Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death (Try This First!)

If you’ve never heard of the Echo Dot blue ring of death, consider yourself lucky. While a simple “Alexa, stop” usually works to turn off the blue light, there may be an underlying issue if the light stays on.

Typically, a power supply issue is causing the blue light to stay on, or there is a software issue that requires your attention. However, if you spilled water near your device, you could have a problem with your logic board. Occasionally, there might be a problem with your WIFI connectivity, causing the blue light to remain on.

In a worst-case scenario, you will need to reset your Echo Dot to its factory settings, but that should be one of the last steps you try since you will lose saved data.

The good news is there are fixes to this common problem, and you shouldn’t have to see the blue ring of death for long. But, let’s start with how it got this unique nickname.

Why Do People Call It The “Blue Ring of Death”?

“The blue ring of death” refers to when your Echo Dot blue light stays on, regardless of what you do to turn it off.

The problem can be incredibly frustrating, so it was appropriately named by those who have experienced it. The term combines what users call the “blue screen of death” in Windows XP and the “blue light of screen” in PlayStation 4.

Typically, the blue light is lit when responding to a request, but if there is an error, the light will stay on. You may also see the blue light when the Echo Dot is undergoing a software update.

Now, let’s look at what causes the blue light to stay on and some troubleshooting solutions.

Blue Light on Alexa Won’t Turn Off

Usually, the blue light won’t turn off on Alexa because it is not receiving sufficient power, like after a power surge. You may also have internal issues with the circuit board, which requires replacement.

Several power supply problems can cause your Alexa not to turn off. For example, if you use the wrong power cord, it will not operate correctly. Also, if the power cord is not completely plugged in or has a broken wire, you will experience issues.

Power Supply Problems and How to Fix Them

There are several aspects to look at when determining whether you have a power supply problem, including:

  • Ensure you are using certified cables
  • Ensure all cables are correctly attached to and from your device
  • Remove cracked cables and replace them with new ones

This YouTube video goes over power supply issues you may face:

Logic Board Problems and How to Fix Them

If you experience a logic board problem, your device will have power but can’t effectively start because of a glitch or bug.

Usually, this occurs because of water damage causing an electric short or a recent power surge. If you believe you did get water on your device, leave it off for 24 hours before attempting to use it again.

You also want to wipe any wet parts of your device with a paper towel to eliminate excess liquid. However, occasionally, you may run into problems with your logic board due to manufacturing errors that you need to address with customer service.

In addition, you want to look over the logic board for swollen or leaky capacitors, which are located on the bottom of the logic board. If you notice damaged capacitors, you will have to replace them before continuing the use of the device.

To repair significant issues with your logic board, it would be helpful to seek the advice of a specialist or directly through Amazon, especially if you must drain your device to remove the water. 

This YouTube video features what to do if you spill water on your Echo Dot. (Warning, there are a few not safe for work words, but that’s what the blue ring of death will do to you)

In addition, this YouTube instructs you to carefully remove your device’s bottom to look for water damage on your motherboard.

Wireless Connectivity Issues and How to Fix Them

If your Echo Dot is not connected to WIFI, it may cause the blue light to stay on. Remember, your device relies on WIFI to operate, so if you’ve recently lost power or are having an issue with your router, you will also have problems with your device.

Also, when there is a WIFI issue, Alexa might be stuck in an offline condition, which causes the light to stay on.

You can also move your device closer to your router to ensure you are within the required network.

Here are a few simple ways to help with connectivity issues:

  •  Reset your router
  • Reduce your bandwidth
  • Disconnect unused devices
  • Reconnect all cables

In addition, following these steps can help with connecting to the internet:

  1. Power off your device and turn it back on
  2. If it is still not working, check your internet connection
  3. Update firmware and change your wireless channel
  4. Hold the volume buttons for 20 seconds and check the connection

Software Problems and How to Fix Them 

Your system’s operating software may be causing problems and resulting in the blue ring of death. So, if there are internal bugs due to software complications, you will continuously see the blue light ring.

You may interfere with Alexa operating correctly if incomplete updates run in the background. In addition, incompatible apps downloaded can cause problems until you remove them.

Also, the blue ring of death can lead to your device starting without your commands. The easiest way to fix software problems is to update your Alexa with the latest software and ensure you complete downloads.

“Do Not Disturb Mode” (DND) and How to Turn It Off

Your device will not respond to queries or voice commands when you have the DND enabled. This feature is set on your smartphone, so you must open the app to determine whether you have DND activated.

To disable this feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Locate the devices tab on the bottom
  3. Choose Echo & Alexa
  4. Select the device with the issue
  5. Open the settings in the upper right corner
  6. Find the general section and determine what your DND is set to
  7. Select the feature and disable the toggle

If the DND feature is not activated, move on to the next troubleshooting step, as this is not your issue.

4 Steps to quickly reset your Echo device

One of the easiest ways to turn off the blue light is to reset your device with the following steps:

  1. Press the mute and subtraction button for about 30 seconds
  2. Wait until the ring lights turn yellow, and keep holding until the light turns blue
  3. Your device has now entered into the reset process
  4. Your device now automatically reboots itself before it gets reset

This YouTube gives a visual on how to perform a reset on your Echo device:

Factory Reset Alexa

If you’ve gotten to this point and the blue light remains on, you should perform a factory reset on the device. The factory reset will set up your device like when you bought it.

To reset your device, choose yours from the Amazon website, as each has its own instructions.

If a factory reset does not work, you should deregister your device from your Amazon account and register it again. To perform this action, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices
  2. Log into your account
  3. Choose Devices
  4. Select your device and choose deregister

Contact Alexa Device Help Resources

When all else fails, you should contact Alexa Device Help Resources to troubleshoot your issue further. For example, you can search for common problems with Alexa and request in-person support, where a representative comes to your home and helps with the setup process.

You may also choose to call or chat with someone online about your issues.


Hopefully, this concludes the end of your blue ring of death problem, and your Alexa is working correctly. I also had to previously deal with Alexa spinning a blue light, which is a completely different issue.

Remember to use proper power supply cords and take caution with liquids around your device. Also, it’s best to stay on top of updates and contact Amazon with significant issues.