Escort Max 360 helps keep you under the radar and free from a ticket. When a radar detector is your must-have piece of equipment, and price irrelevant, then Escort Max 360 is perfect.

Apart from impressive flirtation skills, this is the most fabulous way to get away from a ticket. Though the cost is a lot more than the Radenso XP, Max 360 is a lot more modern and connected.

With digital signal processing (DSP), smartphone connection, and directional technology, the Escort Max 360 that I have been testing incorporates all of that.

A price tag of a few cents shy of $650 could make it a hard sale to come to terms. That is unless you received some impressive driving skills from Thomas Magnum or Steve McGarrett. Most notably, the Escort Max 360’s rivals, Radenso XP, Pro M, & SP, can be easier on the wallet. 

Even though that ticket may cost from $125-$150 on average, anyone with a heavy foot knows that adds up. To help avoid the issue altogether, choose a radar detector that literally has your back.

What We Like 

  • Response times and range are great
  • Arrows alert you to the cop’s location
  • False alerts get rejected with the GPS AutoLearn

What We Don’t Like 

  • Arrows lag at times for a slow response
  • High Price 

Top Features 

Escort Max 360 ReviewThe Escort Max 360 makes the grade with X, Ka, Ka-POP, K, signals from lasers. With a dual antenna setup, scanning is complete in all directions. When put with its digital hardware, reaction time is quick and impressive. 

Arrow Indicator

The belle of the ball is the Escort Max 360’s arrow indicator. In easy terms, it is what assists you in finding the 5-O, AKA the police. This indicator is impressive when compared to the Radenso XP, Pro M, and SP.

Auto Learn System 

Escort Max 360 ReviewThe GPS-enabled AutoLearn system files and rejects the false alerts over time. Escort Max 360, and the competitors, have apps that offer the lead feet in the community. The apps share things like speed traps, the local speed limits, and real-time radar information.

With all the gadgets equipped on the Escort Max 360, the most important question came up. Is it functional? First up was the AutoLearn. Why do you ask? If something was going to fail, this was going to be the thing. 

Issues With Alerts 

After placing the suction cup bracket on the windshield and putting the unit on the magnetic mount, off, I went. This first test had me at the local mall. This is where users of the detector had issues thanks to motion sensor doors and emissions. The first time around was outstanding. However, continued trips over several days away went the alerts.

Lock Out Alters For Crowded Areas 

Escort Max 360 ReviewWith the Escort Max 360 alerts can also be manually locked out, a feature used when I cruised by the local PD. As I took another turn around the block, those setting inputs were remembered and reduced to the gray popup on my screen. Those that drive in larger cities or crowded areas would love this.

When talking about the essentials, Escort Max 360’s range, accuracy, and filtration abilities are precisely what one would expect. DSP searches those heavily used radar bands and locates what is explicitly utilized by law enforcement, eliminating the background noise.

There is a performance drawback with the Escort Max 360. The issue is the arrows. While the technology is useful, the arrows, were slow to respond when the threat position changes. For example, I cruised past a known speed trap location on a chilly Thursday morning. It took a few seconds for the arrow to move from ahead to behind.

Pairs Via Bluetooth  

Escort Max 360 ReviewWith the trend, Escort Max 360 links to smartphones with Bluetooth. This gives those that use it access to Escort Live, which is a community-based ticket protection program.

Download this free app on your Apple or Android device. You will get nearby alerts, locations of red-light cameras, speed limit information, and over the speed violations.

Easy To Use App

The application is relatively easy to use. Swipe left and report a hazardous area, tap to mute, or to lock it out, swipe right. While Waze is much better for a broader base user, interfacing with the detector and phone is a super bonus. The competitor radar detectors utilize other options, and some are only compatible with an Android or do not offer a community connection.


The Escort Max 360 is one of the best on the market. Great alerts, Bluetooth hookup, and ease of use make this detector a great resource. Those that have a lead foot will absolutely love it!