Can You Convert Coax to Ethernet?

In recent years I’ve started to stream content daily. Fast and reliable WiFi is essential for watching my favorite shows and catching the latest movies. Traditional coax cable is reliable but not convenient if I want WiFi to reach other parts of my home.

Ethernet connections to a router or modem promise a better connection, but is there an easy way to convert my existing coax cable to Ethernet?

It is possible to convert coax to Ethernet using a MoCA Adapter device. The adapter is a simple plug-and-play setup that allows users to create a MoCA network in their house. The MoCA Adapter can be used with computers, Smart TVs, or routers and modems to make a stable, secure internet connection.

Not only is a MoCA Network easy to install, but it has several benefits that make it a popular choice. Coax converted to Ethernet with the help of an adapter can create a more reliable WiFi connection with a broader reach. Users can enjoy better streaming and gaming with up to 16 different MoCA adapters joined on a single network.

Do I Need to Rewire My House with Ethernet Cable?

The beauty of using a MoCA Adapter to convert your coax to Ethernet is the ability to create strategic access points throughout your house using your existing coax cable or Internet-enabled equipment.

When building a new MoCA Network that utilizes Ethernet, there is no need to run additional coax cable throughout your home. Less cable means you can save money on the installation and won’t have to spend an entire weekend wiring your home.

How Do I Create a MoCA Network?

By converting your coax to Ethernet throughout your house, you will be creating a MoCA Network. This term refers to at least two, but sometimes more, MoCA devices or adapters. A great example of a MoCA device is the Coax to Ethernet Adapters used to convert coax cable to Ethernet. 

The MoCA network is what is created once the adapters are put in place. You’ll need at least two MoCA Adapters to create a network if your router doesn’t already have MoCA Adapters built in.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Converting your coax to Ethernet is an easy project with several benefits for your home network. The process is easy and only requires minimal equipment. You’ll need at least two Coax to Ethernet Adapters to complete the conversion from coax to Ethernet. Sometimes these will be called MoCA Adapters or MoCA Network Adapters. In addition, it may be useful also to have:

  • Extra Ethernet Cable
  • RJ45 Cable
  • Extra coax cable of different lengths

How Do MoCA Adapters Work?

MoCA Adapters work by creating a network through your home. The network is an Ethernet-enabled connection that utilizes the standard TV wiring in your home. The result is increased bandwidth and improved connectivity. MoCA Adapters use some great technology to build their superior network.

Can I Create A Wireless MoCA Network?

The MoCA Adapters create both a wired and wireless network. Because the network utilizes the coax cable going into the adapter, you maintain a wired connection. The wired connection allows for little interference, giving you both fast and dependable internet. 

But MoCA Adapters also create a wireless network because any device with an Ethernet port can connect to the network, including a wireless router. Using the wireless router in the adapter, you can effectively use your MoCA Adapter to create a WiFi access point powering streaming devices or online gaming platforms.

What If I Don’t Have a Wireless Router?

Most MoCA Adapters have multiple ports on the back, including an Ethernet port. Using the port, you’ll be able to directly connect a computer or gaming console to eliminate the need for a WiFi router. Directly connecting your device to the MoCA Adapter can streamline the process and create a more reliable network.

How Fast is a MoCA Network?

Using the coax cable as the backbone of the internet, MoCA Adapters can create fast internet speeds, up to 2.5 Gbps inside the network. You can enhance your network by connecting up to 16 MoCA Adapters or devices onto a single network. 16 Adapters are more than enough to power even the heaviest WiFi usage homes.

How Do I Set up a MoCA Adapter?

Compared to routing coax cable through your home to create a dedicated network, MoCA Adapters are extremely easy to set up. Most networks can be created in just a matter of minutes. To set up a MoCA Adapter, you’ll need to:

Step 1: Purchase Equipment

First, you’ll need to purchase the right equipment for Ethernet cable or RJ45 Cable in the package, you may have to buy additional cable. It can also help to have some extra coax cables of different lengths. your network. You’ll need at least two MoCA Adapters. While most adapters come with included

Step 2: Determine Configuration

There are multiple ways to configure your adapter depending on what you want to create with your network. The most popular port options for your MoCA Adapter are to have a Coax Input, Ethernet Out, Coax Passthrough, and Power Jack. These ports will give you the most options for various network configurations.

Step 3: Connect the First Adapter

Take your first adapter and insert the coax cable directly into the “Coax In” port on the back of the adapter. Usually, the coax cable will be found near your TV. 

If your adapter has the option, you can also connect the coax to the “Coax Passthrough” port. This connection will help you manage both the TV connection and the Ethernet connection at the same time. Without the Passthrough port, you’ll need to purchase a Coax Splitter to manage both.

Step 4: Connect Modem

Next, take your Ethernet cable and connect it to the RJ45 Port on the adapter and the internet modem or router you’ll be using.

Step 5: Power

Power up the MoCA Adapter and the router. You should see both the adapter and the router turn on and cycle through their start-up phases.

Step 6: Adapter #2

Locate your second connection point. Most people will choose a connection directly to a Smart TV or a network device like a Wireless Router. Your secondary location will need a coax cable outlet. Connect the coax cable from the outlet to the second adapter. Connect the adapter directly to your secondary device with the additional Ethernet cable.

Step 7: Repeat as Necessary

You can connect up to 16 different adapters on the same network. As necessary, move through your home, connecting the coax cable outlets directly to internet-enabled devices.

Remember that while MoCA Adapters have several benefits, they are not compatible with all devices. You cannot use a MoCA Adapter with satellite TV or U-verse Coax networks, like AT&T.

Are MoCA Networks Secure?

Like most internal networks, MoCA Networks are very secure but have some limitations. MoCA signals, by design, will seek other MoCA networks. If you have created a MoCA network, you should probably add a MoCA signal filter. 

This device should be placed where the internet connection enters the home. This way, you’ll be able to prevent other MoCA Networks in the neighborhood or area from connecting to your network or interfering with the signal.

What Are The Benefits of Switching from Coax to Ethernet?

MoCA networks come with several benefits aside from the quick and easy setup procedures. Many people are turning to a MoCA network to power their WiFi throughout their homes.

Some of the best benefits of switching from coax cable to Ethernet include the following:

  • Improved Bandwidth – A MoCA Adapter can be used to create connection points between your router and WiFi access points. Multiple WiFi access points mean your internet performance will be faster and better directed to each device.
  • Better Streaming – Because the connection between the coax cable and Ethernet is very stable, you’ll be able to stream media, including HD video and 4k video, without constant buffering.
  • Improved Gaming – The improved wired connection created by the MoCA network limits latency, giving you faster response time for online gaming.
  • Reduced Costs – Creating a MoCA network in your home only requires new Ethernet. Converting coax to Ethernet eliminates the need to route coax cable through your home, which may require a significant amount of workforce to add cable and drill holes in your walls and cabinets.
  • Wider Coverage – If you own a large home, a single WiFi point may not be enough to provide reliable internet throughout your home. Adding multiple MoCA Adapters throughout your home allows your WiFi to reach numerous points in your house.