bose 301 series iii speakersThe Bose 301 Series III is a pair of classic speakers that deliver above-average sound quality for customers. Amar Rose found the brand in 1964, and the brand has gained wide popularity since then.  

The best features of this product are the direct/reflecting speaker technology, the tweeters, and the design of the speakers. 

They come equipped with direct/reflecting speaker technology blends reflected and direct sound. This feature allows the customer to have an experience similar to the one they would have if they were at a live concert.  

This review will be discussing the top features of the product, what we like about the speakers, what we don’t like about the speakers, and how to take care of the product after purchasing it. After reading this article, individuals interested in buying the product will be able to make a more informed decision before purchasing the product.  

Bose 301 Series III Features


The Bose 301 Series III speakers have various qualities that make them worth investing in.  These speakers also have a flared slot port design, which was built to reduce air turbulence. This allows listeners to enjoy more in-depth performances at higher volumes with lower frequencies.

They have a bass-reflex design, and the recommended power for these speakers is 10-150 watts.  The dimensions of the Bose 301 Series lll speakers are 17 inches in width, 10.5 inches in height, and 9.5 inches in depth. The available colors of the pair of speakers are black and brown.


These speakers also have stereo targeting tweeters that are angled to deliver balanced stereo sound. Also, the Bose 301 speakers have the ability to connect to a stereo receiver. When purchasing the product, customers will find two speakers along with self-adhesive rubber feet inside the box. 


Some customers choose to buy speaker wires (not included in the box) for the speakers as well. These speakers can be combined with the SA-5 amplifier to expand a Lifestyle Sound Touch entertainment.  

bose 301 series iii speakersWhat we like about the Bose 301 Series iii speakers

Audio Quality

  • These speakers have been Syncom computer tested to make sure they deliver one of the highest quality sounds in the audio industry. They provide a clear, three-way sound.
  • The rear-firing tweeter which is 2” releases sound from the side of the speaker as well as the rear of the speaker. This allows the listener to have an experience similar to that of being at a live concert.  
  • They come equipped with a long-excursion woofer (8”). This feature brings smooth, stable low frequencies and balanced sound throughout the room.  When connected to an amp, these speakers deliver an even better sound, which is comparable to that of being at a live concert.  This pair of speakers delivers 150 Watts.  The speakers should be positioned at least 12 inches away from the wall for a lifelike song. 


  • The design of the speakers is compact and horizontal, which makes it easy to fit the speakers into traditional furniture such as bookshelves.  It is essential to place the left and right speakers (marked on the back of each speaker) on the designated side of the rooms.  
  • They come equipped with automatic protection circuitry, which disables drivers from being overdriven. This feature ensures that the sound or music is played smoothly without much interruption from the speakers malfunctioning.

Easy delivery and maintenance

  • Reasonable price – They can be purchased for about $328.00 from the Bose website, which is lower than expected.   Users who order this product off the Bose website will receive it about one week after ordering.
  • Easy installation and connection process – Fills the room with sound large driver taking the high volume well and eliminating the sweet spot.  They can be easily mounted on the wall with a mounting bracket.
  • The speakers come with a 90-day risk-free trial, so users can return the product if they are not satisfied with the quality. It comes with free return shipping and free standard shipping.  

What we don’t like about the Bose 301 Series lll Speakers

Audio Dysfunctions

  • Many users seem unsatisfied with the tonality of the speakers. Tonality can create a pleasant sound but lacks in delivering accurate sound.
  • The speakers also have a loose base and direct reflect imaging, which makes them a poor choice for home theater.
  • Bose has been criticized for using paper drivers in their speakers. This affects the sound quality for the listener and the highs are not as good.
  • Some users noticed port issues in the 20-30 HZ range while testing the product.

Display Disadvantages

  • The speakers have a vinyl covering, which causes some quality-control issues. Some of the speakers have bubbling on the bottom due to corners not being finished properly.
  • Many electronic stores that sell these speakers do not have a display setup that lets the users test the product. Therefore, they will not know the quality of the sound until they actually make the purchase.
  • .Some users claim that the speaker wire clips do not have enough tension watch for speaker wires coming out when inserting in the wall mount bracket.

Personal Opinion

  • Some users of this product claim that they have found higher-quality speakers for the same price range. Therefore, the quality of these speakers is dependent on personal opinion.

Cleaning the product

Customers will want to make sure they clean the product on a regular basis to protect the physical appearance of the product as well as prevent dust from accumulating. Individuals can clean the Bose 301 speakers by using a small cloth dampened with a mild detergent.

The grille panels do not need to be cleaned regularly but can be carefully vacuumed if needed. Users should not try to do any other maintenance of this product on their own.

Final Verdict

bose 301 series iii speakersTruly, the Bose 301 Series lll review is a highly durable set of speakers that deliver high-quality sound. The benefits of the speakers outweigh the downsides that come with the product.

Therefore, it is worth investing in for those customers who can afford it and are looking for good quality speakers.