HP Designjet 5500. 


You don’t need to worry about that because you are still able to install and use the HP Designjet 5500 printer. Simply follow the steps below and use the printer immediately. 

  • You may need to download the HP Designjet 5500 driver setup file. You can click on the recommended link above to download the setup file. 
  • When the installation file is ready, you can start running it. Running the installation file means that you open the installation wizard. There will be instructions to follow. Just follow these instructions until the end.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer and your HP Designjet 5500 printer. No, unless you see the instructions to do so. 
  • Just wait a few seconds to see the connection from the printer to the computer. There will be more instructions to follow. Just follow the instructions until the end. 
  • Just make sure to enter all the values ​​in the wizard and complete the installation process. 
  • Test the printer whether it works or not. If it does not work properly, you can reinstall it by following the steps above. Just make sure you follow all of the steps.

What Does The Designjet 5500 Offer You?

Meet the high-quality color, professional appearance, and performance requirements of your business today. The HP Designjet 5500 series offers 600 dpi printing, using HP ImageRE† 2400 dpi technology across all your business documents-printing. 

You get to print colors at very high speeds thanks to the high-performance processor, HP vertical online printing technology, its 400 MHz processor, and up to 256 MB RAM. You can print a large scale page in just 18 seconds. Print professional spreadsheets and other large, A3 format business documents up to 12 x18 inches (312 x 470 mm).

Vibrant image quality makes your presentations stand out. Achieve an outstanding appearance color, with only 600 dpi printing through 2400 dpi imaging technology. This will give you that professional look that all your documents require.

Enjoy improved print quality with smoother transitions between colors, more defined text in black. You get to experience brighter and clearer images with automated adjustments. This enhances print results, reducing differences in adaptive halftones and trapping.

Optimize your business workflow. Use the printer’s 10GB hard drive (standard on theModel 5500hdn) to store files and forms that you can print directly from the printer control panel. This allows you to print out securely without requiring you to send the document to print over the network. This is important whenever you require a copy of the stored file or electronic form.

HP makes maintenance and troubleshooting easy. The graphical control panel, easy front access to the printer, makes maintenance a lot easier. Also, a clear graphical instruction included with the printer makes installing the print cartridge and troubleshooting easy. 

Trouble-free maintenance. The simple path design of the paper and only four supplies mean fewer interventions and ease in them.


Designjet 5500 users tend to choose to install the driver using a CD or DVD driver because it is faster and easy to do. If you have a CD or DVD driver, you can follow the steps below. 

  • Make sure you have the right CD or DVD driver for HP Designjet 5500 printer. 
  • Place the CD driver on your computer or PC. 
  • Let the CD run on your computer or PC. 
  • Start running the installation file and you need to follow the installation wizard. 
  • Follow the steps on the screen until the end. 
  • You will be asked to connect the USB cable between HP Designjet 5500 and the computer cable. Important to note: it does so only after reading an instruction to do so. Do not do this until you have seen the instructions. 
  • Wait until your PC or computer detects the HP Designjet 5500 printer before you continue the process. 
  • Remember to enter all the values ​​in the wizard until the end of the delivery process. 
  • The last thing to do is to test the printer. Try printing something to check if the printer is working or not. Otherwise, you can reinstall by following the above steps. Just make sure you’ve completed all of the steps.

Final Verdict

hp designjet 5500With this printer, you get high-speed, wide-format color printing to your workgroup of 25 to 30 Office users. You can get the HP Designjet 5500 printer series at an affordable price. 

These easy-to-use printers are flexible to fit any office, creating high-quality color documents as quickly as black and white. This printer is designed to be simple to use and maintain as any HP printer. It can be optimized for heavy-duty networking with support for print solutions and enhanced media handling capabilities.