ClockInEasyClockInEasy is a human resources management tool that allows employees to record timesheets seamlessly and straightforward.

Employers love ClockInEasy because they can track their employee’s time via a smart mobile app. Employers can also be confident the employes are working with built-in GPS tracking features. 

Additionally, ClockInEasy supports advanced technology, including facial recognition, that makes sure another employee isn’t clocking in for someone else.

Employees can also provide “time off” sheets and other essential documents with a click of a button. As a result, employers get the ability to schedule and manage their employees from a centralized dashboard accurately.

Streamlined Products


ClockInEasyTimesheets is an application within the program that allows employers to streamline their payroll. Employers can log onto the dashboard and see the employees that have clocked in or are late.

Furthermore, the report allows employers to check out the necessary information on their employees like GPS location. If an employee clocks in late, there’s a note section that will be displayed for the employer.

Whether you have hourly, salary, or a mix ClockInEasy is for you.

Payroll Reporting

Do you have a hard time generating reports? Not anymore! With the new payroll reporting feature, reports can be generated in just one-click. Stop wasting your time configuring excel columns, count on ClockInEasy to get the job done. 

Labor Compliance

Business Regulations can be confusing and costly to make a mistake in. ClockInEasy has trained professionals who’ve created FSLA & overtime compliant sheets for you. If you run into an audit, you’ve got the tools to protect yourself. 

Cloud-based Platform

Whether you’re on the beach, or in the middle of the woods, you can access the cloud! Processing payroll can be done on the couch, or even in bed. Any device, anywhere, anytime. 


ClockInEasy BiometricsDon’t trust simple passwords to clock employees in and out. With biometrics, you can be sure your employee is at work. With optional face-recognition and GPS tracking, it’s no wonder ClockInEasy is used by businesses everywhere. 

Custom Policies

Every business is different, and ClockInEasy understands this. On the admin dashboard, you will see endless configurations that mold to fit your business.  


Let’s jump into some of the amazing features that ClockInEasy has to offer. 


ClockInEasy reportClockInEasy has custom tools that will round an employee’s payroll based on specific policies and procedures that you set. You can set employees up on different payroll calculations based on their job code.

Some employees might be paid more, and some might be paid for commuting to work. Ultimately this feature allows you to create custom job codes to streamline the operation.

Time Off

Problems with taking time off is a thing of the past! ClockInEasy will do the accrual accounting for you and allow your employees to select the specification they have. Employees will have the option to select paid, unpaid time, personal, sick, and vacation.

You can give specific employees time off based on job codes. Some employees might get paid time off, while others may not. Don’t waste your time calculating these hours on your own, ClockInEasy can do it for you!

Employees might also be able to earn time off based on time worked. For example, if you give employees one hour of paid time off a week, ClockInEasy can help add the time up. As the employee works full weeks, they can see an increase in paid time off eligible hours.


TimesheetsSome employees might be subject to overtime. In this case, ClockInEasy will implement the right overtime policy that you select. Don’t worry, if your employee wasn’t supposed to work overtime, you can edit it. 

Admins are given access to change the overtime codes to fit the situation. For example, if it’s a holiday, the employer might provide double pay for work. However, on regular days, it might be time and a half.


The note section creates a paper trail in case a mess was made. Therefore, if an employee clocks in late, they may want to leave a note to let the employer know that they had an emergency. ClockInEasy also allows the employee to attach photos if it’s appropriate to do so.

This integration helps administer the payroll quickly especially if information must be evaluated from the notes section.

Team Clock 

ClockInEasy team clockEmployees are all given unique pins that shouldn’t be shared. These secrete unique numbers will allow the employee to clock in and have time recorded for pay. There are security tools in place to ensure that there isn’t another employee clocking in for someone else.

Audit Log

ClockInEasy releases audited logs so that you’re confident that there are no mistakes in the payroll process. Stop collecting paper timesheets immediately as you’ll make a mistake! 

ClockInEasy, allows you to be confident that the timesheets have been calculated accurately.


The pricing for ClockInEasy comes in three packages and has two pricing models that feature annual and monthly subscriptions. 

The pricing is based on individual employees, so the more you have, the more the total package will cost.

Self Employed

If you’re self-employed and are the only person at your business, then the application will always be free. If you pay yourself a fair wage and are on payroll this app will be extremely helpful.  (Instead of taking company distributions.) 

Some states may even require fair wages to be paid, so this free application is beneficial.

Small to medium

If you own a small to medium business, which is defined as 2-99 users, you’ll want the “professional” package. This package can be purchased for $4 a month when paid annually. However, if you pay monthly the it will be $5. 

If you’re unsure, don’t worry! You’ll have a trial run in the beginning to test the application and see if it’s suitable for your business.

*The packages are per employee, so if you have 99 employees, then you will be spending $396-495 per month.


