855 Area Code Text Messages – Is It A Scam & How To Avoid

The extreme lengths that scammers and solicitors will go to have gotten sneakier and sneakier with each year that passes. This is never clearer than now when you can’t go a single day without getting a scam call or text. So, what about 855 area code text messages? Is it a scam and how can you avoid them?

Generally, 855 area code text messages are a scam but that’s not always the case as it’s a toll-free number code. Many legitimate businesses use the area code 855 and it refers to North America instead of a specific region. Scammers often use the area code 855 now, and your service provider can help you block them.  

The best thing that you can do is block the number immediately and delete the 855 texts (In rare cases, you may still receive texts from a blocked number).

Never respond to suspicious texts with an 855 area code because you may be giving them sensitive information without knowing it. Follow along as we dive into 855 area code text messages, how to tell if it’s a scam, and how to avoid it.

Which Area Code is 855?

The 855 area code comes from North America, but it doesn’t represent a specific region. This has made it easy for phone scammers to reach unsuspecting people who aren’t familiar with the area code. It is a toll-free number so it isn’t necessarily always a scam, but it often is which is understandably confusing.

The concept behind an 855 number is that the caller and texter can make the call without paying for it. Many legitimate businesses in North America use an 855 number. However, the rise of scam calls and texts has led to many people faking an 855 number for nefarious reasons.

Quit answering 855 phone numbers if you receive a high volume of calls. Your phone number can circulate amongst scammers and many of them are persistent. It is difficult to block these scammers because they can repeatedly generate new 855 or 800 phone numbers.

Are 855 Numbers Scams?

Not all 855 numbers are scams, but many of them are in recent years. Scammers often use toll-free numbers because they appear no different than a standard solicitor. It is all too easy for a scammer to choose an unsuspecting area code that someone would answer without thinking twice.

Generally, 800 numbers appear innocuous to people who live in North America because of how common they are.

Scammers know this and take advantage by spoofing 855 numbers because they are likely to reach more people. That doesn’t mean that every 855 phone number is a scam, but many of them are these days.

You can tell that the 855 number is a scam call if you hear an automated voice. Silence on the other end of the line is also a major red flag that the call is a scam.

Say nothing if you hear silence or an automated voice because they can record and edit your voice to use for future scams.

How to Block 855 Area Code

You can block the 855 area code through your cellular service provider or special apps on your smartphone. With that said, not all 855 phone numbers are scammers so it’s important to consider that before you take action. Let’s take a look at how you can block 855 numbers so that you don’t get scam calls and texts.

1. Register for the Do Not Call List

The FCC has made it easier than ever to block spam phone calls and text messages. You can call the FCC at 1-888-382-1222 to register for the Do Not Call list which protects callers from unwanted solicitors.

This can help reduce the volume of spam calls and texts that you receive, but it won’t eliminate all robocalls.

You will mostly only be able to block calls from legitimate companies with this method. Granted, many legitimate companies that make spam calls use an 855 area code so it is still useful. This is a great first step to block 855 area code text messages and phone calls.

2. Don’t Respond to Texts

Scammers will continue contacting you if you respond to their texts and phone calls. This will put you at a greater risk for data loss and even identity theft. Your best bet is to simply delete each text message that you get from an 855 area code as soon as you receive one.

The texts will likely continue to come, but they should eventually slow down if you continue to ignore them.

3. Contact Your Cell Phone Service Carrier

Cell phone service carriers typically offer you the option to automatically block suspicious calls and texts. You can access this feature if you are a Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile customer. This function is generally free for cellular service customers.

Contact your cellular service provider to enlist in their spam call blocking program. The best example is AT&T Call Protect which can block calls and texts or at least stamp them with a warning. Warnings such as “scam likely” are just as useful as blocking them entirely.

4. Use an Area Code Filter

Some phones and cellular service providers let you block an entire area code. This can limit you from receiving legitimate calls from a specific area code, but it’s worth the risk. Only use this method if you exclusively get scam texts and calls from the 855 area code.

Verizon makes it easy for Android users in particular to block an area code. Call Filter Plus lets Android users enter an area code and block it. Simply add 855 to your list of blocked area codes to stop getting texts and calls.  

5. Don’t Give Your Phone Number Out

It is easy for scammers to contact you if you give your phone number out online. They are often able to obtain your phone number even if you give your phone number to a legitimate service or website. Avoid giving your phone number out to avoid 855 area code texts anytime that you don’t have to.

Websites that request your phone number often include it as an optional piece of contact information. Always read the contact information page closely when you enter it on a website and don’t give anything out if it’s optional.

6. Robocall & Text Blocking App

There are many robocall and text-blocking apps available to iPhone and Android users. Apps such as Drupe, Stop Call Me, and CallApp can also help block 855 area code text messages. Most robocall blocking apps apply to texts as well.

They are free to download but many of them require a monthly premium for their service. Luckily, they rarely cost more than $2-$5 per month which is worth the convenience of no spam texts and calls. They work to filter robocalls and texts and add the numbers to your blocked list on your behalf.

7. Block Each Number

Block each 855 area code number that texts you if they are consistently scams. Unfortunately, scammers will likely contact you from another number. In that case, you need to block each number individually.

This can be a hassle which is why it’s ideal to use a robocall blocking service. However, this is still a great option to at least reduce the volume of 855 area code scam texts that you receive.

It can ultimately reduce the volume of scam texts and calls that you get when they see that you don’t acknowledge them. However, in some situations, you may not receive verification texts.

8. Filter Unknown Numbers

You are in luck if you are an iPhone user. Apple lets you choose the “Filter Unknown Senders” feature which can help you avoid 855 area code texts. Open your phone’s settings menu, scroll down to “Messages”, and select “Filter Unknown Senders”.

This is helpful because it can be difficult to continually block each scam phone number. Calls and texts will still appear, but you won’t receive a notification when they come in. Once you notice the call or text, you can simply block it and report it as spam.  

So, What’s the Solution?

The best solution is to take advantage of your cellular service provider’s scam call blocking features. Providers such as Verizon and AT&T can block scam calls and texts or at least stamp them as “scam likely”. You can also contact the FCC at 1-888-382-1222 to join the Do Not Call list which restricts calls from solicitors.

However, you cannot ensure that you won’t still get calls and texts from 855 numbers. That is because scammers don’t typically represent legitimate companies so they can sneak past the FCC. Certain apps such as Drupe, Stop Call Me, and CallApp can block suspicious texts and calls from scammers with an 855 area code.

Try to block and delete text messages from 855 numbers right away. Responding to calls and texts from 855 phone numbers will only increase the chances that you’ll continue to hear from them. Android users can even apply an area code filter to block texts from a specific area, and that includes 855 numbers.

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