Alexa Spinning Blue Light: 10 Reasons Why & How to Fix It!

The other day, my Alexa had a constantly spinning blue light…which made me wonder if this was an error or a normal function.

This is a normal function of your Alexa device and if functioning properly, will only spin momentarily before going into a static color. That being said, there are some instances where the spinning blue light will not turn to a static color

The most common cause of an Alexa device circling blue is that you have recently restarted the device or powered it on from an unpowered state. Other Issues include software failure or software update, loss of connectivity, or in rare cases it could be a bug in the system.

The spinning blue light on your Alexa device is intended to indicate rebooting or powering on. This is generally a form of error your device has encountered. It is different than Alexa flashing a green light, which means you’re getting a call.

These types of errors can be frustrating to encounter but luckily have some troubleshooting methods that are proven to resolve these problems.

Why Won’t My Alexa Stop Circling Blue?

Alexa Is Starting Up

The most common cause of an Alexa device circling blue is that you have recently restarted the device or powered it on from an unpowered state. This circling blue light indicator simply notifies the users of the startup of the device.

That being said, if the spinning blue light continues to spin for more than a few seconds, then your device has likely encountered some type of issue that is causing it to persist. To resolve this issue, you should power down your Alexa device and attempt to restart it once more.

If this does not solve your issue, you should consider checking for updates for your device. These updates could contain important bug fixes that you will need to apply to your device before it will work correctly.  

Low Power Supply

A low power supply can also cause your Alexa to have a persistent blue light that spins around the LED of the device. When your Alexa is not getting enough power, it will have trouble operating properly. This can cause your Alexa device to have trouble powering up or rebooting after a restart.

A low power supply could be caused by damaged device internals, a damaged electrical outlet, or a broken charging cable. If you are having issues with the spinning blue light on your Alexa device, it is possible that it is being caused by your device not receiving the proper power levels to operate.

You should inspect the charging cable and electrical outlets that you are using to charge or power your Alexa device. If you ensure that your device is properly powered, you will lower the chances of encountering low power supply issues.

Software Problem

A software issue could also be the cause of your Alexa blue light issues. Your Alexa device depends on software to carry out the key functions and operations that users utilize. If this software is having issues working properly, this could cause your LED lights to malfunction and display constantly.

Software issues can be avoided by keeping your Alexa device updated with the most recent software versions released. These updates typically provide bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements for your device. Because of this, it is important to keep your Alexa device updated regularly.

Wireless Connectivity Issues

You could be encountering spinning blue light issues on your Alexa device if you are having wireless connectivity issues. Your Alexa depends on some level of wireless connectivity to operate correctly.

If your Wi-Fi is out or your Alexa has encountered some issues accessing the network, you could have issues with the blue LED light spinning constantly. Wireless connectivity issues can be caused by a weak or unstable internet connection.

There are also some circumstances where the wireless connectivity functions of your Alexa device have been compromised in some way due to internal damage or software failure. When this happens, your Alexa device will not be able to properly connect to your Wi-Fi network to access some crucial features.


A bug in your Alexa device’s software could also be the cause of your blue light issues. Since the LED indicators on your Alexa device are controlled by internal software, issues that arise within the software could cause the lights to not function as intended.

A Request You’ve Given Is Being Processed

The spinning blue light can also indicate that a request that you have made is currently being processed by your Alexa device. When working properly, the spinning blue light will cease and go static once the request has been processed.

Another common occurrence is seeing a purple light after the spinning blue light after issuing a request. The purple light after the spinning blue light means that you have attempted to issue a command while Do Not Disturb is enabled on the device.

You will need to disable this setting before you will be able to use your Alexa device. The process to do this is quite simple and will be detailed below.

1. Open the Alexa App on your mobile device.

2. Open the Devices menu.

3. Select the Echo & Alexa option.

4. In the Echo & Alexa menu, select your device.

5. Select the Do Not Disturb tab.

6. Turn off the Do Not Disturb setting.

Echo Has Misinterpreted Sounds

Another reason for the spinning blue light is Echo misinterpreting background noise for commands. When Alexa is carrying out a command, the blue light will spin while processing the order. If the Alexa device interprets background noise as commands, this can cause your blue light to spin constantly.

Background noises such as other people talking, the TV, music, or any other sound loud enough to be picked up by your Alexa device can cause you to have issues with your blue light. You should place your Alexa in a place where it will pick up as little background noise as possible to avoid this issue.

It’s In Pairing Mode

Another common reason to experience the spinning blue light is that your Alexa device is currently in pairing mode. This will occur any time that you are pairing your Alexa with a new device.

The spinning blue light will indicate an attempted connection and will cease to spin when the connection has been made properly. In some cases, software issues could cause your Alexa device to not exit pairing mode properly. When this happens, the blue light will continue to spin.

You should unplug your device if you believe this is the case. Upon restarting, this issue should be resolved. If not, then you likely have a software issue that is causing your blue light to keep spinning even after a device has been successfully paired with your Alexa.

The Software Is Currently Being Updated

Another instance where the spinning blue light could appear is when the device is currently in the process of being updated. If you device is being updated, the blue light will spin until the update process has been successfully completed.