If you own a large company with one hundred or more employees, then contact support. Depending on the number of employees you have, you could be subject to a deal.  

Ease of Use 

The application will mainly be used by two different groups of people, employees, and employers.


ClockInEasy report easyWhen an employee downloads the app, they will already have a username, password, and pin set up for them. This makes it extremely easy for the employee to hit the ground running and start recording time.

They will use the punch option to sign in, which they can add notes. Then the employee can select a clock out option when they are done with work.

The learning curve on this side of the app is only a few minutes. Employees won’t need to calculate any information.

 This seamless integration of graphics allows anyone to hit the clock and start working.

Rating in terms of Ease: 10/10


The employer or person in charge of analyzing payroll information will have a little higher learning curve. The time increase is due to options on the backend. 

ClockInEasy was built on the framework of making a straightforward app. This means you will get a graphical dashboard that connects extremely easy. This will allow you to get back to what really matters the most!

Admins can see a panel that shows daily, weekly, monthly, and in yearly timesheets. From this, it’s very straightforward to export data or use QuickBooks to implement a payroll to pay employees.

Rating in terms of Ease: 9/10


With every software you use, there will be limitations with the data that might not specifically benefit your business. 

Employee management 

ClockInEasy Cloud-based PlatformYou will be paying monthly or yearly for employees to use the application. This means if someone quits or is fired, then you could run into some small complications.

If your human resource department isn’t on top of it, you’re still paying for them. The employee section has some limitation to the adding/deleting employee access functions.

Processing payroll

ClockInEasy helps you gather the necessary information to process payroll but doesn’t connect it for you. After you verify the timesheet information, you’ll need to use another software. Typically, QuickBooks is used to process payroll and pay your employees. 

This means you will be adding another step to your payroll process. With hundreds of employees, this can be a hassle. 

Work accounting

This application is beneficial for companies that have remote employees, such as construction workers. It allows users to log in and account for their time but doesn’t show employee productivity. If the employee is working at a desk, you can’t see if they are working, only clocked in. This could be an issue for some professions if the work isn’t in a physical office.

Hardware Requirements 

ClockInEasy is accessible through your mobile app, web browser, or tablet. Each form has its different functions. For example, if you have an employee who needs to do work at a different job site, mobile might be best. However, if your employees are in an office, a web browser would be best. 


If you have an internet connection, then you can use ClockInEasy without any disruptions. Use it on your Desktop, Laptop or even mobile phone. 

Mobile Application 

ClockInEasy mobileGoogle Play- If you’re using an Android phone, you need version 4.1 and up. Also, 25.6MB of free storage to download the app.

Apple- You will need at least 25.6MB of free storage to download the app. Your IOS device must also be on version 8.0 or later.


ClockInEasy has two forms of security, on the user’s side and on the application itself. ClockInEasy separates its self from other payroll/human resource applications via its smart security. 


ClockInEasy QuickBooksThe user will be given information to log into their account that should not be shared. This information will prevent other employees from logging into their account and changing the timesheets.

Users will have facial recognition so that someone couldn’t clock in or out if they don’t own the account. GPS tracks with punches, so if someone makes a log outside the GPS fence, the admin will be notified.


The application doesn’t directly add information to other integrations like QuickBooks without admin verification. This means that an employee can’t change their timesheet and have it automatically added to pay them out. Admins can verify timesheets before they are sent to the payroll software.


ClockInEasy offers a few integrations that allow the platform to be interactive and fluent with any business. Don’t see an integration that you can use? Contact ClockInEasy today and see if the application can be added just for you. 

Payroll Provider

ClockInEasy eeWhen using the application, you’re able to export the reporting data for each induvial employee or your entire team. Therefore, data can be integrated with other payroll applications and used in data software to help forecast expenses. The data comes in a straightforward report which allows anyone to engage with it. 

PDF Export

If you’re looking to meet an employee to give them feedback on their work, this option may come in handy. With a click of a button, you’re able to print the employee’s timesheet records. This seamless integration allows any human resource officer or executive to get vital information in minutes.

ClockInEasy will save you time, and time is money. If you don’t have to configure excel columns and rows you can spend more time making your company awesome. 

CSV Export

If your payroll provider is not listed under their support integrations. Then you can manually copy and paste the report into your software and configure it in minutes. This will allow you to be compatible with any accounting program that your company may use. Now you can pay your employees quickly as you connect to your bank information from your payroll application.

Your employees like to be paid on time, so don’t make them wait with a slow payroll application. 

QuickBooks Integration 

Probably the best integration is QuickBook’s ability. Admins can transfer the data automatically to their QuickBooks account to process payroll in minutes. 

QuickBooks is one of the most popular payroll/accounting services, so it’s no surprise that ClockInEasy has support for it.