How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription (In 6 EASY Steps!)

It may have sounded like a good deal in the beginning. Or, you may you were unable to get the Disney Plus App on your TV. In either case, you want to cancel your subscription to the Disney Plus services. Figuring out how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription may be a bit of a challenge.

To cancel your Disney Plus subscription, locate the Subscriptions section on your Android or iOS device. Find the Disney+ icon and click on Cancel Subscription. If you’re canceling through your TV or the Disney site, check under the billing section. Look out for an email confirmation when your account has been successfully canceled.

In most cases, the easiest way to cancel your Disney Plus subscription is to access your account from the same device that you used to create the account.

This could be your iOS device, your Android device, or your computer. Some televisions allow you to access an internet browser on the TV, which will allow you to access your account information directly.

Canceling your Disney Plus Subscription Using your iOS Device

If you created your Disney Plus account and purchased your subscription from your iOS device, it should be easy to unsubscribe on the same device.

Typically, Disney subscriptions on iOS devices are purchased through the iTunes store. You can cancel the subscription the same way.

1. Using your iOS device, go to the “SETTINGS” option.

2. Access your personal account in the “SETTINGS” menu. This is usually your name.

3. Find the “iTUNES and APP STORE” option.

4. Locate the “SUBSCRIPTIONS” option and tap the icon.

5. Find the “DISNEY +” option and press the icon.

6. You should find an option labeled “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.”  Tap the icon and follow the directions.

You should receive an email notification when you have successfully canceled your Disney Plus subscription using the Apple iTunes method.

Using Your Android Device to Cancel a Disney Plus Subscription

The method for canceling a Disney Plus subscription on an Android device is very similar to the iOS method, with a few notable exceptions. This method works with almost all Android devices.

However, there may be some slight differences depending on the version of the Android operating system your device uses:

1. Navigate to “PLAY.GOOGLE.COM”

2. Make sure you are logged into the correct Google Account that is associated with the Disney Plus account you wish to cancel.

3. On the left-hand portion of the screen, you should find an icon marked “SUBSCRIPTIONS.”  Click on this icon.

4. From the list of subscribed services, select “DISNEY +”

5. Click “MANAGE,” and from the list of options provided, select “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.”

6. Follow the instructions given by the app.

Disney will send you a notification and an email that your Disney Plus subscription has been canceled.

Using the Disney Website to Cancel your Disney Plus Subscription

If you chose to subscribe to Disney Plus using the direct credit card option, you should access your Disney account via the Disney website to perform your cancellation.

Follow the steps below to access your account and perform the cancellation. This method will work using a computer or the browser option on your smart TV:

1. Use this link to access the Disney website and navigate to your account on your computer browser.

2. Once you have logged into your account using your username and password, go to the “PROFILE” option located in the upper right corner of your computer screen.

3. Access your account information by clicking on the “ACCOUNT” option in the dropdown menu list.

4. Access “BILLING DETAILS” from the menu options to find your subscription information.

5. Follow the instructions provided to cancel your subscription.

Once the cancellation is finalized, you should receive an email to your email address of record in your Disney account profile confirming the cancellation.

Does Disney Charge a Cancellation Fee?

Disney does not charge a cancellation fee for stopping your subscription. Once you perform a cancellation, you will have access to the Disney Plus features until your next billing date.

For example, if you normally are billed on the 1st of the month for your Disney Plus subscription, and you cancel on the 15th of the month, your subscription remains in effect until the first of the next month.

You will not get a refund of a prorated portion of your subscription fee. You should not be billed for the subsequent months, and your services should stop on your next billing date After your cancel your subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Disney Plus Subscription Through my ROKU Account?

If you added the Disney Plus channel to your ROKU subscription, you should cancel the subscription the same way.

This will ensure that both ROKU and Disney process the cancellation to ensure that the billing for the subscription is properly terminated.

Here are the steps:

1. Access your ROKU home screen by pressing the “HOME” button on your TV remote control.

2. On the ROKU home screen, highlight the Disney Plus icon in the channels list.

3. Press the “STAR” button on your ROKU remote control.

4. Select “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION” on the menu that displays on your TV.

5. Choose the “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” option. You should get a confirmation message on the screen almost immediately. The confirmation message should also tell you the date that the cancellation will occur.

Can I Cancel My Disney Plus Subscription Through Amazon?

If you purchased your Disney Plus subscription through Amazon or Amazon Prime, you should access your account the same way and perform the cancellation on the Amazon service.

These steps should make the cancellation process quick and easy on Amazon services:

1. Access your Amazon account and look for the menu option titled “YOUR MEMBERSHIPS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS.”

2. Choose the “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS” listed next to the Disney Plus item on the list.

3. Navigate to the “ADVANCED OPTIONS” item on the menu. This should take you to the main subscription page, where you can cancel your subscription.

You should get an email and onscreen notification from Amazon that your subscription to Disney Plus has been canceled. Make sure that you receive this email because I had an issue while trying to cancel FuboTV.