This is a normal function of the Alexa device and is meant to indicate that there is currently an update in progress that should not be disturbed by attempting to interact with the device during this time.

If the blue light does not cease spinning after the update has been completed, there has likely been an issue encountered during the update process. When this happens, you should reattempt the update after unplugging the device and then plugging it back in.

Logic Board Problem

Your spinning blue light issues with your Alexa device could be caused by some form of logic board malfunction that your device has encountered. The logic board inside your Alexa device is one of the most important internal components.

The logic board handles all of the main functions of the devices, including the LED light indicators and user interactions. If this component of your Alexa device has been damaged or has stopped working due to old age, then you will likely experience issues with your LED light indicators.

Logic board problems will cause issues with the software that controls your Alexa device and the ways that this software communicates with the hardware of the device. Because of this, you will need to address any logic board issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your Alexa device.

If the logic board of your Alexa device is having issues, it is likely that you will experience a multitude of issues when trying to use your Alexa device.

How To Stop Spinning Blue Light On Alexa

Make Sure You Are Using Amazon Certified Cables

You should ensure that you are only using Amazon-certified cables to hook up and charge your Alexa device. This will ensure that the cables you are using have been specifically designed to meet all of the specifications required by your Alexa device.

Ensure Cables Are Connected Properly

You should ensure that all of your Amazon-certified cables are connected properly and securely to your Alexa device. This means double-checking that you have not left a loose connection between your Alexa device and the cables you are using.

You should ensure that all connections are tight and secure before attempting to use your Alexa device. This will help you avoid issues in the future.

Replace Damaged Cables

If you notice that the cables you are using are old and worn or have been damaged in some way, you should consider replacing them with new Amazon-certified cables. This resolves any issues that your Alexa device might have been encountering due to the faulty cables that were being used.

Check If Capacitors Are Bad In Logic Board

If you have the proper technical knowledge, you should consider checking the capacitors on the logic board to ensure that they are not damaged. The capacitors are key components of the logic board that help manage power to the rest of your Alexa device.

You will need to consult the manual for your specific model of Alexa device for instructions on how to properly access your logic board. This process generally involves taking apart your Alexa device and removing internal components for inspection.

It is not advised that you attempt to do this unless you are comfortable disassembling your Alexa device and putting it back together again.

Fix Internet Connection

Since your Alexa device depends on a stable internet connection to operate, you should fix any internet issues that you might be having to resolve any issues that arise. If you are experiencing issues with your internet connection, the best thing to do is reset your router.

You can reset your router easily by unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug the router back in and it will automatically begin the reset process.

Move Alexa Closer

You should consider moving Alexa closer to you when issuing commands to lower the chances of the blue light spinning constantly because it did not hear your command clearly. This will also cut down on the interference that may be caused by background noise in your current environment.

Enter Correct Wi-Fi Password

You should ensure that you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password for your network before attempting to use your Alexa device. If Alexa cannot connect to a valid internet connection due to a wrong password being entered, it will not be able to start up properly.

This could lead to the blue light on your Alexa device spinning constantly. You should ensure that the correct password is entered for your Wi-Fi connection if you are experiencing these types of errors.

Fix Defective Wi-Fi Module

If the Wi-Fi module inside of your Alexa device is damaged, then you will need to have it repaired or replaced before you will be able to use your Alexa device properly. A damaged Wi-Fi module will keep your Alexa device from connecting to your network connection properly.

Resolve Router Issues

If you are having router issues, then this could cause problems when trying to use your Alexa device. The easiest way to resolve router issues is to simply reset the router. You can do this by simply unplugging the router for at least 30 seconds.

Once you have unplugged the router for at least 30 seconds, plug it back in and the router will automatically begin the reset process. This will establish a new connection with your network that will then be utilized by your Alexa device.

Turn Off Alexa So It Doesn’t Think You’re Commanding

If you are not currently using your Alexa device, you should consider turning it off so it does not think that you are issuing commands when you are not.

This will help cut down on the blue light spinning constantly. As long as the device thinks it is being issued commands, the blue light will spin until the command can be processed.

Replace Your Alexa Echo

If you are having persistent issues with your Alexa Echo and none of the above troubleshooting methods have resolved your issue, you may be dealing with an Alexa device that has died completely.

When your Alexa device has died completely due to some internal error or damage incurred, you will need to replace your device with a new one.

Contact Amazon

You can also consider contacting Amazon to have them investigate the issue with your Alexa device further. Amazon technicians can help accurately diagnose your issue as well as offer some troubleshooting suggestions that you might have missed.

Amazon support can be contacted by phone or web. You will need to provide a detailed account of your issue so that someone from Amazon can begin to investigate your issue.


This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to accurately determine why your blue light is always spinning on your Alexa device. Of course, this isn’t the only issue I’ve had with my Alexa. I’ve had to also deal with Alexa not playing Spotify and the entire device being unresponsive.

It can be frustrating dealing with an Alexa device that won’t work properly. This guide will ensure that you can stay on top of any issues that you might encounter with your Alexa device in the future.