How to Return Spectrum Equipment (The EASIEST Way!)

Spectrum serves over 32 million users, and that means that they are responsible for a lot of equipment. The equipment that you get from Spectrum is their property and they need it back when you terminate or change your service. Many users across the world struggle with how to return Spectrum equipment, but luckily, it isn’t that difficult.

Return Spectrum equipment at a UPS store so that you don’t have to worry about the box and shipping label. You can bring your equipment to a Spectrum store, but not all locations accept returns and will instead direct you to UPS. Request a Home Shipment Return Kit from Spectrum if you don’t have Spectrum, UPS, or FedEx stores nearby.

Make sure to return Spectrum equipment within 15 days of the confirmation that you changed your service. Otherwise, they can charge you up to $200 in fees for failure to return your equipment. Follow along as we explore how to return Spectrum equipment and avoid fees.

How do you Send Equipment Back to Spectrum?

You can drop equipment off at a UPS store or Spectrum location to send it back. Some Spectrum store locations will direct you to the UPS store if they are unable to ship equipment from their location. Spectrum stores that don’t have a nearby UPS location will often accept your equipment return.

You can also bring your equipment to FedEx to return it to Spectrum. However, Spectrum always recommends that you return your equipment through UPS when available.

You can also ship your Spectrum equipment from home if you request a home return kit. This will cost you money when you ship the package through USPS, but it’s worth it if that’s your only option.

Return Spectrum Equipment UPS

Spectrum suggests that their customers return their equipment at a UPS store. UPS won’t charge you for shipping your old Spectrum equipment. Make sure that you bring the equipment to an actual UPS store and not just a location.

Some UPS locations don’t let you send packages so you may want to contact them before you visit. You can tell when you search for a UPS location directory online and it will tell whether or not it’s a store. Simply bring your equipment to the UPS store once you receive a cancelation, downgrade, or upgrade confirmation from Spectrum.

Tell the employee at the UPS store that you are returning Spectrum equipment so they know not to charge you. They will give you a receipt with tracking information that will tell you when Spectrum receives the equipment. Hold onto the receipt until the equipment arrives to avoid penalties in case there is a major shipping delay.

Spectrum Equipment Return Label

You don’t need a return label if you bring your Spectrum equipment to a UPS store. They will attach a return label for you and ship the equipment to Spectrum. However, you will need a return label if you plan to return your equipment through the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx in some cases.

Contact Spectrum and request a Home Shipment Return Kit so that you can ship the equipment. The kit includes a cardboard box and return label that you need to ship it. It will come with bubble wrap so that you can protect the equipment.

This is an alternative to returning your equipment at a Spectrum or UPS store. Not everyone lives near a Spectrum or UPS store and they may need a return label. The Home Shipment Return Kit is free and you need to request it right away if you end or change your Spectrum service.

Spectrum Equipment Return Phone Number

You can call Spectrum at (833) 267-6094 if you need to return your equipment. They will help you figure out whether or not you need to return the equipment at all based on your service. First, you will need to call to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your service before they’ll tell you if you need to return it.

They won’t make you return the equipment if you are simply moving nearby without adjusting your service. However, they will tell you to return the equipment if you modify or terminate your Spectrum agreement. You can request a Home Shipment Return Kit when you call Spectrum if you have no UPS or Spectrum stores in your area.

Make sure to call Spectrum to start the process as soon as possible to avoid fees. You can’t just return the equipment to Spectrum to end your service.

Call them so that they know that you’ve ended or modified your service so that they don’t continue to charge you. Sadly, you cannot just disconnect using the spectrum App.

Spectrum Return Policy

Spectrum requires you to return the equipment when you end or downgrade your subscription. You could face a $200 fee if you fail to return your equipment. Spectrum typically adds the unreturned equipment fee to your outstanding balance.

You may qualify for a 60-day equipment return extension if you are sick with COVID-19 or are currently quarantined. Contact your local Spectrum store if you have a disability that would prevent you from returning the equipment. Spectrum can send a technician to pick up your equipment and return it for you under some circumstances.

You can return Spectrum phones and Apple TVs to a UPS store within 14 days of the purchase. However, you cannot return an Apple TV through Spectrum if you removed the shrink wrap. The refund will come via Spectrum, and you cannot return the TV directly to Apple.

How Long do I Have to Return Spectrum Equipment?

You have 15 days to return Spectrum equipment once you’ve confirmed that you are ending or downgrading your service. This period does not include the time that it takes to ship your equipment once you’ve taken it to Spectrum or UPS. You will receive a notification from Spectrum when you cancel or downgrade the equipment.

Bring your equipment to a Spectrum or UPS store as soon as possible when you receive the confirmation. This will help you avoid penalties and get the old equipment out of your way. Spectrum won’t contact you if you ship your old equipment even if they haven’t received it within 15 days of confirmation.

You will only be penalized if you fail to ship the equipment within that time window. They will know that the equipment is on its way when the return label gets scanned at UPS or Spectrum.

Can I Return my Spectrum Equipment to any Spectrum Store?

You cannot return your Spectrum equipment to any Spectrum store. Most Spectrum stores will accept your equipment if there are no other options available to you. Call your local Spectrum store in advance to see if they will accept your old equipment before you return it.

Spectrum stores will let you return your equipment if there isn’t a UPS store in the area. From there, a Spectrum representative will take your equipment to the nearest UPS location to return it for you. Otherwise, Spectrum directs customers to UPS instead of their own stores the vast majority of the time.

Where can I Exchange my Spectrum Cable Box?

Drop off your Spectrum cable box at a UPS, Fed Ex, or Spectrum store. Visit a UPS store if you have one in your area because that is the easiest option for you and Spectrum. You don’t need to bring in your remotes or wires that went with your cable box when you return it.

Spectrum will send you a new cable box even before you exchange your current one in most cases. However, Spectrum will charge you if you don’t ship the cable box within 15 days of ordering or upgrading to a new box.

What do you do With Spectrum Equipment When Moving?

You may need to return your Spectrum equipment when moving depending on the circumstances. Contact Spectrum and explain the situation to see whether or not you need to return the equipment. You will need to return the equipment if you are upgrading or downgrading your service when you move.

Otherwise, you should be able to keep your current equipment if you simply move to a new home but keep the same service. Consult a Spectrum technician to see if you can keep your equipment when you move. You may still need to have a Spectrum technician hook up your existing equipment once you move to a new house.

What does Spectrum Equipment need to be Returned?

You need to return all essential Spectrum equipment or you will be charged for it. This includes modems, cable boxes, routers, and DVRs that you purchase through Spectrum.

Spectrum doesn’t require you to return the remotes and cables that come with their products such as DVRs and cable boxes. I found that out after I decided to disconnect after having an issue with the Spectrum router blinking red all of the time.

Spectrum considers their equipment to be their property even when you use it in your home. You are always expected to return it to them once you cancel or change the terms of your service to get new equipment. The $200 fee when you fail to return Spectrum equipment exists to cover the loss of their property.