Can You Have Two Modems in One House?

Your home’s Internet connection involves several components working together. Understanding each component and its purpose will help you better understand how the whole network operates.  Your Internet signal comes from your Internet service provider (ISP), which could be a cable, phone, DSL, or other provider that you pay for access to web services. The Internet … Read more

Why Is My Roku TV So Slow? (Causes & Simple Fixes)

I’ve owned my Roku TV for almost 3 years, and I’ve had my fair share of frustrations created by it operating slower than I would like it to. Many times, the fault falls on my internet being unstable due to my location. Luckily, switching to a wired connection has significantly improved my experience with my … Read more

Can You Text Someone You Blocked on Your iPhone?

Can You Text Someone You Blocked on Your iPhone

Blocked someone, but still want to text them from time to time? It’s OK, we get it. Similar to disabling location sharing, sometimes we can only take people in small doses. Often, a single text can take the place of a minutes-long telephone conversation. But sometimes, people decide to block specific contacts, preventing communication between … Read more

Can I Shower With My Apple Watch?

Can I Shower With My Apple Watch

Apple Watches feature incredible technology that leaves messages, phone calls, and even health tracking just a finger’s tap away. Wearing a smartwatch throughout the day, including during a shower, is convenient and practical. But is it a good idea to wear an Apple Watch while showering? Newer generation Apple Watches, including Apple Watch Series 4 … Read more

Why Can’t Callers Hear Me On My AirPods?

Why Can’t Callers Hear Me On My AirPods

AirPods make it easier than ever to make a phone call when you are on the move. This is more important now than ever with the sometimes overwhelming speed of life. They aren’t perfect, however, and are still prone to some irritating problems. Many users ask themselves: why can’t callers hear me on my AirPods? … Read more

Why Is My Spectrum Router Blinking Red? (hint: it’s NOT connected!)

Why Is My Spectrum Router Blinking Red

Spectrum is the leading name in the world of Internet service providers, but that doesn’t mean that they are without problems. Nothing is more frustrating than when your Spectrum router doesn’t work as intended. Many users ask themselves; why is my Spectrum router blinking red? Your Spectrum router is blinking red because it isn’t connected … Read more