How To Properly Reset Your AirPods

You may need to reset your AirPods for several reasons, such as operational errors, update problems, or because someone gave them to you. Resetting your AirPods isn’t necessarily obvious, and it can stump even the most seasoned Apple users in many cases. Because of this, many Apple users struggle with how to reset AirPods.

The first step to reset AirPods is to place them in the charger case and make sure that the tailpiece is clean on each one. Now, open the device that your AirPods are connected to, select your AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices, and choose “Forget This Device”. Hold the setup button for 15 seconds to reset your AirPods.

Make sure to clean your AirPods and charge them before you reset them or it may not work. Sadly, someone can find and or steal your AirPods and reset them which will prevent you from tracking them. Follow along as we explore how to reset AirPods.

How Do I Reset My AirPods?

You can reset your AirPods in 4 simple steps as long as they are charged and your charger case has power. Many users reset their AirPods to overcome problems such as poor performance and connectivity issues. This is also necessary if you need to pair your AirPods with a new device, such as an iPhone or iPad. Let’s take a look at how to reset AirPods in 5 minutes or less.  

Put Your AirPods In The Case

The first step to reset your AirPods is to set them in the case. Open your charging case and make sure that there is no dust and debris inside of it. If there is, you can remove it with a lint-free cloth or use pressurized air to clean it.

Now, you can put your AirPods in the case and close the lid to initiate the process. Ideally, you should plug your charger case into a wall outlet. Otherwise, make sure that your charger case is fully charged before you put your AirPods in it.

Open Your Settings

Open the settings menu on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or device that your AirPods are connected to. This step will only work if your AirPods are connected to the particular device that you are using. Scroll through the settings menu on your device and tap on the tab that reads “Bluetooth”.

You will need to try another device if you cannot find your AirPods in the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Otherwise, you can close the Settings app, reopen it, and look back through the list of devices to find your AirPods.

Forget This Device

Click on your AirPods once you find them in the list of Bluetooth devices. A prompt will appear on the screen that says “Forget This Device”. Click on this prompt to disconnect your device from your AirPods before you move on to the next step.

Hold The Setup Button

Make sure that the lid on your charger case is open for this next step. Locate the small setup button on the back of your AirPod’s charger case. Hold the button for 15 seconds and wait for the light on the case to turn amber and then white after a moment. This will reset your AirPods.

You can tell that something is wrong if the light doesn’t change colors. This typically will occur if your AirPods are low on battery. It can also happen if your AirPod charger case is low on batteries or isn’t plugged into a power source.

What Happens If AirPods Are Reset?

Your AirPods will disconnect from any device that you have paired them with if you reset them. Apple users cannot track their AirPods once they reset them. You lose access to all of the tracking information that you would normally be able to use through the Find My app.

Apple users also cannot use the “Play Sounds”, “Notify When Left Behind”, and “Lost Mode” functions when they reset their AirPods. You can pair your AirPods with another device or iCloud account once you reset them.

This is easy if you simply reset your AirPods because they have been performing poorly. In that case, all that you need to do is pair your AirPods to your iPhone or Apple device after you reset them. AirPods are essentially once a blank slate once you reset them and you can pair them to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Why Won’t My AirPods Do a Hard Reset?

Your AirPods can fail to reset if they are dirty or low on battery. It may seem simple, but both of these issues are common and can stop you from resetting your AirPods. Let’s take a look at what you can do to reset your AirPods if nothing else works.

Charge Them

You are sometimes unable to reset your AirPods if they are low on battery. In that case, all that you need to do is charge them so that you can reset them. Ideally, you should charge your AirPods to 80% or higher before you update or reset them.

It rarely takes longer than 2 hours to fully charge your AirPods, and you can do it in 25 minutes in some cases. Place your AirPods in the charger case and close the lid to charge them before you reset them.

Clean Your AirPods

Unfortunately, you cannot properly reset or even charge your AirPods if they are dirty. Your charger case relies on a perfect connection to the AirPods for it to work properly. They will be unable to connect to your charger smoothly if there is debris in the way.

The tail needs to pop into the charging case perfectly or else they won’t charge. It is easy for the tail on your AirPods to get dirty due to lint, dust, and debris. Luckily, you should be able to easily clean the tails on your AirPods if you use a lint-free cloth.

