How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger (Quickly & EASILY!)

One of Apple’s best-selling products is the Apple Watch. This watch allows users to stay connected even if they left their phone behind. Similar to other Apple devices, the Apple Watch needs to be charged to work efficiently. However, what do you do if you don’t have the wireless charger for the watch with you?

Portable battery packs are the most efficient way to charge an Apple Watch without a charger. They are safe to use with the watch and available at almost every electronics store. The Apple Watch can also be charged with a regular iPhone charger or a USB key. As the last resort, tech-savvy users can access the watch’s hidden port.

The Apple Watch is one of the most convenient ways to stay in touch. It comes with a magnetic wireless charger that makes it easier to charge the watch quickly. If you don’t have that charger with you, but need to charge your watch, you’re not out of luck. There are several other ways this device can be charged.

Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the ways you can charge your Apple Watch if you don’t have the charger. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

How Do You Charge An Apple Watch Without A Charger?

There is more than one way to charge an Apple Watch without a charger. If you don’t have the charger available, finding a substitute is easier than you think. You may already have one or more of the items that are needed to charge the watch.

Portable Battery Pack

Portable battery packs are an easy way to charge your Apple Watch. This product is very easy to use and compatible with almost all mobile devices. All you need to do is charge the battery pack and then you will be able to use it to keep your Apple Watch (or other mobile devices) charged from anywhere.

In order for this method to work, you will need the charging cable that came with the Apple Watch or a compatible cable. This is why we recommend using an Apple portable battery pack. All you need to do for this method to work is use the cable to connect your watch to the battery pack.

There are several reasons why this method is one of the best ways to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. It’s one of the most convenient methods because you can put the battery pack in your purse, travel bag, car, etc., and it’s ready when you need it. Also, it’s a known fact that battery life and data usage are interconnected (source)

As long as your battery pack is charged, you don’t need electricity to keep your Apple Watch charged. The battery pack can be used during power outages, car rides, or anywhere you need it. They are also easy to find and affordable.

Hidden Port

Older models of the Apple Watch have a secret hidden port that many users don’t know about. This is a well-kept secret on Apple’s part and to this day, the company still hasn’t acknowledged what it’s for. The hidden port is also only on older watches. It can’t be found on most modern models.

If you take a look at the bottom of the watch’s band, you will notice a small cap. When you lift this cap, you will find a 6-pin port. This port can be used to charge the watch. Reverse Strap is a company that has put it to the test. They have manufactured a strap that can keep the Apple Watch charged.

While this is great news for Apple Watch owners, you do need to be careful. Officially, Apple has not given the go-ahead to safely use this strap with their watch. Apple encourages customers not to tamper with their devices. If something goes wrong, tampering with the device could void your warranty.

Users that have used the Reverse Strap claim that it charges faster and provides a longer battery life. However, Apple doesn’t support this product because there is a risk of the product overheating. When this happens, it can cause damage to the internal parts of the watch.

Use An iPhone Charger

Did you know that your Apple Watch can also be charged with your iPhone charger? Sometimes the easiest solution is right under your nose. These chargers are compatible with the Apple Watch and other Apple products.

While this is a simple solution, there’s one downfall. You will have to wait longer for the device to charge this way. Apple chargers are known for charging the devices they come with quickly. However, when the chargers are used on different Apple products, they’re not as fast.

Using an iPhone (or other Apple product) charger won’t cause damage to your Apple Watch. This may not be the fastest solution, but it’s a worry-free one. Since the device is compatible with the charger, there isn’t the risk of overheating. 

Keep in mind, the iPhone charger you use will affect how fast the watch charges. If you are using a charger from one of the most recent iPhones, it will charge faster than one of the older iPhone chargers.

The USB Charger

The USB charger for iPad and Mac laptops can also be used to charge your Apple Watch. This charger can be used to charge several Apple devices, not just the one it came with. However, similar to the battery pack, you will need a cable that’s compatible with your Apple Watch for this to work.

This is a great option to consider if you’re traveling because it doesn’t require you to bring another piece of equipment. It’s small and compact, taking up barely any room in your bag. You can even fit it in your pocket.

One of the best USB chargers to consider is a 35W dual USB-C port power adapter. This will allow you to charge two devices at once. Charging your Apple Watch with a USB charger is very easy. All you need to do is connect the watch to the USB using a cable.

If you have one of these chargers, it’s the best substitute for the actual Apple Watch charge on our list today.  The USB charger is safe to use and it’s very fast. You won’t have to wait as long as other options that we’ve mentioned today.

The Batfree Power Strap by Togvu

Togvu gave Apple users something to be happy about with the Batfree Power Strap. While customers love their Apple Watch, there’s one issue they all have with it. None of the Apple watch straps are capable of charging the watch itself.

This is where Togvu came in to save the day. This reliable brand manufactures a watch strap that can charge an Apple Watch while the user is wearing it. There is a wireless charger within the watch band. When users need to charge their Apple Watch, they simply activate the charger by pressing a button.

The band is able to add an additional 27 hours of power to your Apple Watch. One thing to know before using this charger is that it won’t be charging your watch the entire time you’re using it. When you notice the battery power running low, you can turn the band on to charge the Apple Watch.

So, how does this Batfree Power Strap work? There are two li-polymer batteries that are in the side of the watch strap. When you connect the strap to your Apple Watch, it will be connected to a wireless coil that’s able to supply the power.

What Other Chargers Can Charge An Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is a great substitute for the watch charger. This product is recommended by Apple. If you find yourself losing your charger often, you may want to consider this option because it’s designed to be placed in one set area.

There are only a few options that you have available to substitute for your Apple Watch’s charger. If you have trouble keeping track of your chargers, we recommend buying a few extra cables and keeping them in your travel bag, car, or even a designated drawer. This way, they will always be available as needed.

Can You Charge An Apple Watch On Any Wireless Charger?

Your Apple Watch will not work with just any wireless charger. The technology in the watch only allows it to be charged with Apple brand wireless chargers. This keeps customers using Apple products with their devices.

Customers need to beware when they are shopping for wireless chargers anywhere but the Apple store. This is because there are several brands on the market that claim their wireless chargers are compatible with Apple Watch and other devices. However, that’s not the case.

Off-brand wireless chargers have a low price that attracts customers. But, if it’s not an Apple product, it won’t have the right technology to be compatible with the Apple Watch.

PRO TIP: Don’t use cheap chargers! I destroyed two apple watches in my lifetime, one due to a cheap charger and the other because I showered with my apple watch.


The most effective way to charge your Apple Watch without the charger is with a portable battery pack. These are easy to use and can charge your Apple Watch from anywhere. Another easy option is using your iPhone’s charger.

If you have a USB charger that is compatible with Apple products, it can be used to charge your Apple Watch. The only non-Apple product we recommend using with your Apple Watch is the Batfree Power Strap by Togvu because it’s safe and compatible.