The most fascinating features of the Bibo 3D printer include dual cooling fan, dual engraving, and dual Extruders. Above all, it is also important to mention that this option is relatively affordable. Read on to find out my honest opinion about the features of this printer, as well as, its pros and cons.

If you are looking for a 3D printer with a sleek design and impressive functionality, then the Bibo 3D printer would be perfect for you. This option does not only feature fascinating physical design, but it also comes with a powerful engraver. As a result, users can be guaranteed of improved creativity. 

With some of the most fascinating features you can think of, the popularity of Bibo seems to be soaring high. Despite the presence of several amazing features, maintenance is still a breeze. On top of this, we’ve found that several features of the printer are customizable. Therefore, making it into of the best in the market. 

Top Features of Bibo 3d Printer

Before buying one of the Bibo 3D Printers, it is only right that you understand the main features. Because being backed by several advanced features makes it a useful technology for lots of applications. Below, take a look at some features I discovered while using this product. 

Laser Engraving

After using it for a while, I found that this 3D printer is not designed just to create items. It is designed to be able to engrave them too. Yes, it might not be the most powerful engraver in the world, but I still find its light materials impressive.

While using this product, I found that the laser works well on paper, cupboard, wood, and plastic pieces. The power of this laser engraver is valued at 500 MW and is easily swapped out for the extruders and ready to go. So, if you are looking to get creative in the engraving process, then perhaps it is time to think about getting one of these. 

Dual Cooling Fans

Bibo 3d Another feature that I think stands out in the Bibo 2 Printer is the presence of dual cooling fans. This option is built to feature two nozzle cooling fans, with one present at the back of the machine, and the other in its front.

The presence of dual cooling fans come very useful for moments when I needed to print with filaments.

Because filaments typically require that the nozzle work at top temperatures. Another good thing about this machine is the easy control it features.

I could automatically control the fan settings from a touch screen panel while the printing is going on. I could also maximize control through your Wi-Fi connected device. 

Dual Extruders

Dual ExtrudersThis is one feature that most users of 3D printers would love to see in new models going forward. The presence of a second extruder in this machine creates room for even more possibilities for its users.

While working, it didn’t just serve for a second color addition, but it also helped ensure that the printer printed twice as fast. The presence of Dual extruders is a great feature for any printer, and with the quality and precision offered by Bibo’s extruders, you can expect nothing short of excellence. 

4. Power and Filament Detection

Several times before, I’ve fallen into situations where I’m forced to start the printing process anew because of a power outage during a printing job. There’s perhaps no feeling that’s worse than this for most printers. Well, with this feature is the Bibo 3D printer, I do not need to worry anymore about the possibilities of power cuts.

I also do not need to worry about exhaustion of filament during the printing process. If, for any reason, power goes out during your printing, you’ll be able to pick up from where you stopped when the power supply is restored to the printer. Getting flawless prints has just been made easier with this.

What We Like About The Bibo 3D Printer

Here, let me talk about some of the features of the Bibo 3D that makes it a standout for me.

Multi-color Printing

Bibo 3d printer Dual ExtrudersThis is one of the favorite reasons why this option has become so popular. Personally, I value a machine that lets me use more than one color to enhance my creativity. The presence of two extruders in this machine makes printing faster by recreating the object being printed on different parts of the print bed.

This makes the Bibo 3D printer an excellent choice for printing multiple choices of the same prototype.

Metal Box Design

The use of a metal frame for the design of this machine helps to increase precision and control throughout the printing process. Several users opine that the frame comes with a design similar to an Ultimaker. There’s a removable metal enclosure that helps to ensure stability and top condition throughout the printing process.

Several Materials

Certainly, I was impressed with the range of different materials that come with the Bibo 2 Printer. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t only handle them, but also prints beautiful objects with different filaments. 

Removable Glass Bed

I’m particularly fascinated by the presence of a heated glass bed. Although the bed is not as self-leveling as some other high-end 3D printers in the market, you’ll still kind it. The removable nature of the bed also means that removing the bed would be easy when you finish printing.

What We Don’t Like About The Bibo 3D Printer

There’s no doubting the fact that the Bibo 2 is a great printer. Several users and testers can attest to that fact. But it doesn’t go without its shortcomings.

Sure, I love everything from its packaging to the level of durability it features and even the power of the laser engraver. However, there are a few areas that users often think should have been done better. Please take a look at them.

Absence of Auto-bed Leveling

Bibo 3d printer Dual Extruders glassThe printer comes with a glass print bed that’s dismountable. However, it would have done better with an auto-bed leveling at the beginning of each print. Yes, it’s quite easy to handle the level by yourself, but having auto-bed leveling features will be a technology for the next generation. 

Build Area

The build area of this machine is good, but not excessively great. It doesn’t take total advantage of the dual extruders as a lot of people would want. It’ll be better to see a bigger build area. Generally, these are things that will not affect the print quality, making them more of a wishlist than negativities.


BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Sturdy Frame There you have it, everything you’ll need to know about the Bibo 2 Touch Laser 3D Printer. To sum it up, there’s so much about this printer that stands it out. During the weeks of testing, I found that this printer boasts several top-notch features.

I’ve also highlighted some of the things that stand this printer out. I hope that the information provided in this article guides you to make the right choice when in the market for a 3D printer.