Verizon Router Yellow Light: 6 Ways to Fix It Fast

Verizon Router Yellow Light

Is it your router overheating? Is it the loose cable connections? Whatever the case may be, your Internet is probably out again, which is why you’re here! Your router failing can be time-consuming and highly inconvenient, especially if you’re in the middle of working, gaming, or another important project. So, what’s causing your Verizon router … Read more

Can You Replace The Battery in a Fitbit? (It Depends!)

Can You Replace The Battery in a Fitbit

Fitbits are wonderful tools that are easy to use and convenient to wear. These tiny little wristband trackers are an excellent way to monitor your sleep and stay on top of your health goals. Although rechargeable, a Fitbit battery can eventually die as the lithium-ion battery becomes exhausted. You can replace a Fitbit battery with … Read more

How To Calibrate Peloton Bike (Do It Only Once!)

After dealing with my peloton not turning on, I found out that I also need to calibrate my bike. Supposedly, recalibrating your bike can help it operate better and make your workouts more efficient. Original Pelotons must be recalibrated manually, while the newer Bike+ can calibrate using auto-calibration. It would help if you recalibrated your … Read more