While you’re at it, you should clean the charger case as well. In some cases, lint from your AirPods falls to the bottom of the charger case in the slot where they are supposed to connect. You can even blast some compressed air into the charger case at the bottom to clean it.

Can AirPods Be Tracked After Reset?

You cannot track your AirPods after you or someone else resets them. AirPods are no longer paired to your account once they have been reset. In other words, you lose the ability to track your AirPods as soon as you reset them.

Unfortunately, this also means that someone can steal and reset your AirPods and you can’t track them. It may seem like Apple made a mistake with this feature, but there is a logical explanation for it. This feature exists so that you can gift or sell your AirPods to someone without being able to track them.

That is why you should immediately open the Find My app if you lose your AirPods or someone steals them so that you can track them. You will only be able to track them until someone resets your AirPods, but that’s better than nothing.

Does Resetting AirPods Remove Them From iCloud?

Resetting AirPods removes them from iCloud, but you can sync them to your account again. Simply follow the standard sets to connect your AirPods if you have to reset them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track your AirPods or use special features such as “Notify When Left Behind”.

You will lose every function that comes with the Find My app if they are removed from your iCloud account. All that you need to do is open an Apple device to pair your AirPods and add them back to iCloud. Put your AirPods in the case and keep the lid open with your Apple device next to it.

Make sure that your settings menu is open and tap on the Bluetooth tab. A prompt should appear to add the AirPods. Click on the prompt, pair your AirPods, and add them to your iCloud account via the Find My app or on the iCloud website.

Can Someone Activate Stolen AirPods?

Someone can activate your stolen AirPods if they find them. This is common and it can prevent you from being able to track your stolen AirPods. However, a thief can only activate your stolen AirPods if they have a charger case.

They can only activate your stolen AirPods if they reset them which requires them to have a case. Of course, this will be easier for them to do if they stole your AirPods while they were in their case. Track your AirPods via the Find My app until they are reset and file a police report if they are stolen.

How Do I Remove AirPods From Someone Else’s iCloud?

You can remove your AirPods from someone else’s iCloud through the Find My app. Otherwise, you can visit the iCloud website and enter your Apple ID information if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad. You can either do this by resetting your AirPods or by using the other person’s Find My app.

Ask the other person if you can access their Find My app on their Apple device or PC. Scroll through the list of devices until you find your AirPods. Select your AirPods and select the option that says “forget this device”. This will remove your AirPods from someone else’s iCloud account so they can’t track you.

Otherwise, all that you need to do is reset your AirPods in the charger case. From there, you can use the setup button to connect them to another device of yours. This feature is useful if your AirPods were previously connected to a friend or significant other’s account and you want to remove them.

Why Do My AirPods Say Someone Else Owns Them?

Your AirPods will say someone else owns them if you bought them second-hand and haven’t reset them yet. Usually, someone will remove their AirPods from their iCloud account before they sell them. That isn’t always the case, however, and you will need to reset them yourself before they appear as yours.

The last thing that you want is to connect to second-hand AirPods that are connected to someone else’s iCloud account. This would provide them with information about your location and that is unsafe. Always reset your AirPods if you buy them from someone second-hand for safety and privacy reasons.

Put them in the charger case and hold the setup button to reset your AirPods before you use them. That way, the previous owner will no longer have any connection to them at all. This will let you listen to music and use your AirPods freely without worrying about another iCloud account.

Why Did My AirPods Reset?

Your AirPods may have reset if you loaned them to someone else to use with their Apple device. Otherwise, AirPods can unexpectedly reset if the firmware is outdated or if they suffer physical damage. This is especially true if you drop your AirPods from a height above 4-5 feet which can cause serious problems.

AirPods can also unexpectedly disconnect or reset if they are low on battery. Generally, AirPods can suffer in performance if the battery level drops below 20%. You could have also accidentally reset your AirPods while they were in the case if you pressed the setup button.

So, What’s The Best Way To Rest AirPods?

The best way to reset AirPods is to place them in the case and open the settings menu on your phone. Tap the “Forget This Device” icon so that you can unpair your AirPods with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Now, you can open the lid on your AirPod charger case and hold the setup button on the back for up to 15 minutes.

Wait until the light turns amber and then switches to white after a few seconds. This will indicate that your AirPods have been reset. Sadly, you cannot track your AirPods once they have been reset either by you or someone who found or stole them.