Are you in the market for a new all-tone amplifier, or you want to add to the collection of your set without breaking the bank? Check out the Bugera T5 Infinium amp.

The Bugera T5 amplifier gives guitarist the ability to produce classic and even tones with a high level of clarity. With this tube amplifier, guitarist working with a limited budget can achieve the ultimate sound at any volume. 

While there are lots of products on the market, we choose this Bugera T5 amp based on factors we consider essential when choosing a guitar amp head. We consider factors like features, quality, performance, price, things we like, things we don’t like, and other important things. Keep reading to learn more about how the amp head will suit your tone and specific playing style.

Bugera Infinium T5 Guitar Amp head Features:

  • Speaker-emulated direct output for sending your tone directly to a PA or recording system 
  • Footswitch included for channel switching and FX loop
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated reverb control
  • Individual tone controls (Bass, Mid, Treble) for each channel
  • INFINIUM Life Tube Multiplier technology extends the lifespan of your tubes
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes and EL34 power tubes provide sweet harmonics and warm distortion
  • The two-channel design has you covered from the crunch and cleans to full-on distortion

All-Tube Classic Design

Bugera T5 Tube Guitar Amplifier HeadWe subject the Bugera T5 preamp tube and EL84 power tubes to the most rigorous test procedure to determine its performance and quality, and this was done with real-world applications. We found out that the T5 INFININUIM preamp tubes feature ultra-low audio and microphonic noise.

This feature will give you high tonal quality and maximum level of gain. The amp is 100% hand-crafted and very portable to provide you with smooth frequency response, spectrum with balance, and unmatched reliability. The T5 12AX7 preamp tube stands above all the products we tested. As a result of the test, Bugera T5 has the best and the finest tubes. 

The EL84 power tubes will bring out the best performance of your amp. The tube has a high-voltage performance, consistently robust power, and it is rugged durability.

These features make it the ideal package for guitarists looking for a highly dependable tone and classic tone that is highly responsive and aggressive with a sweet and rhythm melody. The EL84 output tube will provide you with crisp and chiming tonal quality even when you pushed to the maximum.

INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology

The INFINIUM technology will automatically improve the effect of your amp by adjusting the current levels of your tubes even when the electricity voltage drops below normal. This technology helps in distributing an equal and evenly load between your amp tubes. These will help deliver quality, reliable and integrity sound. 

The Tube Life Multiplier Technology will enable you to reuse your power tubes up to 20 times, saving you from extra expenses without comprising the quality of your tone. And when the tube is aging or faulty, the tech features an LED indicator next to the aging tube, indicating that the tube is approaching its end. Thanks to its sleek design, you can replace the marked tube without having to take to a professional repairer. The Bugera T5 Tube Life Multiplier Technology ensures the amp head gives you consistency and reliability over the lifespan of your tubes.

High-Definition Reverb

Bugera T5 Tube Guitar Amplifier HeadBugera T5 gives you all the tools you need right from the box. The amp head features a reverb selection and a footswitch channel, which gives you control of your tone right from your pedalboard.

The guitar amp is fully adjustable through its assigned control on the front panel. You can finally achieve your desire sound from a simple, gentle touch.

Bugera tops it with a classic sounding, high-definition reverb that puts some finishing touches to your sound, a Phat switch to boast and enhances the sound quality while playing your guitar. In addition to its performance, the Bugera T5 Reverb has some other featured effects like echo, sweep, tremolo, and tape, with fully adjustable parameters.

Power Attenuator and Speaker Emulation 

The Bugera T5 built-in 2-way Power Attenuator and speaker emulation allow you to enjoy the ultimate guitar tone at any volume level. This model is designed and engineered to give classic and beautiful tones with a vintage Class-A design and adjustable attenuator.

The power attenuator will allow you to operate the incredible speaker from 5 Watts down to 0.1 Watts so that you can achieve everything from sassy – sweet at any volume of your choice.

It is an exceptionally budget-friendly amp model, ideal for classic as well as modern rock. The amp sounds so clear, perfect for jazz, and other music genres. Whether you are bringing back golden old school tones or you are creating a classic of your own, the Bugera has the quality to become your favorite.

Things we like about Bugera T5 model

  • Unmatched sound clarity – this amp will give you the same sound quality during rehearsals and live performance. 
  • Compact and extremely portable
  • Two channels – this amp can power up your guitar and your microphone at the same time.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • It is an exceptional budget-friendly amp model ideal for classic and modern rock
  • High quality sounds at all volume ranges
  • Reliable and robust – This amp was built to last
  • Offers an incredible variety of sounds

Things we don’t like about Bugera T5

  • Some guitarist complained of limited functions
  • Some buyers complained of cheap stock tubes
  • 0.1 and 1-watt settings don’t give you the amp’s full tonal range


Bugera T5 Tube Guitar Amplifier HeadAmplifiers come in different types, configurations, power output, and functionality. Today the Bugera T5 INFINIUM remains one of the best products on the market due to its high quality build up and superb performance.

The Guitar Head amp is an excellent option for someone looking for an economical and high-performance guitar amp. Choosing the T5 INFINIUM amplifier head will give you the quality and performance you have dreamed wanted at a budget-friendly market price.