Can You Pair AirPods With a Different Case?

The modern convenience of AirPods has changed how we listen to music, speak on the phone, and even relax. But AirPods aren’t perfect, they often pick up background noise and have connectivity issues. But what we want to know today is… can you pair AirPods with a different case?

You can pair Airpods with a different case as long as they are the same model and series. Open the AirPod charging case, place them inside, and close the lid for 30-60 seconds. Pop the lid open, press the setup button, open your phone, and confirm that you want to connect to the AirPod case.

You can do this process with as many AirPod cases as you need, and many users store them in different places. This process also works if you need to pair a replacement set of AirPods with a different case. Follow along as we explore how you can pair AirPods with a different case.

Can You Pair AirPods Pro With a Different Case?

You can pair AirPods with a different case as long as it is the same model. For example, you will need to pair to a Pro series case if you have AirPod Pros, or else they would be incompatible. You can use another person’s AirPod case if you are away from home as long as it is compatible and it won’t affect your existing case.

All that you need to do is open the case’s lid and place the AirPods inside. The AirPods will lock into place via the magnetic mechanism in AirPod cases. Close the lid for a minute, reopen it, and press the setup button on the back of the case.

Open your phone and look for the prompt to connect your AirPods. Confirm that it is okay to connect the AirPods and now you will be able to use the case to charge them. You will be able to charge them in your case again if you repeat this simple process.

How to Connect two Different AirPods to one Case

Many users have multiple AirPods to swap them out in case one pair dies and you still need to use them. This is the only way to ensure that you can continue to listen with AirPods when one pair dies. Luckily, it is easy to connect two different AirPods to one case if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Put Both AirPods in the Case

Make sure that both AirPods belong to the same generation, or else the process won’t work. Place both pairs of AirPods in the case and keep the lid open to connect them. Pay attention to the status light on your AirPod case and make sure that it is amber before you proceed.

2. Press the Setup Button

Locate the setup button in the center of your AirPod case. Hold the setup button for a few seconds and wait until the light switches from amber to white. It typically takes between 5 and 10 seconds for the light to change to white if it doesn’t happen right away.

3. Charge the Case

Close the top of the AirPod case with both pairs of earbuds in it if the light doesn’t turn white at first. Plug the case into the charger, set a timer, and let it charge for 10-20 minutes. Unplug the charger and open the case once the light turns white.

4. Pair the AirPods

Remove the AirPods from the case and open the settings menu on your iPhone. Place the AirPods near your phone and wait for a “connected” icon to appear on your home screen. A prompt will appear on your screen asking you to connect to the AirPods.

You will be able to connect either pair of AirPods to your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. Keep the spare pair of AirPods in your case or somewhere easy to access so you can connect them when the other one dies.

How to Pair a Replacement AirPod

AirPods are reliable but they aren’t perfect and it is common to need to replace them. With that said, it can be frustrating to pair a set of replacement AirPods if you haven’t done it before. It only takes a few moments to pair replacement AirPods to your iPhone with some simple steps.

1. Disconnect old AirPods

You need to disconnect your old AirPods to pair a replacement. Pull up the settings menu on your iPhone to pull up a list of the connected devices. Click on the Bluetooth option and scroll through the list of devices until you find your AirPods listed.

Select “forget this device” to unpair your old AirPods from your phone. You will receive a prompt to confirm that you want to forget the device, and you need to select “yes” to disconnect them.

2. Place new AirPods in Case

Now, you need to place your new replacement AirPods in the case. Plug the case in and open the lid to place the AirPods inside. Charge the AirPods for 10 minutes or longer if necessary.

3. Set up the Replacement AirPods

Hold the setup button until the light switches from amber to white. It may take 10 seconds or longer to set up the replacement AirPods. Make sure that the replacement AirPods are compatible with the case.

Otherwise, you may not be able to set up the replacement AirPods if you are using an old, incompatible case. Ideally, you should buy replacement AirPods that are in the same series as the ones you already have unless you want to upgrade.

4. Enable Bluetooth Connection

Enable the Bluetooth connection on whatever device you want to connect to your replacement AirPods. This applies to laptops, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and any device with Bluetooth capabilities. AirPods are designed to work best with Apple products, but they work with Androids as well.

5. Select Your Device

Locate your AirPods in the device listing on your phone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch. Select your AirPods and wait a moment for them to connect to the device. You will hear a quick noise when your AirPods connect to the device that indicates that your replacement AirPods are paired.

Replacement AirPod not Pairing

Check your Wi-Fi connection if your replacement AirPods won’t pair to a particular device. Attempt to connect the AirPods to multiple devices to see if the AirPods are the problem. Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on for whatever device you want to pair to your AirPods.

Your replacement AirPods won’t pair to a device if you don’t turn on the pairing mode on the case either. They may also fail to pair if you don’t charge your AirPods for long enough before you try to connect them. Charge them for 10-20 minutes before you attempt to pair your replacement AirPods or it may not work.

How to Connect one AirPod Without a Case

You can connect AirPods without a case if you use an iPhone. Access the “Control Center” menu by swiping downwards to access the Bluetooth control. Find the Bluetooth icon which is located to the right of the Wi-Fi icon in the upper left box of the Control Center.

Click on the Bluetooth icon if it is off to turn it on so you can connect your AirPods. Next, locate the music icon in the upper righthand box on the control center and click on it. A list will appear that shows the devices that you can pair to your iPhone.

Your AirPods should appear if you have previously connected them to your iPhone in the past. Select your AirPods and you will be able to use them without a case. You are more limited if you don’t use a case to connect AirPods, but it’s a great alternative if your case isn’t available.

So, How Do You Pair Your AirPods Without a Case?

You can pair your AirPods with a different case in 1-2 minutes. Make sure that your AirPods are in the same series as the case or else they will be incompatible. Put your AirPods in the case, close the lid, wait for 30 seconds, and reopen it.

Press and hold the setup button on the back of the AirPod case until the light changes from amber to white.

Open your iPhone and wait for a prompt to appear asking you to confirm that you are connecting to a new case. Confirm the connection and you will be able to charge your AirPods with a different case.